Regardless of whether you’re designing your website, a social media ad, or any other digital asset, there’s a good chance you’re going to use some fonts. You’ve probably gone through the typical ones by now, so why not give futuristic fonts a go?

New fonts pop up on the internet every day, usually, new ones with different typefaces. But most of the time, it’s just a variation of pre-existing fonts with minor tweaks and adjustments made to them.

Nevertheless, every once in a while, something unique and different pops up.

When it comes to futuristic fonts, it’s the same case, but due to their unique styles and the overabundance of minimalist fonts, they’re refreshing to see.

In this article, we’ll go over some great futuristic fonts that you can use, and where you can find them.

Let’s check them out.

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What Exactly Are Futuristic Fonts?

Futuristic fonts are the ones that look ultra-modern, post-contemporary, or future-looking. It’s hard to pin down exactly what makes a font futuristic, but usually, when you see it on a new website or an Instagram post, your mind automatically tags it as futuristic.

At times, a minimalist font is considered to be futuristic because it bears some resemblance to that future aesthetic.

However, the question is, what constitutes a font as futuristic?

Let’s analyze some meme pictures to get an idea.

Futuristic Meme Picture Example 1

You can tell right off the bat why this meme looks futuristic. Thanks to 80s sci-fi movies, shows, and comics, the three elements used in the image make it seem futuristic.

The first thing is the eyewear that gives off a Robocop vibe, followed by the suit that can be considered as the go-to sci-fi suit of the 60s. The third detail is the sleek hairstyle that is reminiscent of the Blade Runner aesthetic.

All these elements make the person look futuristic almost immediately when you look at the meme.

In a way, it’s pop culture that has determined what elements constitute something as futuristic. A lot of the details heavily rely on a retro-futuristic theme because people have been building upon the sci-fi 80s concept.

However, nowadays, there has been a wave of new futuristic features based on a minimalism principle.

Here’s another example of a futuristic meme.

Futuristic Meme Picture Example 2

It’s pretty simple to tell what’s futuristic here. It’s the entire city with flying cars, floating bridges, maglev highways, and more.

In the same way, a futuristic font will have a similar resemblance to futuristic elements.

But, how can a font have futuristic elements? You can say that anything that seems contemporary or postmodern is futuristic. That’s because we’re so used to Sans Serif fonts and other fonts that we see every day. Therefore, any different-looking font would seem futuristic to some extent.

20 Awesome Futuristic Fonts to Use in 2021

Whether you’re looking for free futuristic fonts to use in your presentation or display fonts for your website, you can always use a fresh look. However, when deciding on what free fonts you want to use, you have to know what to look for.

The following are the three main font elements of font design:

  • Typeface – determines the characteristics of individual symbols in the font, including how bold, rounded, or modern they look. Furthermore, it also determines whether the font has serifs or is a Sans Serif font.
  • Style – is the design of the font, including the weights of each character, whether there is a slant, or if they stand straight. The styles and designs determine whether the font is professional, quirky, or simply for personal use.
  • Size – is simply how each character measures against the other. The design and weight play a huge role in determining the size of a font.

Using the elements above, you can assess which font or typeface is best suited for your site page, design, cover art, or any other media.

Based on your understanding of how fonts work, check out the following futuristic fonts:

1.     Polar Vertex

Polar Vertex

Polar Vertex is a display typeface that’s designed to be celestial and nautical. It has a lot of geometric details; that’s why the font mostly works if it’s large in size. That said, you can use it in a poster design or headlines, but not in logos or articles.

Download the font here.

2.     Elixia

Elixia Futuristic Font

Elixia follows a hexagonal design, with lower and upper case alternatives available for all characters. It has a very sleek and neutral outlook, focusing on the importance of light and colors.

You can download the font here.

3.     Aquire

Aquire Font

Aquire is a minimalist three-weight typeface font with light, regular, and bold options available as default. Most of the characters in the font have sharp edges that give it a sleek feel. With three different versions, it’s great for commercial use. You can use it to create a logo, develop branding projects, and more.

Download the font here.

4.     Elianto

Elianto Font

Elianto is a shape-based sans serif font that intelligently utilizes empty spaces. Its most unique aspect is the triangle A and the dot O. It has other stylistic alternates for both upper and lower case characters.

You can download the font here.

5.     Anurati

Anurati Font

Anurati is a digital alternative to using space effectively. It uses corners – or a lack thereof, to give the characters their unique look. The mixture of perfect curves and straight lines makes it minimalist and futuristic at the same time.

Download the font here.

6.     Exan-3

Exan 3 Font

Exan-3 is a mono-spaced font that only has an upper-case collection of characters. It mixes futuristic and retro elements; the retro part being 80s futuristic aesthetics. The font can be used in tags, business cards, and cover art.

You can download the font here.

7.     Pulsar

Pulsar Free Typeface Font

Pulsar is a sci-fi, all-caps font that derives its design from the original Star Trek logo. With slight changes, it looks like the cool and futuristic version of the Star Trek logo font. It’s a free futuristic font and can be used for both personal and commercial use.

Download the font here.

8.     Dual

Dual Font

Dual is a style-heavy font that has over 250 alternates, giving you endless options to be creative. Each alternative can completely change the typeface’s look. Experiment with different styles to decide on a single look and go for it.

You can download the font here.

9.     Raptor Sans

Raptor Sans Retro Sci Fi

Raptor Sans is a retro sci-fi font that utilizes its bold and simple typeface to give you a touch of futuristic nostalgia. The creator of the font, Panos Voulgaris started a project where he recreated multiple book covers from the 60s and 70s. It gives you a sense of the font’s potential.

You can download the font here.

10.  Ailerons

Ailerons Font

Ailerons is designed with a minimalistic approach, hence the stylish and sleek typeface. It’s mostly designed for large headlines rather than body text. However, using the font for headlines can instantly make any headline seem interesting. Aileron can also be used as a wedding font for your invitation cards, events, and programs due to its sleek and neat features.

Download the font here.

11.  UFO Nest

UFO Nest Font

UFO Nest is a relatively unique font inspired by and based on crop circles and the mysteries surrounding them. It’s an extremely design-heavy font that comes with a unique style for each character. That’s why it’s not ideal to use it for any form of body text. It’s best to use it for large headlines where it’s relatively easy to read and understand.

You can download the font here.

12.  Borg

Borg Futuristic Font

Borg is an extremely subtle yet powerful font that utilizes minuscule curved incisions to give off a design-centric look. The super clean and straightforward typeface is great for designing a logo, poster, or any other medium that utilizes beautifully drawn typefaces.

Download the font here.

13.  Atlantico

Atlantico Font EDM Poster

Atlantico is a sans serif font that utilizes geometry and takes inspiration from the Atlantic. It looks like one of those fonts that will be used to translate language in the future. Or like the ones you might see on some EDM posters in the not-so-distant future. In any case, it’s bold, rounded, and line-based to an extent. Most importantly, it’s extremely calming yet electric, so use it wisely.

You can download the font here.

14.  Monument Extended

Monument Extended Font

Monument Extended utilizes boldness by adding width to each character. You can call it a wide sans serif typeface that is supposed to be in your face when you see it. There are five different weights from ultra-light to ultra-bold, depending on your usage. If you’re looking to set up a poster that ‘shouts’ something, you should use this font.

You can download the font here.

15.  Savone (Now Riviera)

Savone Font Riviera Font

Savone (Riviera) is another futuristic font that utilizes bold angles to express unique designs and typefaces. However, it intelligently utilizes angles to differentiate each character rather than rounded or corner edges. However, it’s best to use it for headlines and large copy only because it may not be as readable in smaller font sizes.

Download the font here.

16.  Oboe

Oboe Font

Oboe is bold, round, and absolutely thick. Meanwhile, it uses geometrical finishes to differentiate each character, making it easy to understand each unique shape. If you take a look at the font, you’re bound to look at it again to see what makes it unique. Therefore, it’s a great attention-grabbing font, but not practical when you want to write copy or body text.

You can download the font here.

17.  Lombok

Lombok Font

Lombok utilizes intelligent design elements to give each character a unique shape. Subtle differences are what the font plays on, such as the B and K not being connected. Instead, they’re divided into two different elements that give a general outline of each character. This unique typeface style makes it great for use in logos, headlines, and titles.

Download the font here.

18.  Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry Font

Sacred Geometry is one of the most complicated yet design-heavy fonts on our list. It’s a geometric font that adds futuristic astronomical signs and drawings to each character and glyph. That’s why it’s only usable in large sizes. Ideally, you would want to use it for large space-related posters.

You can download the font here.

19.  VGER Grotesque

VGER Grotesque Font

VGER is a font that will instantly remind you of a movie, TV show, or video game. That’s because fonts similar to VGER are regularly used in sci-fi media. This particular version comes in different weights, depending on where you want to use it. It’s great for designing sci-fi infographics, documents, and futuristic newspapers.

Download the font here.

20.  Neutronium

Neutronium Futuristic Fonts

Neutronium is another minimalist typeface that smartly leverages rounded corners to account for the wideness of each character. Taking a closer look at the R and T of the font will give you a good idea as to how the font works. Each character has a simpler version too if you don’t want to use the unique designs.

You can download the font here.

Using Futuristic Fonts in Pixelied

If you’re designing your next masterpiece on Pixelied and need to add text to it, you need to make sure it’s an eye-catching font. Whether you’re making a social media post or a poster, you probably have to add some text every time you create a new design.

The text can be anything from a CTA to details about something important. However, what matters is how you deliver that information to the user. And your font plays a huge role in how interested someone is in your content.

That’s why futuristic fonts tend to work well because they can easily capture someone’s attention.

Therefore, when you’re using Pixelied’s editor to make a design, you should try out different fonts for whatever text you add.

You can use the default font or choose any of the template fonts to get started. More importantly, you can upload your own custom fonts.

Once you’ve selected a template, go to the text option on the left. You’ll see a set of options in the boxes for the headline, subheadline, and body text.

Once you click on the text box, you’ll see the font drop-down menu in the top bar. You can choose from hundreds of fonts available in the Pixelied editor.

You’ll also see a side tab that will show you different fonts to choose from. There, you’ll find an ‘Upload Custom Font’ option. If you’ve downloaded some futuristic fonts, you can simply upload and start using them.

Wrapping It Up

Regardless of whether you’re designing an image, poster, infographic, or podcast cover art, you’re going to need a font for your text. You can’t always use the same family of default fonts.

But, if you want to add a unique element to your media, you need to search for creative designs and futuristic fonts that would work best for your design.

All in all, once you’ve gone through the futuristic fonts listed above and have chosen one, use Pixelied’s editor to bring it to life.