Using an engaging font can be the difference between successful engagement and an overlooked post. Using modern fonts can ensure that people will consider your posts, designs, and websites as relevant.

If you have no reason to use a futuristic or vintage font, using one wouldn’t be such a wise decision. If anything, it can lead to lesser engagement.

Therefore, for all those times when you can’t use a unique font, simply use modern fonts that are acceptable by the industry today.

In this article, we’ll go over some examples of modern fonts to help you get a contemporary look, along with where you can find them.

Let’s get started.

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What Exactly Are Modern Fonts?

Modern fonts are practically any fonts that are inspired and based on contemporary design practices, culture, and what’s accepted as the norm today.

If we analyze how fonts have evolved over the past three decades, you’ll notice that they have slowly moved away from the italic typeface. Slowly, but surely, the sans serif font family started taking over, especially since it was set as the default font in Microsoft Windows and other major software and OS.

However, over the last decade, there has been a minimalist font movement with people embracing simplistic typefaces. That’s why if someone asks you what a modern typeface looks like, you won’t think of some geometric, retro, or calligraphy font.

While some people prefer different fonts, most tend to keep with the times. For example, a science-based podcast would want to use futuristic fonts. But a local restaurant business would use modern fonts because they resonate with its typical audience.

Therefore, most businesses, pages, and people, in general, tend to use typical modern fonts. Even if someone needs different styles, they’re usually variations of the same fonts but in different weights.

With sites like FontFabric, Free Fonts, and other similar websites, you can practically search for any type of font. For example, if you search for an elegant font, you’ll get simple yet style-based fonts. Most modern fonts are a mixture of two different styles and elements.

The most common among them is a mixture of a sans serif typeface and a modern serif typeface.

In any case, there is a clear difference between modern fonts and other types of fonts.

25+ Best Modern Fonts to Use in 2021

Whether you need a modern display font or a script font, you can find one online. Google fonts usually have most modern fonts you might be looking for. However, there are other sites that have a variety of relevant fonts.

A number of free modern fonts available can make it hard to choose what will work best for you, whether it’s for personal use, a project, or business purposes. However, we compiled the best modern fonts that you can use in various settings to make it easy for you.

1.     Munich

Munich Modern Sans Serif Font

Munich is the ultimate example of a modern font because it incorporates minimalism, uppercase glyphs, and a straightforward design.

The elongated letters make it the perfect fit for headlines, logo design, and large posters.

You can download the font here.

2.     One Day

One Day Modern Fonts

One Day is another minimalist font that focuses on uppercase letters. The slim modern display font utilizes smart spaces between characters to showcase a modernistic design.

It’s not exactly the best choice for commercial use but can be an interesting choice for magazine headlines and posters.

You can download the font from here.

3.     Cooper Hewitt

Cooper Hewitt Modern Font

Cooper Hewitt is a relatively common font that you might’ve noticed in different settings, such as museum flyers and large banners. The font does, in fact, come from the revitalization of the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum.

The bold font is easy to read, simple, and the lettering is easily recognizable.

You can download the font here.

4.     Polya

Polya Free Font

Polya is part of a group of free fonts that are designed to be contemporary and futuristic at the same time. It’s inspired by a polygon mesh design as seen in 3D computer modeling.

Using that design, it appears bold and lightweight at the same time.

You can download the font from here.

5.     Coco Gothic

Coco Gothic Font

Coco Gothic is a geometric sans serif font that utilizes curves to provide a more elegant look. The sleek style is eye-catching, making it the perfect font to use in graphic design portfolios, websites, and more.

Furthermore, you’ll see that there are letter alternatives from A to G, providing alternative glyphs.

You can download the font here.

6.     Marydale (Black)

Marydale Black Font

Marydale is a simple freehand Adobe font that is often used in social media posts, book covers, and other mediums that require a hand-written element.

With both upper and lowercase letters, it’s the ideal font to use in your cover designs and posts.

You can download the font from here.

7.     CC Monster Mash

CC Monster Mash Font

CC Monster Mash is a cartoonish bold font that’s designed to be part comic-ready. It’s mostly used in comics, comic-based cartoons, and in the advertising efforts of events that revolve around comics.

It’s a colorful and all-caps font with rough edges. That’s why it’s mostly used in the horror, thriller, and monster categories.

You can download the font here.

8.     Alverata

Alverata Romanesque Font

Alverata is a relatively simple bold font that relies on readability rather than font styles. The typography resembles common fonts like Arial Black, but there are certain pressing elements that give shape to the edges of each character.

It’s a font that’s ideal for web design, templates, and various other online design projects.

You can download the font from here.

9.     Civane

Civane Modern Fonts

Civane is another easy-to-read font that’s designed to be used in headers, titles, t-shirt designs, and posters. With slight curves in all its characters, it remains a simple font with minor design elements.

You can download the font here.

10.  Corn

Corn Font

Corn is a rounded font that’s designed to give out positive vibes. It has 14 different styles, varying from thin to ultra-bold, making it ideal for social media graphics, titles, and logos.

The massive curves, smooth edges, and low crosslines make it an ideal aesthetic font for your designs.

You can download the font from here.

11.  Radnika

Radnika Typeface Font

Radnika is a free medium-weight font that is designed around common shapes. As a multi-purpose font, it is reminiscent of 19th and 20th-century fonts, with a modern touch.

You can download the font here.

12.  Cornerstone

Cornerstone Modular Font

Cornerstone is a modular font that utilizes strict grid dimensions, making each typeface mathematically perfect. It’s ideal for headers, titles, logos, and banners.

You can download the font from here.

13.  Metria

Metria Font

Metria is a geometric typeface that uses angular corners, straight lines, and variable circles to define each character. It’s a great font for post-modern content.

You can download the font here.

14.  Minimalust

Minimalust Font

Minimalust is a minimalist font that is created with vintage printing as its inspiration. As a sans serif font, its rounded corners and smooth edges make it ideal for travel posts and videos.

You can download the font from here.

15.  Noir

Noir Typeface Font

Noir is an elegant font that is designed for art deco, headings, social media graphics, and brand names. The perfect curves and sharp edges give it a heavy and strong look.

You can download the font here.

16.  Nagasaki

Nagasaki Font

Nagasaki is a modernized version of a font inspired by the 1957 poster ‘Hiroshima’ by Wim Crouwel. It’s a big-impact font that overemphasizes each character, giving it a unique bold look.

You can download the font from here.

17.  Uni Sans

Uni Sans Font Family

Uni Sans is one of the most modern new fonts that combine classic font styles with modern geometric strokes. The all-caps font by Fontfabric is ideal for websites and design projects.

You can download the font here.

18.  Ohno Blazeface

Ohno Blazeface Font

Ohno Blazeface is part of a family of fonts that utilize Dingbats designs with ligatures to create a unique-looking font. It’s ideal for book covers, album cover ideas, and similar designs.

You can download the font from here.

19.  Bondi

Bondi Modern Fonts

Bondi is a fusion between modern and futuristic fonts that gives a fun, artsy, and novel look. It utilizes comparative boldness by keeping the left side bold and the right side sleek, giving it a balanced and modernistic look.

You can download the font here.

20.  Maddac

Maddac Font

Maddac is a clean-cut typeface that is built upon two rules: the top-right and bottom left of each character should have hard corners. And two, the top left and bottom right should be rounded.

This gives each character a symmetrical design.

You can download the font from here.

21.  Vertigo

Vertigo Font

Vertigo stays true to its name and uses elongated versions of each character. While the width of each character is shortened, the height is stretched, giving it an elongated outlook.

You can download the font here.

22.  Highland Gothic

Highland Gothic Font

Highland Gothic is a bold font and a modernized version of the decades-old Gothic font. It’s supposed to be legible, clear, and easily recognizable.

You can download the font from here.

23.  Federal Escort

Federal Escort Font

Federal Escort is a rounded and ultra-bold font that is designed to be used in logos, posters, and banners. It’s light on the design, heavy on boldness, and it’s easy to read.

You can download the font here.

24.  Orbitron

Orbitron Font

Orbitron is a square-based font that is inspired by 90s computer graphics and fonts. The modern outlook makes the font sleeker with minor edits on the edges of each character.

You can download the font from here.

25.  Hollow Point

Hollow Point Font

Hollow Point is a bold font that is known for its sharp edges. Each character has soft and sharp edges that are determined by the character before or after it.

You can download the font here.

26.  Hard Sports

Hard Sports Modern Fonts

Hard Sports is a bold font that incorporates swooshes in each character. Depending on the letter or glyph, the swoosh can vary in intensity. That’s why the font is ideal for large titles and headlines.

You can download the font from here.

27.  Goldoni

Goldoni Modern Fonts

Goldoni is a very brand-centric font that is designed using a combination of fonts used by major brands. It’s sleek on the top and bottom and thicker on the sides. It’s ideal for spelling out your brand name on merchandise or can also be used as a wedding font for your card invitation.

You can download the font here.

Using Modern Fonts in Pixelied

When you’re designing your next masterpiece or social media post on Pixelied, you can use any of the modern fonts listed above.

The text in your design can be added as a headline, sub-headline, or body text. Since each of the modern fonts above is designed for a specific purpose, you can choose one accordingly.

Therefore, when you’re using Pixelied’s editor, you should try out different modern fonts to give your design a fresh look.

When you select any template or a blank canvas, you can choose from the template fonts. Since there are over 900+ fonts available in the editor, there’s a good chance you’ll find the font you’re looking for.

Here are the typical text options you have when you choose a template:

On the top bar, you’ll see a font drop-down menu where you can choose your font.

However, if you want to upload a custom font, you’ll see a prompt for it on the left bar when you click on the font bar.

All you have to do is upload your custom font and you’re good to go.

Wrapping It Up

Getting the right font for your design, website, poster, or any other medium can be the difference between success and failure. However, the more important thing is to figure out what kind of modern font would work best for you in any particular situation.

For example, you can’t have geometric fonts in textbooks because there would be a pixel issue, trouble with reading, and other similar problems. Therefore, you need to decide what kind of font would be ideal for you. It would be different for headlines, for body text, and your logo, for example.

In any case, go through the extensive list of modern fonts above, decide on one, and try it out in Pixelied’s editor today.