Graphic design is an evolving field. But should only designers be aware of this field? Nope.

Apart from designers and artists, business proprietors and operators also pay attention to design and how it can help them. Some take the time to even take introductory courses just so they can communicate better with designers for their business.

If you’re wondering whether to integrate graphic design into your business, this article can help you make that decision. We will learn about how graphic designs can help ecommerce businesses, along with a brief overview of what graphics really is. 

In detail, we will learn:

  • What is Graphic Design and its importance
  • How graphics build trustworthiness
  • Solidifying branding through graphics
  • Increasing efficiency in mail, web content, and landing pages with graphics
  • And more!

Excited to skyrocket your ecommerce sales? Let’s begin!

What is Graphic Design?

In a nutshell, graphic design is an artform created for a specific purpose or several purposes. This art form usually contains text and other typographic elements alongside color.

There are no hard rules or selected industries applicable for graphic design. As a result, businesses, organizations, or even local stores can leverage graphic design to gain traction. 

Graphic design is also a form of visual communication. It’s used to convey a message, a feeling, or both. This is essentially the purpose for most people who use professional graphic design.

They either want to spread information or sell/promote their product or service.

Aesthetics is certainly another purpose of graphic design. Sometimes it is used merely for visual beauty. For example, the graphics used in Apple’s website background isn’t to directly sell a product but to make it visually pleasant.

Whereas the graphics used in an iPhone’s digital prints are certainly targeted more towards sales than aesthetics.

Why Is Graphic Design Important?

Visuals have a stark influence on people. In the human mind, 90% of the information is visual and is processed 60,000 thousand times faster than text! This research itself shows how graphics are naturally more influential to humans.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a fond memory? It is not words or noises. But something visual. Do you remember a movie solely by the dialogue? The visuals certainly come first.

  • Why is this scientific fact important?

The layout, design, and color of your website are what make the first impression in a visitor’s mind. The graphics used in your product photography and written content are what creates a store’s likeability.

In professional industries like eCommerce, graphic designs can make or break your business. 

These impressions essentially determine whether a visitor will browse or leave. And if you can’t make the visitor browse, selling is long gone!

How Graphic Designs Can Skyrocket Your Ecommerce Sales

Fortunately, we have prepared a list which won’t only make your visitor browse but also boost your consumer base! These are the top ways in which graphic designs can drive ecommerce sales.

1) Graphic design in website builds trustworthiness

A lot of businesses tend to rely on professional graphic design for marketing, promotion, or product photos. However, only professional businesses know how important graphic design is for their website.

75% of a website’s credibility comes from design. Meaning, if you want to build trust amongst existing and new customers, focus on website design!

People are more and more aware of scams running around the internet. This has forged online shoppers to build a conscious, wary mindset when shopping from someplace new.

  • If your website cannot visually feel trustworthy and professional, no amount of website reviews, interlinking, or paid advertisements will help. A visually credible and appealing website naturally builds trust in the consumers’ instincts.

2) Graphic design in stores without websites also builds trustworthiness

Not all eCommerce businesses have websites. Let’s say you sell merchandise or services online but are based on another eCommerce or social media platform. You could be a store on Etsy or Facebook. In that case, you don’t have the freedom to design the website.

However, most of these eCommerce platforms do provide the freedom to design your store. Starting from cover photos, store photos, icons, product photos – everything should be designed professionally.

This will help you stand out and once again, build trust.

  • Even eCommerce stores like Amazon who have their own website pay a high level of attention to the graphic design in their Facebook and Instagram pages.

3) Professional graphics solidify eCommerce branding

Ecommerce graphics design isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also an integral part of branding. All businesses, including eCommerce stores, should pay attention to branding in order to grow.

Branding includes logo design and integrating your logo across all of your visual content. If you haven’t already, you should hire a graphic designer and create a professional logo. That’s the first step of visual branding.

Furthermore, branding in graphic design includes using specific color palettes. This helps you ensure consistency and establishes your own persona amongst so many in the market. The colors should have relevance to your logo too. They could be complementary, contrasting or both. 

What they shouldn’t be is inconsistent. Your graphics must be consistent throughout the entirety of your business. This is what visual branding is all about.

You can create different graphics for different seasons e.g. a summer sale. We’ll discuss more about that in the final point.

  • The core of how your business visually appears should stay consistent. Graphical consistency throughout your branding strategy will make people automatically visit your store even if they don’t plan to buy anything.

4) Graphics in written content enhance readability and store status

People have very little time nowadays to read large chunks of text. However, visual motivation can serve a user subconsciously to go on and keep reading.

  • Successful eCommerce businesses incorporate designs in Blogs, FAQs, About us and everything else that a user needs to read. When consumers find imagery and graphics relevant to the written content, it makes for an enjoyable reading experience. 

Plus, it helps them to consume information easily and can retain it to memory better. This automatically generates a feeling of appreciation for the consumer as you made the extra effort to help them clear their confusion.

5) Colors based on a specific target makes design more effective

There are some choices that you can’t solely leave up to a designer. Color schemes are a critical factor which you must take responsibility for, along with professional advice from designers and experts. 85% of consumers have reported color as the most important factor while making a purchase decision. 

  • Thus, when you’re selecting colors for your website, brand, sales post, emails and any other graphic – use it wisely! What’s your goal? To incite excitement? If the product is worth being excited about, then use orange or yellow. Or is your goal to create awareness? Then you can use sky blue.

The issue with using various colors is that it can lead to inconsistency. Hence, use colors based on specific campaigns. For a brand promotional campaign, use a certain color scheme. For a product line marketing campaign, use another color scheme.

Always ensure that branding is intact throughout all these campaigns. These targets are essentially long-term decisions which you must plan much earlier before launching them. 

Hence, these decisions aren’t just based on graphics but based on what your goal is for your eCommerce store. When you understand and utilize these specific targets based around colors in graphic design, your eCommerce sales have the potential to blow through the roof!

6) Designs based on best sellers bring originality

Newer eCommerce businesses that have trending products can utilize it to define their brand. This is a technique that has been done in the past. However, the technique which we are describing includes taking that old method to the next level.

Your best-sellers could determine how your website, store or even logo looks! Product photographs of your best selling products could be merged into all your graphics. The product’s key features, colors or shapes could serve as a direct reference.

Do ensure that your product photographs are professional and polished to begin with. Popular brands hire a photo editing company to do all of their product photography work before they move on to graphics.

If you don’t want to make it too obvious, you can use these products as an inspiration instead of direct involvement. For a boxy product, use bright colors and sharp text. For a curvy one, you can use a pleasant color and accompanying typography.

  • This way, consumers start to associate your brand with your products. This is a great strategy for eCommerce businesses that have original products but need ideas to develop original graphics.

7) Well designed landing pages are eCommerce gold mines

It’s no secret that landing pages are a must-have for promotional business campaigns. These pages serve as a separate entity that has the potential to drive mass conversions for particular products or services.

  • Design is everything while creating landing pages. When a landing page pops up on the consumer’s webpage or a mobile device unexpectedly, the person will naturally feel uncomfortable. The job of the graphic designer is to turn that uncomfortability into interest. And when that is done correctly, just watch your sales grow! 

Of course, there are other factors like the landing page copy and website placement which also affect the consumer’s reaction. But design is at the core. A well designed landing page will most certainly make people click on it.

58% of landing pages include clickable graphics, which is a key factor to keep in mind.

8) Graphics in Emails drive click-through rates

With people being more and more attuned towards social media, Email marketing has become difficult. In the past, eCommerce stores heavily depended on email marketing and it’s still quite valuable. But how do modern eCommerce businesses make use of it?

  • Graphics – that’s how. Gone are the days of text in email. Now, an entire landing page can be embedded into the mail. With that being said, landing pages shouldn’t be monotonously reused. Email graphics have a completely different approach. They are usually focused on being simple whilst maintaining branding and ensuring clickability. 

Consumers will feel skeptical before clicking links, especially from newer eCommerce mails. Graphics turn these links into buttons and other objects which make it “feel” clickable and once again, trustworthy. This heavily boosts your CTR (Click-through rates) and can lead to potentially higher sales.

Final Verdict

We hope you have learned how attractive eCommerce graphic design can be so helpful. Professional-looking designs throughout your website, store, products, and campaigns will automatically turn your business around. If you haven’t already, you could hire a graphic design company to smoothly get all of this work done.

We hope you leverage this content and make the best of your eCommerce store. Happy selling!

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