Let’s face it: If your brand is still not leveraging social media marketing, it’s not going anywhere. In fact, nearly 97% of marketers include social media in their marketing strategies. That being said, not every marketer is getting it right, and among many things, the most critical element is social media design.

Why is design such an important element? It’s simple – most of the information we consume is in the form of visuals.

Because of that, your social media design needs to resonate with your target audience, effectively deliver the message, and meet a certain standard of quality.

The good news is, if you’re a social media manager, you don’t need to rely on a professional graphic designer (or acquire advanced graphic design skills, for that matter) to whip out visually-pleasing masterpieces for your social media platforms.


That’s where Pixelied – an up-and-coming graphic design tool – comes into the mix.

In this article, we’ll go dive into exactly how you can leverage this platform to create awesome social media graphics.

Let’s get started.

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How You Can Use Pixelied for Your Social Media Design

Before diving into the specifics, let’s talk a bit about Pixelied.

We created this online platform as a highly user-friendly alternative to the more popular (and not to mention, extremely complicated) programs such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Whether you’re a marketer, graphic designer/artist, or blogger, you can use this platform to craft virtually any type of visual content, including posters, infographics, headers, and of course, social media posts, to name a few.

We’re not going to lie – we’re certainly not the first group of people to create an online graphic design tool.

But there’s no denying the fact that we have some of the most advanced features and the most fluid UI – all being offered with the most affordable price tag (making us a great alternative to sites like Canva, Snappa, and Stencil– especially for startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers).

With that out of the way, let’s dive into what Pixelied can do for your social media design.

1. Enjoy a Library of Over 1500+ Ready-Made Social Media Templates


Crafting visual content from scratch isn’t easy.

You need a certain level of graphic designing skills to create something out of a blank canvas.

And if you throw in the varying compatible image dimensions for different social media channels into the mix, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.


If you don’t stick to these dimensions, parts of your images might get cropped out on the timelines of your followers. And that’s the last thing you want.

However, with Pixelied, you don’t need to worry about resizing your images (or creating them from scratch).

We have a massive library of pre-made, ready-to-use design templates (1500+ in 20 different formats) that you can tweak up, download, and publish on your social media pages.

And the best part? You can resize any template you fancy in any format of your liking with just a single click.

To get started, simply sign up for free, and you’ll be redirected to the home page where you’ll be able to view all the formats. You can easily navigate using our search feature by clicking on the search bar and selecting your desired format as shown below.

To get access to the complete list of templates, click on “See more” towards the top-right corner of the social media graphics section, as highlighted below.


This will take you to the templates page where you can browse through a wide selection of ready-to-go templates for different industries and platforms.

We’ve organized them according to social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and SoundCloud), special usages (blogs and headers) and online streaming (Twitch) to make things easier.

Click on the option of your choice to expand a list of available formats for social media design.

Here’s what’s up for grabs for the social networking platforms you see above:



Facebook has one of the largest active user bases. Every day, hundreds of thousands of B2C and B2B businesses tap into Facebook’s potential to reach their target markets.

However, when it comes to designing visual content, there are certain dimensions that you have to stick to.

Pixelied offers pre-made templates for the following formats:

  • Facebook Posts – these are standard 940x788px templates for regular Facebook posts. It doesn’t matter what niche you belong to – we have a template for almost every industry (eCommerce, SaaS, restaurants, etc.). Plus, you can always customize them to your liking (more on that later).
  • Covers (For Events, Groups, and Profiles) – we also offer Facebook ad creatives (1200x628px), stories (1080x1920p), and group covers (1640x856px).
  • Story – stories offer an engaging and instant way to reach out to your audience. However, this piece of content can be tricky to design. You can use our FB story templates (1080x1920px) to get started.

All things considered, not a lot of platforms are offering these many options.



Instagram is and always will be a visuals-exclusive social networking website, which means that your design needs to matter even more.

You can find ready-made templates for:

  • Instagram Posts – make your content stand out with the 1080x1080px, professional-looking Insta post templates.
  • Instagram Stories – most of these story templates are the same as the Facebook stories (and have the same dimensions). However, there are some different options that more suited for the aesthetics of Instagram.
  • Ads – Facebook has specific requirements for text and dimensions when it comes to approving ads on its own platform and Instagram. Simply select an ad template you like, change the copy, make other adjustments (if you want), and et voila – you’d have designed an ad.

We’re just getting started. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, Pixelied also has templates for:



Originally meant to be just a professional networking platform, professionals are now using LinkedIn to generate leads, close more sales and market their businesses.

When it comes to B2B marketing, there’s no other social networking platform that comes close to LinkedIn. From connecting with industry peers to showcasing your achievements, there’s a lot you can do.

And LinkedIn is the last place where you want to be seen posting mediocre-looking visual content (After all, your brand’s at stake here).

Fortunately, Pixelied has scroll-stopping templates for LinkedIn posts (1200x1200px) and professional banners guaranteed to bring in some serious engagement and blast your content across the feed of thousands of users.



Apart from the actual videos that you upload, the way your YouTube channel looks (and other subtle details) matter as well.

To help you present the best version of yourself on YouTube, we offer templates for:

  • YouTube Channel Art – you want to make sure that your channel stands out in every way possible. A channel art template might be able to help with that. These templates come with all the prerequisites such as banner dimensions, file format and size limit.
  • YouTube Thumbnails – the way your thumbnail looks with the appropriate dimensions can decide the very success of your videos. Make them count by using a pre-made thumbnail template on Pixelied.
  • Video End Screens – sign off your videos the right way by adding a touch of captivating visuals using outro templates.



Over the years, Twitch went from being a small community to one of the largest live-streaming platforms for gaming on the internet.

As of now, the platform has a userbase of close to 15 million.

Twitch is the primary source of income for thousands of gamers (on average, a gamer can earn anywhere between $3,000 to $5,000 by playing 40 hours a week).

However, to get to that point, one of the many things you need to do is to make your channel presentable (just like YouTube).

Luckily, Pixelied has templates for Twitch as well, including:

  • Twitch Panels – panels are spaces where you can share the description and other important details about your stream.
  • Offline Banners – make an impression and rack up followers as you sleep with a stunning offline banner.
  • Profile Banners – add some class to your Twitch profile by customizing a ready-to-use template.



Finally, Pixelied even offers design templates for Soundcloud – a social network that most of the other online design platforms seem to neglect.

If you’re an artist, you can use one of our Soundcloud header templates with the recommended dimensions to make your profile groovier.

2.      Create Like a Pro


Now that we’ve gone through all of the ready-to-use templates, let’s take a quick look at what you can do with them.

You’re most likely not going to use any template without tweaking it up a bit to include your copy and stay true to your brand identity.

That’s where you’ll need Pixelied’s advanced (yet extremely easy-to-use) editor that allows you to create high-level social media design like a professional.

To get started, go to our open editor.

This is where all the magic happens. Let’s take you through the entire process:

  • Select the template you like. Remember you can always switch to another template right there on the editor, and even change the image size/dimensions for another format (meaning if you like a certain Facebook post template, you can get it in the dimensions suitable for LinkedIn with some manual adjustments like cropping).


  • Add, change, and/or remove copy, icons, and other elements to improve your design and get it closer to what you want it to look like.
  • Once done, click on the blue “Download” button at the top-right corner of the screen.

That was a quick overview of the entire process.

Let’s take a look at the individual steps and features:

Leverage Eye-Catching Stock Images [Royalty-Free]


Didn’t find the perfect template? No problem.

You can customize your visuals however you want. And a good place to start is by looking at websites where you can download stock images.

However, sourcing stock photos from different websites can be time-consuming.

At Pixelied, you can find millions of high-res, royalty-free stock images – right there on the editor, allowing you to focus more on the actual social media graphic design process.

You can conveniently add any image you like to the canvas (and even resize it with a simple drag-and-drop feature).

Get the Font You Need [900+ Google Fonts]


Even veteran designers often struggle with finding appropriate typography for different pieces of content.

With branded content, it’s easier, since you only have to stick to a single typeface specified in the brand guidelines.

However, in other cases, you might not always have the perfect font on hand, driving you to spend hours looking for the right one on the internet.

Whatever the case, Pixelied sources over 900 Google fonts right there.

Furthermore, you can format your text however, you want (it also gives the option to change the line-height and spacing).

Use Custom Design Elements & Premium Icons


Finally, if you want, you can enhance your social media images with different shapes and visually-pleasing icons.

In terms of final touches, these icons and shapes could turn out to be extremely important elements, so make them count.

To add different shapes, click on the “Elements” in the menu and select a shape that you fancy.

You can place it wherever you want, change its color, and adjust its size and orientation.

The same instructions apply for icons (select from the list to get the complete collection of icons).

Other Features

In addition to the above, Pixelied also allows you to:

  • Manage layers (bringing an element forward, behind something, etc.)
  • Remove backgrounds from your own images with a single click using AI
  • Upload SVG/vector files and change their color
  • Add borders and shadows to make your content look better

And in case you’re wondering – yes, we also have the option to add effects/filters to your images.

What Makes Pixelied the Best Social Media Design Tool?

Here are a few awesome reasons to opt for Pixelied for designing your social media content:

1.      The Most Bang for Your Bucks

First and foremost, there’s a lot you can do on Pixelied for absolutely free.

As of now, the tool offers two pricing plans:

a)      Free

For a small price of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, you will get:

  • Access to over 100 templates with unlimited downloads.
  • Ability to upload files and two folders to manage your projects.
  • Premium icons

Additionally, you’ll get access to millions of stock photos from Unsplash right there on the tool.

b)      Pro

To get all of the features listed above, as well as, unlimited folders, template downloads, priority user-support, and the ability to upload your own fonts, you can opt for our Pro plan.

Right now, it costs $9.95 per month (currently, one of the lowest price tags in the market).

2.      Ability to Organize Your Work

Are you managing multiple social media campaigns at once?

No problem – with Pixelied, you can stay organized by creating designated folders for your projects that you can keep saved on our website.

Pixelied auto-saves your designs as you work on them, ensuring they’re never lost to connectivity interruptions.

3.      Highly Intuitive User-Interface

As you saw in the steps discussed earlier, Pixelied has one of the friendliest UIs in existence – as far as online social media design tools go.

Whether you’re an experienced designer or someone who’s never designed anything in their life, this tool is for you.

And if, for any reason, you get stuck somewhere, you can always reach out to our customer support (or priority support if you opt for the pro plan) and access our library of how-to videos/tutorials.


From providing ready-to-use masterpieces to allowing you to customize them to perfection, it goes without saying that Pixelied is the ultimate social media design tool.

However, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

If you like what our platform has to offer, sign up today and try it for free.