When was the last time you’ve watched a video? In 2020, 78% of Internet users mentioned watching videos every week, while 55% did that daily. Your target audience might be among them!

People watch all sorts of content, and getting their attention might be a challenge. It gets even harder with 500 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every minute. This sets high quality standards, forcing creators to spend hours filming the perfect cut.

In this article, we shall discuss the best online video editing software and its features. There will be options for beginners and pros. 

Why is Video Content So Popular?

Consumers love watching videos because they are easy to understand, provide entertainment, and engage their attention. Whether the material will grab a viewers attention depends on several factors:

  • Topic;
  • Length;
  • Popularity;
  • Editing quality.

According to Statista, gaming videos get the most viewer attention with an average of 24,7 minutes. That’s an interesting insight for your marketing strategy.

Why Should You Make Quality Videos Quickly?

You’ve definitely heard of the saying “quality over quantity.” But what if we told you that there should be both?

Editing a 3-minute video may take near 6 hours. However, if it involves complex features, you might end up spending over 30 hours. That’s way too much, considering the intense competition for the viewers’ attention.

You have to keep your audience focused on your content. Using a trending online video editor, you’ll be able to speed up the whole production process.

Here is why:

  • Web-based software with no need to download anything;
  • Faster processing time;
  • Intuitive and powerful features.

There are many other reasons as well. You will grasp their advantages after getting some hands-on experience.

10 Best Online Video Creation Tools For 2021

Now we shall cover the best free online video editors that will help you create top-notch content. 

1. Renderforest

Renderforest is the right creator tool for social media, ads, explainers, and other types of videos. In addition, the service is a great help for intros, logos, slideshows, visualizations, presentations, and industry-related content. 

The application is designed to simplify your video creation journey. Depending on the clip you choose the make, a different set of features will be available. However, it is all easy to use, so you won’t face “creator’s block” during the process.

Advantages of Renderforest:

  • Maximum simplicity;
  • Hundreds of templates and presets;
  • Commercial and stock materials.

Disadvantages of Renderforest:

  • The free version has a watermark and 360p resolution;
  • It takes time to get accustomed to all the features;
  • You can’t fine-tune the materials like with pro software.

Renderforest five subscription plans. The free version provides up to 3-minute videos in 360p, all watermarked. If you choose a paid plan, the price will vary from $4,99 to $49,99 monthly. It depends on the features like the number of exports, video length, and others.

2. Fastreel

Fastreel is a powerful toolset with features for any situation. The service provides tools for trimming, merging, compression, cropping, and more. Also, there are dozens of templates for short videos of all kinds.

The app can boast a user-friendly interface. You choose a tool, upload your file, and tune the edit – that’s all it takes to create a video like a pro. After completing the editing, you can download the result in HD and Full-HD quality.

Advantages of Fastreel:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • 24 editing tools and 38 templates;
  • Cloud storage and Full-HD resolution.

Disadvantages of Fastreel:

  • There’s a watermark in the free version;
  • Video length is limited to 30 minutes;
  • You have to reupload the project to use another tool.

Fastreel comes at several price plans. You can use the app for free and download the result in HD resolution, but it will have a watermark. There is a one-time upgrade for $5,95 for a single export. For more exports, you can get the monthly plan for $19,95 or the annual package for $119,40.

3. Kizoa

Kizoa is another awesome movie maker with a ton of features. This is the right tool for professional edits and commercial videos. It includes all sorts of features like special effects, transitions, trimming, cutting, and others.

While the application is more suitable for amateur-level editors, beginners can give it a shot too. You can produce all kinds of content for your marketing strategy or personal use. The tool brings in all the capabilities for it.

Advantages of Kizoa:

  • Standard drag-and-drop interface;
  • All basic editing features and several advanced tools;
  • Unlimited storage space in the business plan.

Disadvantages of Kizoa:

  • Video length limits are removed only starting with the “Professional Plan”;
  • The interface could use some improvements;
  • There is a watermark in the free version.

Renderforest provides five price plans. There is a free version with a 1-minute video limit, 720p resolution, and 1GB of storage space. All other features are improved and unlocked with the paid membership. The prices start at $29,99 and go up to $299,99. It’s all a one-time payment.

4. Promo

Promo is a web-based video editor that helps businesses create content for ads and specific industries. The app comes with hundreds of templates, text styles, stock materials, tools for trimming and cutting, and multiple others.

The application comes with a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners. Although it might seem to be too simple, the software is capable of creating powerful edits with the right templates. Yes, it won’t substitute a professional app with all the features of the world.

Advantages of Promo:

  • Simple to use;
  • Hundreds of powerful templates for all needs;
  • Large media library.

Disadvantages of Promo:

  • No advanced editing tools;
  • Mostly suitable for applying the minimum changes to your clips;
  • You can’t download the result until you buy a subscription.

Promo comes with three subscription plans, and there is no free trial. The price ranges between $18 and $199 per month based on the chosen package. Each plan includes stock media, unlimited video publishing, templates, and logo makers.

5. Typito

Typito is an easy video maker suitable for promotional, commercial, and personal editing. The app includes a lot of stock media, various text effects, elements, music tracks, and a feature to create captions. You will also find the basic tools for cropping, trimming, and simple editing.

While working with this app, you won’t face any issues with the interface. It is designed specifically for beginners and amateurs, so all buttons are found intuitively. Additionally, you can explore all the apps features in the free version.

Advantages of Typito:

  • Great for beginners and amateurs;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Suitable for ads and promos.

Disadvantages of Typito:

  • The free version is watermarked;
  • You can’t fine-tune your content;
  • Very basic editing features.

Typito comes with four plans. The free version provides up to 4 projects per month, 5 exports per project, 25 minutes of video duration, and a watermark. To remove the limitations, you’ll have to purchase a paid subscription. The price varies from $25 to $125 monthly based on the chosen plan.

6. Kapwing

Kapwing is a simple web-based video editor. The tool covers such features as trimming, cropping, applying transitions and overlays, adding stock media, integrating plugins like Giphy or Unsplash, and others. You can even record your screen and camera from the app.

Although Kapwing is designed for amateurs, the software is also suitable for professional editors. It includes more than enough tools to create a powerful marketing video from scratch.

Advantages of Kapwing:

  • No ads or watermarks;
  • A simple yet professional approach;
  • Possibility to record your screen.

Disadvantages of Kapwing:

  • The free version limits size and length;
  • Users report some minor bugs.

Kapwing has three types of tariffs. The free version lets you export 7-minute videos, upload up to 250 MB of files, and store the materials for two days. Upgrading to a paid subscription removes these limitations. You’ll be asked to pay $17 or $20 per month based on the chosen plan.

7. InVideo

InVideo is a modern video creation solution with over 5000 per-built templates for your edits. This online tool helps you prepare all kinds of content for advertisements, intros, outros, testimonials, and other popular formats that your business needs. 

As for the editing features, InVideo covers the basic features like adding text and voice-overs, cropping, animation, and background removal. That’s more than enough for creating a simple video based on the service’s templates.

Advantages of InVideo:

  • More than 5000 templates for all industries;
  • Up to 15 minutes per video;
  • 720p resolution in the free version.

Disadvantages of InVideo:

  • The free version has a watermark on all media;
  • Some features are unavailable unless you pay;
  • Works only on Google Chrome.

InVideo offers three types of packages. The free version provides up to 60 exports of 720p videos with basic editing features. Upgrading will cost you $15-30 per month, based on the chosen plan. However, this will remove all watermarks and unlock the app’s complete potential.

8. Wideo

Wideo works on a template-based model, meaning most of your edits are limited to the capabilities of the chosen template. You can add text and media with several clicks. However, all the editing features are simply moving and cropping the materials on the screen.

The tool is a good choice when you have to create a video in less than five minutes. It comes with all kinds of templates for such industries as business, e-commerce, marketing, events, and others. Additionally, the interface is simple enough for beginners.

Advantages of Wideo:

  • 10 templates in the free version;
  • Free built-in stock media;
  • A user-friendly interface that’s suitable for beginners.

Disadvantages of Wideo:

  • The free version limits video length to 1 minute;
  • Most features are hidden behind a paywall;
  • The app is only suitable for fast and simple edits.

Excluding the free version, Wideo provides three paid packages. The price range is $59 -199 per month based on your choice. Upgrading brings better video quality, longer edits, more storage, and many other features.

9. FlexClip

FlexClip imitates the design of most desktop applications both by design and functionality. This web editor comes with hundreds of templates, multiple animated elements, millions of royalty-free stock media, versatile editing features, and more. 

The tool is suitable for pro and amateur edits, making it stand out among all the others. It’s a great assistant when you have to create a top-tier video for any industry. Additionally, FlexClip comes with a user-friendly interface, making it even more powerful.

Advantages of FlexClip:

  • Full editing power available in your browser;
  • Despite all features, the app is simple to use;
  • Multiple free stock media.

Disadvantages of FlexClip:

  • The free version allows 1 download and limits resolution to 480p;
  • All features are unlocked after purchasing a package.

FlexClip provides three paid packages with various advantages. The price ranges from $9,99 and goes up to $29,99. As a result, the upgrades you get include watermark removal, 1080p full-HD resolution, unlimited projects, and many others.

10. PowToon

PowToon is the best online video creator for animations. This tool helps you create short cartoons that are a powerful solution for advertisements, explainers, informational content, etc. As for the industries, the app helps in education, marketing, business, e-commerce, and others.

The main features of PowToon involve pre-built templates, character creation and animation, and background editing. However, you should note that the full potential is only unlocked in the premium version.

Advantages of PowToon:

  • Videos in HD resolution;
  • A unique solution to create outstanding content;
  • Templates for multiple industries.

Disadvantages of PowToon:

  • Only 100MB storage in the free version;
  • Most features are locked behind a paywall;
  • It might be a bit expensive.

PowToon comes with three paid packages with a price range of $89-197. Upgrading helps you remove watermarks, get unlimited downloads, 30 minutes video length, advanced animation features, and more. It’s all you need to create a challenging video.


Each video editor is designed for its own purpose. Your task is to determine which one suits your business goals best and use the most of its features.

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