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    How to get instant photos online?

    With our online passport photo tool, you can get a biometric photo for your passport in less than 3 minutes.

    Step 1
    Capture or upload your photo

    Capture or upload your photo

    It's super simple - take a selfie or upload a photo, and let our AI tool take care of the rest.

    Step 2
    AI processes the image

    AI processes the image

    Our AI tool will remove any unwanted background and resize your photo to the official passport photo dimensions.

    Step 3
    AI photo verification

    AI photo verification

    The AI tool will carry additional checks on the photo to make it compliant and ready for submission.

    Step 4
    Get digital or print photos

    Get digital or print photos

    Get your biometric photos in digital copy or have the printouts delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

    How to take a clear photo?

    Have you ever wondered how to take the perfect passport photo? No need to look further; these instructions will help you achieve biometric passport photos in minutes.

    Step 1
    Use a plain background

    Use a plain background

    Use a plain background with no objects behind your back. Stand at least 2m away from the background to avoid shadows behind you.

    Step 2
    Keep your posture straight

    Keep your posture straight

    Maintain a straight posture and fit your head, shoulders, and upper body into the photo. Remove your glasses before taking the picture.

    Step 3
    Maintain a neutral facial expression

    Maintain a neutral facial expression

    Make sure your whole face is visible. Keep your hair away from your face and look straight at the camera with a plain expression.

    Basic Passport Photo Guidelines

    2 x 2 in
    600 dpi
    Background Color
    Face Expression
    Things to Avoid
    • Glasses
    • Smiling
    • Image retouching
    • Wearing uniform and hat
    Basic Passport Photo Guidelines

    All About Women Passport Pictures

    How much does a woman’s passport photo cost?

    A woman's passport picture in the U.S. typically costs between $5 to $20. The cost usually covers the following services and items:

    Photo Capture: For the abovementioned price, a professional photographer can take your passport. You can visit any retail store, pharmacy, or photography studio, and they will ensure that the image meets the specific requirements of the U.S. State Department.

    Photo Printing: Next, the service provider will print the required passport pictures. Most of the places' passport image packages include two images.

    Photo Specifications: The service provider will ensure that the passport pictures are 2x2 inches (51x51 mm) in size, per the U.S. State Department’s guidelines and other specifications, like the correct background color and lighting conditions.

    Compliance with Regulations: The service provider will ensure that the passport images comply with the guidelines and rules set by the U.S. State Department to avoid any potential issues during the passport application process.

    In conclusion, a woman's passport picture at any store will include capturing a photo that adheres to the U.S. State Department’s regulations and printing it on a 2” by 2” glossy paper.

    Furthermore, here is a general cost overview of passport pictures across the U.S:

    Sam's Club
    Rite Aid
    Basic members pay $10, and non-members pay $15
    Office Depot
    Postal Annex
    CVS Photos

    Where to get a female passport photo in the US?

    When obtaining a woman's passport picture in the US, several convenient options are available. Here are some typical places where a woman’s passport image can be obtained:

    Post Offices

    Post offices across the United States provide convenient passport picture services. You can easily inquire about their passport picture facilities by visiting your local post office. One notable advantage of taking your passport picture at a post office is the on-site dedicated photo facilities. These facilities capture and print passport photos, ensuring the process is efficient and the resulting images meet the necessary requirements. You can obtain your passport image quickly and conveniently while handling other postal tasks in one location.

    Pharmacies and Retail Stores

    Several pharmacies and retail stores, including CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart, offer passport picture services for your convenience. These establishments typically have dedicated photo centers where you can have your passport image taken and printed. One advantage of choosing these locations is their widespread presence, making it easy to find a nearby store. Additionally, these stores often have extended operating hours, allowing you to pick a time that suits your schedule.

    Copy and Print Shops

    Specialized copy and print shops, such as FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko's) or UPS Store, are also reliable options. These shops have the tools and expertise to capture and print high-quality photographs. One benefit of choosing a copy and print shop is their proficiency in handling various printing tasks, which ensures that your passport picture will meet the required specifications.

    Furthermore, these establishments often offer additional services such as image retouching or resizing, allowing you to obtain a flawless passport image.

    Photography Studios

    Local photography studios can be an excellent option for passport picture services, especially if you're looking for professional lighting and settings. These studios are well-equipped to provide high-quality passport images that meet the necessary standards.

    Additionally, photography studios often offer personalized services, allowing you to discuss your specific requirements and preferences. It can be particularly advantageous if you seek a unique or stylized passport picture that reflects your personality.

    Remember, each option provides a convenient way to obtain your passport picture, and selecting the most suitable location depends on your preferences and needs. Whether you choose a post office for its dedicated facilities, a pharmacy or retail store for its accessibility, a copy and print shop for its expertise, or a photography studio for its professional touch, you can confidently obtain a compliant passport picture that will serve you well for your travel needs.

    What are a woman’s passport picture requirements?

    The passport picture requirements for women are the same as those for men, as guidelines are gender-neutral and set by the US State Department.

    However, here are the key specifications:

    Printed Photos Size

    The passport photo should measure 2x2 inches (51x51 mm).

    Head Size

    The head size should be between 1 and 1 ⅜ inches (25 to 35 mm) from the chin to the top of the head (excluding the hair). The measurement ensures that the face is visible and centered within the photo.

    Facial Expression

    A neutral expression is generally preferred; you can smile without showing your teeth. Keeping the mouth closed and eyes open and maintaining a relaxed facial expression is advised. Frowning is also not permitted.

    Head Position and Framing

    The head should be centered in the frame, facing the camera directly. The entire face, including both ears, should be visible. There should be some space between the top of the head and the edge of the image, ensuring that the top of the head is not cropped. The guideline will remain the same for a woman's passport-size photo regardless of their hairstyle.


    The background of the passport picture must be plain white or off-white. Patterns, shadows, and textures are not allowed.


    The lighting should be even. Avoid harsh shadows or glares on the face. If you’re a woman of color, ensuring that the lighting accurately captures your skin tone and highlights facial features is essential.

    When taking a high-quality black woman’s passport photo, use soft, diffused lighting to minimize harsh shadows and provide even illumination. A balanced lighting setup with strategically positioned light sources can help achieve this while avoiding hot spots and glare.

    Paying attention to skin tone considerations, such as using daylight-balanced light sources, ensures accurate color representation. Testing and adjusting the lighting setup before capturing the final passport picture is essential to ensure a well-lit, clear, and accurate depiction of the face.


    Avoid wearing hats, head coverings, or sunglasses that obscure the face unless worn for religious or medical reasons. The attire should not cover any part of the face.

    Photo Retouching and Filters

    Retouching or applying filters to your passport picture is not allowed. The image should accurately represent your natural appearance without digital alterations or enhancements.


    If you typically wear makeup as part of your everyday look, wearing it for your passport picture ensures that the image represents your usual appearance. Therefore, it's best to keep your makeup natural and subtle.

    Avoid heavy or dramatic makeup. To prevent glare or shine in the photo, avoid products with a high shine level, such as shimmery or glossy finishes. Opt for a matte or satin-finish makeup product instead.


    For passport pictures, it's generally recommended to keep accessories and jewelry to a minimum or avoid them altogether.

    The primary purpose of a passport image is to accurately represent your face for identification purposes.

    Can you wear makeup in a passport photo?

    Yes, you can wear makeup for your passport pictures. Here are some simple guidelines:

    Natural and Minimal Look

    Opt for a natural, minimal makeup look that resembles your regular appearance. A passport picture aims to accurately represent your facial features, so avoiding heavy or dramatic makeup that significantly alters your appearance is best. Stick to neutral shades and avoid bold or vibrant colors that may distort your natural complexion.

    Enhance Rather than Transform

    The goal is to enhance your features rather than transform them. Use makeup to even out your skin tone, minimize blemishes, and highlight your natural facial structure.

    Consider Lighting and Flash

    Remember that the lighting used for passport images can sometimes wash out colors. Subtly apply makeup to compensate for this. Avoid excessive use of highlighter or shimmer products that can reflect light and potentially create glare in the photo.

    Consistency with an Everyday Look

    When applying makeup for your passport image, aim to resemble how you typically look daily. Avoid drastic changes in makeup style, such as heavy smoky eyes or intense lip colors, that are not representative of your everyday appearance. The goal is to have a recognizable photo consistent with your natural look.

    Tips to look better in your passport image

    Here are some tips to help you look better in your passport picture:

    Dress Appropriately

    Choose clothing that is presentable and represents your usual style. Avoid patterns or large logos. Solid-colored outfits work well for women's passport pictures.


    Take the time to groom yourself before the photo session. Ensure your hair is neatly styled, paying particular attention to any unique hairstyles commonly worn by women. If applicable, ensure that your facial hair is well-groomed. Pay attention to your eyebrows and make sure they are well-shaped to enhance your overall look.

    Natural and Minimal Makeup

    If you wear makeup, opt for a minimalistic look that highlights your features without overpowering them. Consider using foundation, concealer, and a light touch of blush to achieve an even complexion. For your eyes, choose neutral shades of eyeshadow and apply mascara to enhance your lashes. Avoid heavy or dramatic makeup that may alter your appearance.

    Posture and Head Position

    Stand or sit up straight with good posture. Keep your head centered and facing the camera directly. Ensure that your entire face, including both ears, is visible in the frame. It's crucial to capture your facial features accurately for identification purposes.


    Pay attention to the lighting conditions during the photo session. Proper lighting helps capture your features clearly and minimizes unflattering shadows. If you have the option, choose a well-lit area with even lighting that doesn't cast harsh shadows on your face.

    Relax and Be Natural

    Try to relax and be yourself during the photo session. Being too self-conscious or tense can affect your facial expression. Take a deep breath and maintain a calm and natural demeanor. Remember, the goal is to have a passport picture representing your everyday appearance while adhering to the U.S. Department of State guidelines.

    Take Woman's Passport Pictures Online

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