“Live in your world. Play in ours.”

This is a famous tagline from one of Sony’s famous products – PlayStation.

For many years, this tagline seems like tattooed in the mind of many people. With just a few words, this tagline speaks for the whole company. The brand was able to deliver the exact message to its consumers the way it should be. Thus, creating a personal brand is the key to stand out in the competition. It serves as the foundation of any successful businesses or personality.

Basically, you need to have a skilled graphic designer to start with your brand designs and templates.

However, hiring or training one would cost too much.

The good thing is, there’s a way where you can make your own templates and brand assets for all your designing needs without the help of a professional.

We will give you all the details in this article.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is the demonstration of nurturing individuals and their professions as brands. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert in the industry. You have to come up with a unique style on how you are going to promote your brand awareness.

Imagine searching yourself on Google and you didn’t like how you are described. You’ll have the urge to develop your profile to be known exactly how you wanted to be known.

Consequently, personal branding is a non-stop cycle of developing and keeping a reputation and impression of an individual or company. Because it is how you promote yourself or your business.

Additionally, personal branding will help you generate more revenue in your marketing strategy if you are in the digital marketing industry.

The Benefits of Building a Personal Brand Assets

Being Trust-worthy

A personal brand will help you build trust with your target audience. We all know how people based their purchasing decisions on how well they know the brand of a product. Similarly, you’ll get to attract more attention if you have already built a good reputation through your online presence.

Get featured in media

The media always look for a well-known brand or personality that will most likely interest their audiences. By having a personal brand, they will easily find you to feature in their headlines. As a result, you’ll attract more audiences after this exposure.

Build your network

It will be good for you or your business if you have a wide network. Entrepreneurs who are also in the same industry will get you out from a boring normal life conversation. Having a personal brand would make these people see the value in you and in what you do and would be interested in reaching out to you.

Attract more clients

Referral works when your retaining customers or even new customers were satisfied with your products and services. Similarly, people would most likely refer clients to you if you have successfully built your personal branding.

Premium pricing

A personal brand will give you the perks of increasing your pricing without explaining to your audiences why. People who trust a brand would not mind inflation as long as it satisfies their expectations. Thus, without a strong brand, you cannot go beyond your competitors’ prices no matter how much you spent on the resources.

Create a lasting platform

Consumers will follow you even when you decide to take a completely different road. This is one of the advantages of being able to build a trustworthy brand for your followers.

How to Set The Design Template For Your Personal Brand Assets

Nowadays, you can find many tools where you can create stunning designs even without the skills in graphic design. In reality, you don’t need a designer – you need Pixelied. You can start your personal brand needs with thousands of ready-made templates.

Check out this list of how you can take your personal brand to the next level:

Select a Font for your Personal Brand

Personal Brand Assets

Your font style reflects on how your audiences would see your brand personality. Thus, make sure it won’t hurt their eyes. Make it simple yet looks modern and easy to read.

Make a Logo for your Personal Brand Assets

Personal Brand Assets

Every business needs a brand logo to start. It is the basis of your brand identity. But creating one seems time-consuming and expensive. The good thing is you can customize your own through many tools that offer ready-made templates.

A logo attracts the attention of people, it leaves them with a strong impression. With the high competition in any industry, a logo is something that separates you from the competition.

Invest in a Social Media Brand Kit | Personal Brand Assets

Personal Brand Assets

By doing this, you’ll save yourself from too much work and money. This social media kit has many templates you can use to create your social media posts. An organization or individual who needs an easy and cost-effective platform to create designs for their social media campaigns will find this practical.

More importantly, social media platforms play an important role in the digital marketing industry. It is a commonly used platform for businesses and individuals to sell and promote their products.

Create Personal Brand Header

Personal Brand Assets

Personal brand header

You can use this for your business presentations, e-mails and even pitches with clients. This serves as a way of sharing pointers with your followers. It is one of the first things that people see when they check out your sites, open your emails and pitch a presentation.

Pick a Web Template

Your landing page is the first thing your audiences will see when they visit your website. So it is important to make it as catchy and informative as possible. Additionally, make it simple, it is often the greatest advantage of a website. Include your contact information and portfolios for better chances of connecting with more audiences and clients.

Select a Business Card Template

A business card template is very simple to make. But choose a template that best represents your brand. After that, you can add your business contacts with easy-to-read font sizes and styles.

Download a Presentation Template

Regardless of what purpose, selecting the right PowerPoint templates for your presentations is important. It is one way you can speak of for your personal brand. Minimal designs yet creative will help you big time in relaying your message to your audience.

Tips in Building Your Personal Brand Assets

Be Authentic

Being authentic is important when it comes to personal branding. There should always be something that makes your brand original. You may have the same expertise as your competitors, the same products and services but you can never have the same branding.

It is totally what separates one business or people in the same field from the other. It is a matter of thinking outside the box and unleashes your skills in making your brand creative and different.

Blogging for Personal Brand

Parker Casio Patty

Parker Casio Patty

Does it still work? You might wonder. There are podcasts, YouTube, and Facebook live streams already, it’s the new trend. But if you are consistent with your content or if you personalize your content, there’s no doubt it will still work. 

Determine Your Values

Values are significant for business, particularly during building a brand name. It is what helps you determine your vision for your personal brand. It is the center of who you are behind your organization or portfolios and decides your needs.

Build Your Online Presence

Get your voice out online. Take a look at different social media platforms where you think you can use to promote brand awareness. But you have to secure a brand name and URLs that do not match someone in the same industry.

Consistency in Your Personal Brand

Parker Casio Instagram

Indeed consistency is the key to a strong personal brand. Your content to the quality of your products and services makes a huge difference when you keep it consistent. Especially that people are very observant. They are quick to notice whatever changes you made in your brand.

Be an Expert

Being an expert in a certain field will bring you far than you can imagine. People may have their own niche, but the competition will follow you everywhere you go. That is why having basic skills for something that you would like to pursue won’t always work. Thus, analyzing your capabilities in a certain industry will help you stand out in a crowded field.


Personal branding takes time and effort to maintain and develop along the way. I hope that this article gave you insights into how you can keep your personal brand unique. Remember that creating one will lead you to more opportunities and is an easy way to be recognized in your industry along with many other competitors.

This guest post is written by Parker Casio, an expert marketer with years of online experience.

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