If you click on our website, chances are it’ll take you just 0.05 seconds to decide whether you want to continue or leave. This is precisely why having cool designs can mean more traffic and higher sales, translating to more business.

Let’s talk statistics:

  • Adobe reported that companies having a robust design outperformed companies with a weak design by 219% over a decade.
  • Tyton Media carried out a survey according to which 48% of the people agreed that website design was their top influencing factor when determining a business’s credibility.

You see, people choose products and services, irrespective of the niche, based on beauty. And not only that, but good design is also tied to trust. Considering that people don’t just trust anyone, you need to make a solid first impression.

Wondering how to do that?

So, let’s begin!

List Of 32 Best Cool Design Templates

1. Footwear Alert

It’s necessary to educate your target audience about the benefits of your product. They should know what you’re offering and how it can be of value to them.

Out of the several cool designs for backgrounds, this one is our favorite. The half yellow and half off-white jigsaw-inspired background adds the much-needed pop of color, while the shadowed bold font instantly captures the reader’s attention.

Additionally, it mentions one-word features of the shoes that let the reader know what they can expect from the shoes.

2. Serious Fashion Motivation

Make all the men in your life and social media more fashionable by posting this design.

The bold white text contrasts nicely against the black background. Adding the photo of a fashionable man makes the design more specific about the blog topic.

3. Flower Power

If you’re looking for cool designs to draw that hit the sweet-spot combination of color and subtlety, this could be a good fit.

A yellow serif-inspired font set against an understated floral background creates a semi-formal mood. Two circular outlines help focus the reader’s attention towards the essential details – the name of the fair and its timings.

4. Cool Designs for Hiking or Trekking

Hiking can be a fun activity, so if you use a photo of a hiker looking over his surroundings, having just finished his hike, it’s going to look pretty cool!

Also, you’ll find how the color scheme is very aesthetically-pleasing. Whether it’s the red of the hiker, the white against the blue seas, or the black font for the business detail – all blends together wonderfully.

5. Inspirational Quote Designs

This Helen Keller quote is beautiful. It highlights the importance of friends in our lives, and why we need them to stay happy.

A softly focused photo of friends embracing recreates a feeling of warmth, reminiscent of friendship. Besides that, a simple Mandali font shows how minimalism is still an effective design tactic.

6. Impactful Job Advertisements

It’s best to choose job advertisement template designs that correlate to the job description.

For instance, this template uses the classic combination of yellow and black and relies heavily on a less-is-more concept. Bolding the word ‘designers’ adds a subtle element of interest, helping the point get across more effectively.

7. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Events

Finding cool designs for food event promotion can be a bit tricky. However, this design will make it easier.

With a prominent green background color and lime and white accents, this temple already makes a mark. But it’s the photos of food items shaped like cutlery that stands out the most.

8. Show Some Discount Lovin’

There is no better way to drive sales other than offering your customers a discount, and offering a flat 50% is as good as it gets. (Unless, of course, it’s more than that!)

In addition to this, a white background is one of the best ways to highlight a font-focused template. Using this photo of a stylishly dressed woman will make for a nice touch if you offer clothing and accessories.

9. Say Happy Birthday With Some Serious Pop of Color

You can use this cool design with a playful white font for sending birthday emails to customers.

While the combination of purple and pink is enough to get anyone in the birthday spirit, a rainbow-sprinkled cake topped with a sparkler serves as an attractive element.

10. Get, Set, Game!

Use this white and blue template design to promote your VR headset on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

It has a gaming vibe, finished with pinstripe and solid circles, which instantly stand out against the white backdrop.

11. Typing Font Designs

Typography is a carefully acquired skill. Plus, as it directly relates to fonts, it makes sense to choose a template that is all text.

This one, in particular, uses a solid black background to highlight the grey and white text. Talking about a simple yet impactful template, right?

12. Gym Motivation Design

Eat, sleep, lift – and repeat. This is the ultimate mantra for every gym enthusiast to remain healthy and fit.

The classic black-and-white edit looks great against the white box, featuring bold, black font. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so adding a figure working at a gym helps you motivate your readers further.

13. Sport Events Templates

The color orange and basketball go hand in hand.

This design uses a solid figurine attempting a dunk, and is shadowed with orange. This clearly states that it’s a basketball match we’re talking about.

Lastly, a classic gradient slogan, ‘Bounce & Dunk‘, acts as a subtle element – one that doesn’t take the focus away from the basketball player.

14. Yoga Ready

In tune with yoga’s calming and soothing vibe, this design plays with the font and model placement.

While the focus remains on the bold white ‘Yoga‘ text, it’s blended wonderfully with the lady performing an asana. If you look close enough, you‘ll see a light lotus background design too.

15. Marketing Your Business’ Services

When creating promotional material for businesses, it’s vital to strike the right balance between formality and design.

The blue and orange shades add just the right hint of color to an otherwise black and white image of office stationery. Also, take note of the ‘Learn More‘ text that serves as an eye-catching CTA set against a small white rectangle.

16. Minimalist Decoration Design

If there’s one thing that you can never go wrong when designing, it’s following the ‘less is more‘ rule.

Inspire your friends by showcasing some cool designs related to decoration – just like this template. Set against an all-white background with aesthetically-pleasing elements, this design will help you make a powerful, minimalist statement.

17. Home Security

What better way to market your product other than using a photo of it in action?

Not only does this design have a well-thought color palette, but the varying font size also helps capture attention. Adding your email address will direct the reader directly to your site as well.

18. Doctor (Not) Strange

Using complementing color shades, this hospital promotional design has intricate details.

Starting with the bolding of the word ‘Professional,‘ a small ‘+‘ that is symbolic of hospitals, and a photo of a doctor lovingly holding a newborn while being in the right gear speaks volumes of the high-quality service that this hospital can offer.

19. Color block Fashion Collection

Color blocking is one of the best strategies for creating attention-grabbing, cool designs to get the reader to click on the link. For instance, take this one that uses different colored fonts and background elements to make a vibrant template.

This design would look great for promoting a fashion collection. The red, bright yellow, and white combination work well with the stylish apparel of the woman in the photo. Even the font placement is excellent!

20. Tech Time

The half-closed laptop creates a vibrant color play that instantly stands out amidst the dark backdrop. The bold font goes well with the overall aesthetic of this template design.

21. Chocolatey Indulgence

Celebrate the exquisiteness of chocolate with this Pac-Man inspired design.

This template design is simple and playful and is dominated by brown color for obvious reasons. It also features the iconic Pac-Man motif aiming for the delicious chocolate treat, keeping up with the spirit of World Chocolate Day.

22. Bedsheet Design

The beautiful bedsheet and pillowcase set serve as the primary focus of this design. It’s finished with a mix and match background with a bold font that highlights the discounted price.

Moreover, you can also mention important specifications, such as size and color in the design as well.

23. Work Hard, Play Hard

Life doesn’t always have to be only work or only play. Make sure your friends and followers know this with this design.

As the words ‘hard’ are highlighted with bright green, it makes the user stop their scrolling and pay attention. The white fist outline stands out against navy blue, making the message more impressionable.

This can be an excellent design for making eye-catching social media stories or posts.

24. Travel Designs

Encourage your readers to go on their next adventure with this travel template.

Choosing the right photo for the background can make your offer look more attractive, while the bold ‘Visit Now’ acts as an attention-grabbing CTA.

25. Time for Some Jazz

Use this stylish template to inform everyone about your jazz night.

Furthermore, the musician’s corner photo gives you ample space to include all the information you want about the venue, date, and day.

26. We All Love Sushi

Announce the launch of your sushi restaurant with this scrumptious template that shows every layer of the delicious food.

At the same time, the yellow fold at the lower right-hand corner contrasts superbly with the colorful ingredients of the sushi, creating an overall pleasing effect.

27. We All Scream for Popsicle’s

The scattered popsicles, along with coffee bean elements and complementing font, would look great to promote a specific popsicle flavor.

With a design like this, your customers will be more than willing to give the popsicle a try.

28. Create the Right Buzz on Cyber Monday

Soft neon colors like this yellow and blue stand out against the dark backdrop, helping your design stand out from that of its competitors.

Try to use a bold font that complements your chosen background for generating maximum traffic on a day like Cyber Monday.

29. Masterclass Announcement

Create a stunning image for your masterclass announcement with this aesthetically-pleasing template.

You can add images of food items that you plan on adding to your menu. Choose a bright font to mention the class details, and place it against a solid white or off-white background for maximum effect.

30. Fast Food Designs

Add an absolutely delicious image of a burger to your design for arousing the interest of your readers.

In fact, this template can be used for advertising your latest fast-food offers. You also have the flexibility to choose your favorite fast-food image for easy customization.

31. Uber-Cool Album Covers

Album covers are one of the most understated aspects of record sales. This is precisely why selecting the right design can be a great tactic to boost the sales of any record.

The vinyl image sets an elegant background where you can add the name of the album. Nonetheless, if you want to give the album cover a more classic feel, you can use the white space below for the name instead.

32. Showcase Your Creativity

When designing for e-books, hardbacks, or social media designs, it’s best to use something that leaves an immediate impact.

With a lightly flecked pink background and thunder imagery, this design is just that. The different font styles add creative touches too.

Make sure you choose an image that resonates well with the title – just like this template.

Wrapping Up

Start customizing these templates to suit your brand image and objective.

If there is any specific design that caught your eye, all you need to do is click on it, and you’ll be able to edit it right away on Pixelied. You can also enjoy several other benefits in addition to customization, such as access to royalty-free stock images and over 900 typography fonts and SVG/vector editor.

Consequently, you can experiment with all kinds of fonts, colors, and images as you please. Within minutes you‘ll have several cool designs ready to be shared on your website, social media handles, and blog.

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