Fotor is an online photo editing software that’s available on several platforms, including mobile, desktop, and purely online. While it has its benefits, it’s limited in terms of longtime usability and has some features missing. This prompts people to look for Fotor alternatives online.

If you’ve used the Fotor platform before, you’ll know exactly how constrained users are on it.

There are limitations on photo manipulation; it has few custom elements, and the design suite has very few options for quick and easy design creation. There is also no option to create realistic mockups for apparel, packaging and social media as provided by sites like Placeit.

This often causes the average user to look for simpler, more productive, and feature-rich alternatives.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the top Fotor alternatives you can use in 2021.

Let’s check them out.

10 Best Fotor Alternatives for 2021

When it comes to Fotor alternatives that everyone can adopt for any length of use, we have to talk about Pixelied. An online photo editor, and graphic design tool, Pixelied has everything that a photo editing tool should have, including some qualities that Fotor lacks.

The online design platform is the ideal free image editing and design alternative to Fotor, both in terms of high-quality features and overall usability.

However, if you are looking for even more options, here’s a curated list of the top Fotor alternatives you can opt for:

1)     Pixelied

Pixelied Editor Main Screen

Pixelied comes out as the top Fotor alternative due to its combination of design image templates, editing features, and the streamlined workflow it offers.

Just like Fotor, the Pixelied editor is primed as both an image editor, and a graphic designer suite. It also has tons of photo effects onboard, on top of all the retouching functionality.

Pixelied’s unique value proposition towards users is based on what it provides to a huge range of users, both non-professional and pro-level. It lets you create a diverse array of designs, in a variety of art styles, all with a shallow learning curve and minimal hassle.

Compared to Fotor, Pixelied has some distinct advantages. Mainly the number of modifications you can implement on an image. With Pixelied, you can make real-time enhancements on a user interface that’s both user-friendly and fun to use.

Some of the key features and tools Pixelied offers include ready-made templates, access to thousands of stock photos, and third-party integrations for icons and stickers. Other than that, you can add vectors to your designs, elements, and can work on multiple workspaces simultaneously.

Perhaps the best thing about Pixelied is that you can upload your brand assets in the editor. That includes your logos, fonts, brand colors, and more. This allows you to instantly Brandify any designs or photos.

Overall, Pixelied stands as the top Fotor alternative due to its all-around versatility and ease of feature access.

2)     PhotoPad


PhotoPad is a downloadable image editing software for Windows PC and Apple Mac. Though, it also has mobile (Android and iOS) apps for smartphones and iPads.

The software functions similar to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, in that it’s primarily designed for photo retouching. Although it is a great alternative to Fotor in that respect, it is somewhat limited.

What takes the top spot from PhotoPad is how it’s limited to just photo modification and doesn’t have graphic design capability. This means that you can’t add various design elements to photos.

Overall, PhotoPad serves as a good albeit limited alternative to the Fotor platform.

You can download PhotoPad on Microsoft Apps, Google Play, and the App Store.

3)     PixTeller


PixTeller is a graphics design and animation suite that also offers photo editing capabilities.

What makes PixTeller a good alternative is its capability to create animated images and gifs. You can animate stickers, social media banners, infographics, and other images. This means that you can add moving elements to your JPG and PNG images.

However, despite the list of features, PixTeller loses some points due to making users register with the service before using it.

All in all, except for the mandatory registration, PixTeller is a solid Fotor alternative for all kinds of users.

You can check out PixTeller here.

4)     InPixio


InPixio is a dedicated photo editing software that offers a more advanced editing platform to photographers and designers alike.

The software is ideal for practical image editing, with features that allow you to retouch photos in a variety of ways. It lets you cut out objects, optimize colors in HDR, adjust lighting and exposure, and implement other professional retouching options.

Although it’s a strong Fotor alternative, InPixio has a bit of a learning curve that non-professionals and casual users will have to overcome. Plus, the more advanced pricing packages come with even more complicated features.

Overall, InPixio can be a significant Fotor replacement, if you don’t mind taking some tutorials to understand how it works.

You can check out InPixio here.

5)     SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher


SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher is an editing suite that offers various levels of photo retouching in its software suite.

The downloadable software lets you edit photos after scanning them. It’s primarily for photo restoration, as it allows you to clear up blemishes, dark spots, lines, and other losses in original quality.

Although it’s great at bringing old photos back to life, it still has a lot of limitations regarding its capabilities. You can’t really make advanced edits since most of the features are designed to make photos more vibrant and natural-looking.

Overall, SoftOrbits Retoucher can work as a Fotor alternative, albeit for specialized uses.

You can check out SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher here.

6)     BeFunky


BeFunky is a collage maker and casual photo editing software that also has some graphics design capability.

The software lets you create collages from several images that you can stitch together to create great-looking images for your social media.

Although it works great as a clutter-free and simple alternative to more advanced software such as Fotor, the limited functionality makes it lose a higher placing.

Overall, BeFunky can be a good alternative if you’re only looking for a lightweight platform that allows some basic editing and stitching ability.

You can check out BeFunky here.

7)     PhotoWorks


PhotoWorks is an instant image editing software that lets you implement various changes on photos via presets.

The software lets you input several values for editing features, and have the same presets on batches of photos, similar to Lightroom. It’s also considerably easier to use than some of the pro-level editing software systems out there, despite keeping most of the feature list.

There are some cons of PhotoWorks though, including the Windows-only downloadable nature of it. This means that iPhone and Mac users can’t utilize the software at all.

That said, PhotoWorks still packs enough editing prowess to make a viable Fotor alternative.

You can check out PhotoWorks here.

8)     Pixlr


Pixlr is an image editing and online design platform that’s made for design beginners and non-professionals.

The Pixlr Editor has all the necessary range of tools, including gradients, effects, gradients, layers, and color grading options.

Although the layout is similar to some of the high-level photo editors, the Pixlr Editor doesn’t offer the same level of intuitive tools and precision. Plus, you need to use the design tool for anything in the graphic design realm. This makes it a cluttery platform.

Overall, the Pixlr image editor is a good enough Fotor alternative, if you don’t mind having to use another tool for anything design-related. However, many people often end up finding Pixlr alternatives after a while. But it mostly depends on your overall goal for the software.

You can check out the Pixlr here.

9)     Krita


Krita is a free and open-source paint-based software that’s used to create illustrations and 2D art.

A raster graphics editor, Krita is ideal for making custom designs and painting with several easy-to-use brushes. The software works on Microsoft Windows PC, Apple macOS, and Linux.

The only major drawback of the program is that it’s limited to painting, and doesn’t have some of the advanced functionality and customization that you get with other alternatives.

Krita offers good pricing and is a viable, though, somewhat limited alternative to Fotor.

You can check out Krita here.

10)  Inkscape


Inkscape is a vector graphics illustration software that’s intended for professional use.

The software runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and has excellent potential as a quick and easy solution to vector drawing. It lets you create colorful illustrations in a variety of pre-defined and custom shapes, as well as via free-drawing.

Despite being an easier illustration platform for non-illustrators, the program still proves to have a lot of limitations. It has no significant retouching capability and only lets you make very basic edits to photos.

The limited usability is primarily what takes away from an otherwise excellent Fotor alternative.

You can check out Inkscape here.

Choosing the Best Fotor Alternative for Your Business

Despite all of its capabilities, Fotor is a limited platform and most users will be better off using any of the aforementioned alternatives. It can be useful for making some marketing designs, but you need more powerful software.

But if you’re looking for a more complex solution that allows the creation of extensive artwork with technical know-how, then Adobe InDesign would be a suitable option.

When it comes to easy-to-use alternatives though, you can’t get much better than Pixelied.

With its one-click drag and drop editing capability, as well as the array of stock images and creative elements at your disposal, it definitely stands out as the top Fotor alternative.