Placeit is an online branding and marketing design tool that’s used to make graphic banners, logos, etc. It offers an online platform for all sorts of design tasks, however, the very limited usability and old-fashioned templates make many users look for a Placeit alternative.

The software is expensive to use, can be slow and clunky, and users have complained about the lack of modern templates.

The generally buggy interface makes it not the best option for both pro and non-designers.

In this article, we’ll discuss the ideal Placeit alternative, along with other potential software you can use.

Let’s get started.

What’s the Best Placeit Alternative?

There are various options when looking for a Placeit alternative but Pixelied comes out on top. That’s because it offers unique features like pre-designed templates, a massive stock photos library, third-party integrations, and more.

Compared to Placeit, Pixelied has an extremely easy-to-use and simple UI and UX. That’s why there’s no need for any training or tutorials to use it. Furthermore, there’s no need for any downloads, plugins, or integrations.

If you want to start creating a design on Pixelied, you just have to open the editor, choose a template if you want, and start designing. All the tools are readily available in various panels and can be used without any limitations.

That’s a huge issue in online design tools. For example, PicMonkey has a paywall right after seven days of usage. That’s why people look for PicMonkey alternatives or Pixlr competitors soon after they start to use it.

Other than that, one of the biggest issues with Placeit is that there are very limited customization options. Furthermore, it’s extremely hard to move assets around within a design. There is no option to do it outright, you have to replace them with other assets.

That makes it hard to fully utilize Placeit for design purposes. The point of having templates in a design tool is to be able to adjust them according to your preferences.

Furthermore, Placeit doesn’t have a free version or trial period. You can either pay for a monthly, annual, or unlimited subscription. That makes testing the tool out a little more complicated. Alternatively, Pixelied has an extremely robust free plan that solves most design needs.

Pxielied’s Features and Tools

Placeit has some unique features like tons of mockups, logo designs, gaming templates, and video templates. However, users are limited in their customization capabilities.

Alternatively, Pixelied offers a wide range of design, customization, and editing features tied neatly in a user-friendly tool. As a one-in-all tool, it allows you to create unique designs, posts, and even edit photos. Here are some of the notable features and tools you’ll find in the editor.

  • Ready-Made Templates – You instantly have access to thousands of free templates for different kinds of designs and posts. You can customize, edit, and save your template designs if you want.
  • Stock Photo Library – You get access to thousands of stock photos from various online libraries. You can download and use them directly using the editor.
  • Icons – There are various third-party integrations that allow you to use various icons. That includes social media icons, stockers, and more.
  • My Files – This option allows you to upload your own assets and files.
  • Illustrations – Unlike most online design tools, you can add custom vectors and illustrations to your designs.
  • Elements – You can also add various design elements like shapes, directional arrows, and more.
  • Brandify – If you make a lot of designs that require various brand colors, fonts, and logos, you can upload those presets to the editor. After that, you’ll find those presets ready to be implemented whenever you start a new design.
  • Blend – This allows you to create custom blends of colors.
  • Workspaces – You can create and work on multiple edits, designs, and projects at the same time. More importantly, multiple team members can work on various projects simultaneously.

Furthermore, you also have various basic design tools like layering, shadows, overlays, borders, opacity, resizing, alignment, and several photo effects.

How to Use Pixelied to Create Designs

If you’re looking to consistently create high-quality designs, you can do it using Pixelied by following these steps.

  1. Open Pixelied’s editor on any browser on your computer. When open, you’ll see the following window with some default settings and a blank canvas.Pixelied Editor Main Screen

2. On the left panel, you’ll see an option for Templates. By default, the editor will be set on templates so you just need to choose what template you want.

Pixelied Editor Templates

3. You can also upload a custom design or photo if you want. To do that, go to My Files from the left panel. You’ll see the following prompt.

Pixelied Editor My Files

4. Drag and drop the photos and designs you want or click on the Browse button and choose then manually from the file browser.

5. Once they’re up, you can use them in your design however you want.

If you want to remove the photos you’ve uploaded, right-click on them and hit the Delete button. Confirm the deletion and the photo will be removed permanently. However, it would still remain in your designs.

Once done, you can download your new design using the Download button in the top-right corner. Click on it, choose the settings, such as the size, file format (PNG, JPG), and quality, and hit the download button.

Additional Placeit Alternatives You Can Use

Placeit has various offerings and that makes it an alternative to several different kinds of online tools. For example, it’s an alternative to Dunnnk for smartmockups, product mockups, t-shirt mockups, photorealistic mockups, and more.

Furthermore, Placeit also has a mobile app on Android and the iOS app store. You can create free mockups using various mockup templates and its magic mockups option. This allows you to see how your design looks.

While these options set Placeit apart, their lack of customization is what makes users look for a Placeit alternative. Furthermore, the fact that Placeit doesn’t have any free version also doesn’t go well with casual users and small business owners.

That’s why it’s best to use a Placeit alternative like Pixelied that has more customizability, options, and a better interface. However, if you’re looking for more options, here’s a list of the best Placeit alternatives you can find today.

1.     Canva

Canva Placeit Alternative

Canva is an easy-to-use design tool that offers a lot of functionality with its designs and creation tool. It’s best known for its drag and drop tool that makes it extremely easy to create new designs quickly and efficiently.

With tons of default templates, it allows you to create your own designs using those templates. There are no restrictions on movement, assets, colors, and sizes.

It’s a user-friendly tool that can be used by multiple people at the same time. Other than that, you can choose from tons of fonts, including specific ones like futuristic fonts.

However, it doesn’t have a dedicated mockup generator to create high-quality mockups. Placeit is better with new mockups but in all other regards, Canva takes the front seat. You can also explore sites like Canva if you’re looking for something simple yet powerful.

You can check out Canva here.

2.     Design Evo

Design Evo Placeit Alternative

Second on our list is Design Evo, one of the free alternatives for Placeit. It’s a custom logo maker and design tool and is dedicated to logo creation.

In that regard, it’s a better alternative for the logo side of things. That’s because Design Evo offers complete functionality in creating professional logos. Furthermore, you can customize designs and make unlimited edits on the spot. It also offers various fonts, elements, and icons you can use.

You can use Design Evo on Windows and Mac (Macbook and iMac). You don’t need to download the software or install any plugin.

However, it’s only a Placeit alternative for logo creation.

You can check out Design Evo here.

3.     Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark Placeit Alternative

Next on our list is Adobe Spark, a free-to-use design tool for designing images, short videos, and web pages. It’s an ideal alternative to Placeit for creating stunning videos and images.

It can be used on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and most Apple devices. You can design everything from intros to complete social media videos.

It’s a great tool for non-designers and casual users who are looking to quickly create graphics and videos. But if you’re looking for more design customization, ease of use & options then here are the best Spark alternatives.

Placeit offers templates that people can use but there’s little to no customizability. Adobe Spark doesn’t offer templates but you can design everything to the last pixel.

You can check out Adobe Spark here.

4.     Stencil

Stencil Placeit Alternative

Stencil is a cloud-based graphic design application that allows users to create quick visuals. It’s optimized for marketers, small businesses, and bloggers.

You can create everything from marketing visuals to email images, social media posts, and graphics. It’s not as easy to use but once you learn it, you can be extremely quick in creating various visuals.

It has a freemium model, including various payment plans. It offers various Chrome extensions, background photos, customization options, and more.

Compared to Placeit, it offers way more customization options but not as many templates.

You can check out Stencil here.

5.     Glorify

Next on the list is Glorify, an online mockup tool that lets you create product mockups and designs. It’s known for its drag and drop tool and multiple layout system that lets you create quick marketing visuals for blogs, ads, social media, and websites.

Unlike tools like Mockdrop, Glorify lets you create mockups from scratch. You can choose from mockup templates if you want. Or, you can upload custom images and work on them. Then, you can download the final mockup in high resolution.

Compared to Placeit, they have a better mockup creation system with lots of realistic mockup items. However, Glorify is still a new entrant in the market with bugs and issues reported by the users due to which some of them are looking for its alternatives.

You can check out Glorify mockups here.

6.     BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd Placeit Alternative

BrandCrowd is an AI-powered logo creator that lets you create high-quality logos. It’s known as a DIY logo maker and is one of the quickest logo makers on the internet.

However, being the quickest doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Being quick means you have limited customization options.

The pricing models are extremely complex and there is no free plan. Other than that, BrandCrowd offers tons of icons, fonts, characters, and more to create template logos.

You can check out BrandCrowd here.

7.     Crello

Crello Placeit Alternative

Next on our list is Crello, a multi-purpose design application. It’s mostly known for how easy it is to create web graphics and social media images on the platform. With numerous templates, formats, and pre-existing assets, it helps people make designs, posts, and videos.

Crello also has a massive collection of more than 500,000 photos. You can utilize them in all forms of designs and videos.

You can also use it to create printout designs, presentations, and stories.

Compared to Placeit, Crello gives much more flexibility with your designs. You can create business cards, HTML-ready images, create t-shirt designs, hoodies, and much more. Here is a list of Crello alternatives if you’re looking for an easy-to-use online design tool with instant editing.

You can check out Crello here.

8.     Fotor

Fotor Placeit Alternative

Last on our list is Fotor, a one-in-all content creation design tool that offers extensive editing capabilities. You can find everything from mood changes, photo effects, and single-click filters.

It’s mostly used for social media; more specifically, people use it for Snapchat and Instagram. That’s because Fotor also lets you make collages, social posts, and offers quick image fixes.

While most of the features are free to use, you’ll be seeing a lot of ads. You can remove the ads and get some advanced features with the paid version. However, most people tend to look for Fotor alternatives when looking for better features.

You can check out Fotor here.

Choosing the Ideal Placeit Alternative

It’s important to have various options when deciding on a design tool. Veteran users of software like Photoshop tend to work quickly with PSDs, designs, and more. However, new users often look for Photoshop, GIMP and Lightroom alternatives because they want a quick design and editing tool.

No one wants to spend 15 minutes editing a screenshot, making a design out of it, and then sharing it. Marketers, designers, and users want a quicker way of creating marketing designs.

That’s why it’s best to opt for a one-in-all tool that offers design and editing capabilities while being easy to learn and use. More importantly, a free version is crucial to check whether it’s a good fit or not. That’s why Pixelied comes on top as the ideal Placeit alternative.