Crello is an online graphic design software that offers a custom suite with many basic design features available to designers. Though it has various design options such as logo, banner, and image design, it does suffer from some drawbacks. This is why users tend to look for Crello alternatives.

If you have experience using Crello, you’ll know exactly where it lacks in usability and creative offerings.

There are very few templates available, no standard fonts, and you can’t create design collages in the editor.

This results in both designers and non-designers looking for alternative graphic design platforms with more features.

In this article, we’ll go over the top Crello alternatives that you can use in 2021.

Let’s check them out.

11 Best Crello Alternatives for 2021

Although Crello has multiple alternatives with varying capabilities, one software stands above out: Pixelied. Not only does it have greater functionality as a graphic design tool, but its high-quality editing tools and smooth workflow makes it a great long-term pick.

In addition to that, Pixelied is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners. That’s why people looking for a PicMonkey alternative or Pixlr alternatives also go for Pixelied.

However, in case you still require more options, here’s a list of the best alternatives to Crello:

1)    Pixelied


As mentioned earlier, Pixelied is the top pick among Crello alternatives simply because of its all-in-one editing and graphic designing suite, excellent pricing, and overall usability.

The software has some readymade drag-and-drop templates and third-party stock photo integration. That makes it easier for marketers to create social media posts and marketing content.

On top of that, you can download results in several formats including PNG, JPG, PDF, WEBP and SVG.

Additionally, the Pixelied editor has all the image editor options and design templates that you could need; in one place. This is a huge advantage for diverse users.

Pixelied is overall an awesome alternative to Crello due to its accessible features: stock photo & icons integration, bg remover tool, mockups, brand presets, and thousands of ready-made templates, as well as ease of use for users of all skill levels.

2)    Invision


Second on the list is Invision, an advanced mockup design creation, prototyping, and vector graphics editing tool for designers.

Just like Adobe InDesign, the Invision suite lets you create a visual story out of an idea, with its array of impressive studio features. Some of which include creating screen designs and illustrations for mobile apps and even making interactive system mockups.

However, the software suite is far too advanced to be used by someone with no design experience. If you’re looking for an easy and instant mockup generator, then sites like Placeit can be explored.

Overall, Invision makes for a great design tool for high-level subject matter experts, as well as a viable Crello alternative.

You can check out Invision here.

3)    Pixlr


Pixlr is an image and visual content design platform that’s made for beginners and people new to photo editing.

The Pixlr Editor has all the required array of tools to help you create good-looking visual content. This includes creating stickers, posters, ads, infographics, and even gifs.

Although the Pixlr layout is close to some of the top photo editors, the editing platform doesn’t offer the same level of precision and intuitive tools. Additionally, it’s not as versatile as some of the other Crello alternatives mentioned on the list.

Overall, the Pixlr platform is a good enough Crello alternative – if you don’t mind having to use another tool for anything design-related.

You can check out the Pixlr here.

4)    Figma


Figma is an online prototyping tool and vector graphics editor that’s designed for a collaborative design environment.

The tool lets multiple designers work together on a single project in real-time, enabling teams to complete designs in collaboration. This is great for small businesses and groups with fewer resources since you don’t have to pay for a collaboration and design suite separately.

However, despite the positives, Figma does have some limitations, mainly that it’s not as precise and versatile as Photoshop. It also doesn’t have the precise control that other software tools provide.

Overall, Figma can be a good alternative to Crello if you’re willing to overlook some of the limitations and lack of finer editing controls.

You can check out Figma here.

5)    Picmonkey


Picmonkey is a simple photo editing tool that can resize images by pixel. It also allows you to make basic image edits.

You can create a range of edits including, adding various graphic elements to photos, retouching them, adjusting colors and highlights, or even storing the edited images on the onboard storage Hub for later use.

The keyword with Picmonkey is basic, as the tool only has very rudimentary options for editing. It’s convenient for when you need to compress an image before uploading it on WordPress. Apart from that, it doesn’t offer much of an advantage over competitors.

In short, Picmonkey is a great Crello alternative if you need a quick, stress-free but simple editing solution.

You can check out Picmonkey here.

6)    Glorify


Glorify is an e-commerce image and graphic design software that lets you design interesting and vibrant images for your e-commerce business.

The tool is primed for the e-commerce promotional image designer and has a ton of tools that help said designers create product or service pictures. While it does have design options for non-e-commerce applications, this is not its primary capability.

While Glorify is a great Crello alternative, it’s only for when you need to quickly design an image for your online store. The templates and editor are all optimized to add elements and frames to images; to modify them according to globally accepted e-commerce design specs.

All in all, Glorify offers another viable Crello alternative, albeit for a very specific application.

You can check out Glorify here.

7)    Canva


Canva is an online graphic design suite and photo editor with a mainstream appeal and several important design tools.

The software is well-known for enabling both pros and newbies to turn their images into works of art with all sorts of elements, typography, and shapes.

Canva is available on both Windows and Mac, as well as Android and iOS for mobile users. This makes it one of the top Crello alternatives. However, it’s similar to other casual design tools. It’s not as good for long-term usage, being expensive and still limited.

Basically, you should opt for Canva if you want a tool with a little more range but still enough optimization for quick and easy edits.

You can check out Canva here.

8)    Snappa


Snappa is an online graphic designer that lets you create basic designs, mostly for social media applications.

It has a list of basic tools that make it very easy for beginners to start designing and end up creating relatively high-quality work.

The one thing that holds Snappa back from the top spot is its lack of image editing tools, especially for retouching. Although the limited functionality is accepted as part of the package, it would be nice to have some added capability.

Snappa does work well as a Crello alternative if you just need a simple graphic design solution.

You can check out Snappa here.

9)    Sketch


Sketch is a digital design platform for the macOS that features a collaborative design process.

The platform allows you to create visual concepts for new products and services, all on a convenient web application that can also be accessed on any computer via the web app.

In terms of capability, Sketch is up there with the top graphic design platforms. However, its Mac-only compatibility is not suitable for PC and mobile users. In addition to that, it’s not as accommodating to first-time users as some of the other entries on this list.

All in all, Sketch is a suitable Crello alternative platform for you if you primarily use Apple computers and don’t plan out moving out of the Mac ecosystem.

You can check out Sketch here.

10) Adobe Suite


The Adobe Suite for photo editing and graphic design consists of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Spark.

The software tools are the ultimate in high-level design and editing. They are the industry standard when it comes to large-scale applications.

One major drawback of the Adobe suite is the learning curve that comes with each software on the list. You need to put in the time and effort to first learn how the tools work, how to implement them, and how to replicate the process.

Overall, the Adobe suite is a good alternative to Crello for pixel-level perfection, if you don’t mind going through a ton of tutorials first.

You can check out the Adobe suite here.

11) Lucidpress


Lucidpress is a desktop publishing software that’s available in the form of a web application.

The software offers multiple important design offerings, including templates for brochures, newsletters, product pages, as well as brand templating features. There’s also a dedicated page design editor that has tons of typography options.

Lucidpress serves as a good alternative to Crello based on its page design capability. However, it’s somewhat limited in an overall graphic design capacity, at least for experienced designers.

This is ultimately what makes Lucidpress a viable but too publishing-centric Crello alternative.

You can check out Lucidpress here.

Choosing the Best Crello Alternative for Your Business

Crello alternatives have proven effective for the majority of use cases. Especially those that demand extended editing functionality and a wide variety of usable elements.

It’s not that hard to find free marketing tools and design tools for your business.

Pixelied is the only graphic design tool that satisfies most of the aforementioned use cases. With its list of diverse features for designers of all skill levels, as well as the super shallow learning curve, Pixelied emerges as your ideal Crello alternative for any application.