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FedEx Passport Photo

How to get instant photos online?

Step 1
Capture or upload your photo

Capture or upload your photo

Step 2
AI processes the image

AI processes the image

Step 3
AI photo verification

AI photo verification

Step 4
Get digital or print photos

Get digital or print photos

How to take a clear photo?

Step 1
Use a plain background

Use a plain background

Step 2
Keep your posture straight

Keep your posture straight

Step 3
Maintain a neutral facial expression

Maintain a neutral facial expression

Basic FedEx Passport Photo Guidelines

Width: 2 inHeight: 2 in
300 dpi
Background Color
Face Expression
Things to Avoid
  • Glasses
  • Smiling
  • Image retouching
  • Wearing uniform and hat
Basic FedEx Passport Photo Guidelines

FedEx passport photo requirements

How much do passport photos cost at FedEx?

According to the official website of FedEx, a passport photo costs $14.95. For this price, FedEx provides a professional photoshoot and two 2x2-inch high-quality prints aligned with the requirements laid out by the U.S. State Department. Furthermore, along with doing passport photos, FedEx can also initiate your passport application.

The typical passport application process at FedEx looks something like this:

  • Begin the passport application process by answering a few questions through the online system provided by RushMyPassport.
  • Once you have completed the online process, the system will generate all the necessary documentation for your passport application.
  • Visit your local FedEx Office to get your passport photos taken.
  • Print out all the required documentation generated by RushMyPassport and any other necessary documents.
  • Use FedEx to ship your essential documents to RushMyPassport securely.

Once RushMyPassport receives your documents, they will expedite your passport application process and return them to you as quickly as possible.

You can also take passport photos digitally using online services such as Pixelied and get their prints at FedEx passport photo offices. The charges of printing a self-provided digital passport photo are less.

What is the passport photo size at FedEx?

The passport photo size at FedEx is 51mm x 51 mm. The head size in the image must be between 22mm to 35 mm. Remember that the U.S. State Department across America sets the size and dimensions standards, and everyone must follow them to avoid rejection.

FedEx passport-size photo is captured by considering all the passport photo requirements. Don’t worry about the size or passport picture requirements while using FedEx services. Their services meet the regulatory standards for passport pictures required by the U.S. Department of State.

What are the basic FedEx passport photo requirements?

The basic FedEx passport photo requirements comply with the passport photo guidelines mentioned on the official U.S. State Department’s website. Some of the most important ones are listed below:

  • The size of the image must be 2x2 inches.
  • Head size should be between 1 -1 3/8 inches.
  • The background of the picture can be white or off-white.
  • Attire must not be uniform or extravagant.
  • Wearing glasses is not permitted unless worn for medical reasons. If so, you must submit a doctor’s letter.
  • Hair should not cover the face.
  • Jewelry should be minimal enough that it doesn’t cover the face.
  • Eyes should be fully open.
  • Don’t smile in a passport picture. Keep a neutral face.
  • No hat, headgear, or headscarves are allowed unless worn for religious reasons. If so, you must submit a signed letter with a passport application.
  • The picture must be colored and free from shadow.

How to print passport photos at FedEx?

To print a passport photo at FedEx, you need to have a digital template of your image. Copy the template to a USB and send it via email or phone. Make sure the photo is at least six months. Otherwise, take a new picture because older photos may lead to passport application rejection.

The photo you provide for printing at FedEx offices must meet the requirements for a U.S. passport photo. Online software can help you to capture an image that meets the criteria for a passport photo. A passport-size photo at FedEx is an easy solution for people because of its fast and convenient passport services.

FedEx passport photos near me

To find the nearest location of the FedEx Passport Photo Office, follow these steps

  • Go to the FedEx website
  • Click on the ‘‘Find A Location’’ section
  • Add your address in the search bar
  • Use the locator to find any near FedEx Office

There is an alternative way. Go to Google Maps and turn on location from your phone. Enter ‘FedEx’ in the search bar and hit enter. The results will be comprehensive as they will show you the nearest FedEx offices with their operational timings, addresses, and contact numbers of FedEx Office locations.

Are FedEx passport photo kiosks safe?

Yes, FedEx passport photo kiosks are safe. FedEx Office has locations that offer passport photo services. In these locations, you can take photos and print them all by yourself.

These self-service kiosks are typically available across America. Some kiosks may require assistance from their staff members, while others are entirely self-service kiosks. It is recommended to call ahead to ensure that the location you plan to visit offers this service and to confirm their operating hours.

How to take a passport photo at home using a phone?

Using your phone, you can easily take your passport from the comfort of your home. To help you with passport photos at home, here is a stepwise guideline:

Find a suitable place

Choose a white background for the photo. You can stand before white walls or use a large white sheet of paper as a background.

Set the phone on a tripod stand

Place the tripod stand on a level that can easily capture your face and the upper parts of your shoulder. Set a timer on your phone to click a picture. You can also ask any friend or family member to capture your photo.

Appropriate lighting

Taking a passport photo by standing near a window is a good idea because it will provide the best light source for your image. Make sure your photo doesn’t have any shadows on the face. Take a colored photo, a black-and-white picture is not acceptable.

Photo size

The photo size should be 2x2 inches. The head size in the passport photo should be between 1 – 1 3/8 from the lower portion of the chin to the head top.

Look into the camera

Face the camera directly by looking at the lens. Eyes must be fully open. The use of lenses or glasses is prohibited for passport photos.

Capture multiple clicks

Take multiple clicks to help yourself by choosing the best photo for your passport picture.

A Better Alternative to FedEx Passport Photos

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