If you’re planning a wedding, you want everything to be just right. That includes choosing the wedding fonts for your invitations, cards, and programs. 

Typically, wedding fonts have always been a mixture of wavy and sign-heavy fonts. However, there has been a recent trend of using contemporary versions of those fonts. 

The trick is that the font needs to look good and fashionable but should also be legible and easy to read. That’s how you know you’ve found the right wedding fonts. 

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best wedding fonts you can use, along with where you can find them. 

Let’s get started. 

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What Exactly Are Wedding Fonts? 

Wedding fonts are typefaces designed for wedding invitations, specifically. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, based on different themes. However, there are a select few that make your wedding cards stand out.

Fonts play a huge role in any wedding program. They can help you set the theme for your wedding or vice versa. 

Whether you’re going for something sophisticated or modern, you should choose the typeface accordingly. This job has become a lot easier with the help of computers and the internet, and a wide range of fonts available online.

The idea is that the font should complement your wedding card design.

These days DIY trends are kicking in. That means people are trying all sorts of different ideas. 

Below we’re going to discuss different types of fonts, and what they will go with best.

20 Awesome Wedding Fonts to Use in 2021 

Wedding planning can get hectic, whether it’s your own or someone you know. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning your wedding invitation or having someone to help you out with it; you would want to choose everything yourself, including the font. 

There are a few things you should consider while choosing the ideal wedding font. It should match your wedding theme and set the right expectations for your guests. 

For instance, it’s crucial to have a graceful font style for an elegant wedding. It gives your audience a chance to get a sneak peek of what you’ve got planned. 

More importantly, you should make sure the font is readable, apart from looking fancy and detailed.

We’ve listed a few fonts below that are also printable and easy to understand. That way, you can print out your wedding card and see how it would look to your readers.

The following are some of the best wedding fonts you can use. 

1.     Madelican

Madelican Wedding Font

Madelican goes for both modern and traditional weddings. It’s a very beautiful calligraphy font. It has no harsh lines, it’s smooth and modern.

It’s very easy to read, and still looks dreamy.

It’s the perfect font for both the title and bride/groom names.

You can download the Madelican font from here.

2.     Geraldine

Geraldine Wedding Fonts

Geraldine has a bit of a handwriting typeface. It does require an extra amount of focus to read. But it has its way of crafting for all types of invitations.

The letters are all connected in smooth cursive font.

You can download the Geraldine font from here.

3.     Alex Brush

Alex Brush Font

Alex Brush is a more tilted swaying font, much like its title, it is a flowing brush typeface. It has a balance between smudgy and soft.

The font is very neutral and can be used for both the wedding names and details.

You can download the Alex Brush font from here.

4.     BlackJack

BlackJack Font

Nothing like its name, BlackJack is a much feminine font. It can work for any formal invitation cards or even menu cards

BlackJack also has some elegant calligraphic designs to work with almost any type of invitation card design.

You can download the BlackJack font from here.

5.     Bodoni

Bodoni Wedding Fonts

Bodoni is a bit different than the above. It has a much more modern touch to it. It is an elegant yet very modern typeface. Like the sans serif font, it’s very firm, straightforward, and easy to read.

This font is mostly used for headings – it can be great for a wedding banner too. It has a sophisticated touch to it.

You can download the Bodoni font from here.

6.     Yellow Rabbit

Yellow Rabbit Font

Yellow Rabbit is a soft handwriting typeface, at the same time very casual. It’s not as formal, but it has a very cute and great vibe to it.

It can be used for greetings. It has separate and connected lowercase letters.

You can download the Yellow Rabbit font from here.

7.     Monsieur La Doulaise

Monsieur La Doulaise Font

Monsieur La Doulaise is a very fancy font. It has very detailed and smooth cursive handwriting. It also gives a very vintage swash feel to it.

This fancy calligraphy can be used for almost anything from wedding card titles, names, or banners.

You can download the Monsieur La Doulaise font from here.

8.     Parisienne

Parisienne Wedding Fonts

Parisienne is a very formal script font with some moderate curls and flare. It is the perfect mixture of formal and casual.

Very classy, with modern calligraphy, for modern weddings. It has a calm vibe, keeping it easy to read.

This is also great for wedding cards details or menu cards details.

You can download the Parisienne font from here.

9.     Lovely Home

Lovely Home Font

Lovely Home is a very fancy and comforting font. This is a comparatively much curlier cursive, but still easy to understand. The font gives a vibe just like its name.

You can download the Lovely Home font from here.

10.  Elsie

Elsie Wedding Fonts

Elsie is also a very softer version of Bodoni. It’s very casual and eye-catchy. It has the softness of italics combining with a bit of firmness, keeping it balanced.

It has its glamour and a happy vibe.

This can go for Bridal shower invites or banners.

You can download the Elsie font from here.

11.  Easy November

Easy November Font

Easy November has a very curly cursive typeface. Bringing it a very fancy and different feel to it. It has very detailed curls so it can be a little hard to read.

Easy November has 5 similar typefaces, all available when you download it.

You can download the Easy November font from here.

12.  Australia

Australia Wedding Fonts

Australia is a very modern typeface. A mix of bold and firm. It’s strong yet sensitive and looks great. Created by Denver Ross

You can download the Australia font from here.

13.  All the Roll

All the Roll Font

All the Roll isn’t as fancy as the rest would be, but it has its style. A rock ‘n’ roll-themed font. It has a very non-formal casual vibe. The typeface is very smooth and has no harsh lines.

This is great for all card details, menu cards, or bridal shower invites. It’s a mix for all.

You can download the All the Roll font from here.

14.  Romantica

Romantica Wedding Fonts

Romantica is a bit similar to Australia, just not as bold. It has a very lovely handwriting font to it. Just like its name symbolizing romance and togetherness. A very comforting font.

The font is easy to read and at the same time fancy.

This is for any part of the wedding script overall. It can go anywhere in the wedding script.

You can download the Romantica font here.

15.  Romate Hood

Romate Hood Font

Romate Hood is a very royal handwritten font. The typography is very detailed making it a little hard to read. But it has its glamour and style.

It is one of the best wedding-themed fonts to use for invites or titles.

You can download the Romate Hood font here.

16.  Champignon

Champignon Wedding Fonts

Champignon is very glamorous in its way, and with very thin calligraphy. The curls are very well put together.

The ligatures are legible and the lettering making it easier to read.

This font is used best for card details or menu cards.

You can download the Champignon font here.

17.  Yaquote Script

Yaquote Script Font

Yaquote Script is a handwritten signature style. It’s delicate and thin making it formal. It comes with a feminine touch.

The typeface is best for online handwritten signatures on documents.

You can download the Yaquote Script font here.

18.  Coneria Script

Coneria Script Font

All of the Script fonts often have these very neat fluid stroke lines created by handwriting. This doesn’t have many detailed curls, making it easier to read.

Coneria Script is a combination of delicate curl and casual typeface.

You can download the Coneria Script font here.

19.  Baroque Script

Baroque Script Font

Baroque Script has a very spring feel to it. The curls have a lot of sways with them, just with a touch of retro.

Baroque Script is used best for headings and banners where the text is shown bigger since the lowercase letters are very close to each other.

You can download the Baroque Script font here.

20.  Chopin Script

Chopin Script Font

Chopin Script is the most used since it’s fancy and elegant. The curls are bold and even, making it easier to understand.

This calligraphy gives a very royal vibe and can pair up with almost any font.

Chopin Script can be used for almost any type of card or invite, and it will look great.
You can download the Chopin Script font here.

Using Wedding Fonts in Pixelied 

Regardless of whether you’re designing your wedding invitation, menu card, bridal shower, or even your wedding banner, you can find all the relevant wedding fonts in Pixelied’s editor. The free wedding fonts listed above are the most popular wedding-themed fonts you can use today. 

Pixelied allows you to completely customize your text, be it headings, subheadings, or normal text. With over 900+ fonts in the editor, you can find almost any font you want to use, even a minimalist font.

It’s easy to adjust any elements you want to add, or even add multiple fonts to your design.

You get to choose from hundreds of templates, depending on the theme. You can customize any template you want, add text, design elements, and more.

This is where the options will be when you open the editor, choose a template, and go to the text option. 

On the upper bar, you’ll see the font option. Clicking it will open a drop-down menu for you to choose your font. 

If you want to upload a font of your choice that isn’t available in the editor, you can use the Upload Custom Font option on the left-hand side. 

You can download any of the wedding fonts listed above by going to the links. You just have to upload the font file as it is, and you can use it in the editor, and continue with your design.

Wrapping It Up 

Weddings are usually the most important part of one’s life, making it important to get it right. That means every single aspect of the wedding should be just right, including wedding invitations, menus, cards, banners, and more.

The fonts above are the best wedding fonts you can use today. Depending on what theme the wedding is, what wedding function it is, and how you want to go about it, you’ll need a different font. You can always use vintage fonts or modern fonts, but it’s better to use designated wedding fonts.

Therefore, take a look at all the wedding fonts, and choose the ones that resonate with your wedding theme.