Consider the following facts. 

As of today, there are over 31 million YouTube channels and the platform is the second largest search engine in the world just behind Google.

And every day, thousands of more channels go live.

So, how do you stand out in this crowded and competitive environment? 

Great content? 

Well, of course, that’s part of the formula but you’ll also need a great channel name, YouTube thumbnail, and more.

Since your goal is to get viewers to return to your channel, watch more content, and ultimately subscribe, you will need a YouTube channel name that is memorable and easy to remember. 

But with so many names already taken, picking a channel name can be tiring. 

Fortunately, a YouTube name generator can transform this mundane task into a fun exercise and lay the foundations for future success.

In this post, we’ll review the best YouTube channel name generators in the market and share tips on how you can go above and beyond to ensure a successful YouTube career. 

Bonus: Once you’ve selected a unique YouTube name, the next is to create stunning thumbnails, banners & outros in less than 60 seconds with our free thumbnail maker or banner maker!


The Best YouTube Name Generators To Try For Free

Although there are no defined rules for naming a channel, following some basic guidelines will help you pick a catchy name. 

Often, the best channel names are short and/or make use of personal names.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use an alias or unique title though. Regardless of which approach you take, just make sure to enter only a few words in a name generator tool to avoid long titles. 

Also, remember a creative YouTube name alone won’t guarantee success since it appears in different places on YouTube such as your channel page and the search results page.

This means that you’ll need an attractive YouTube thumbnail with the correct dimensions and cover art to accompany your name. 

No need to stress though. 

Even if you can’t design to save your life, tools like Pixelied can help you create cover art in a few easy steps (more on that later).

But first, let’s review some popular YouTube channel name generators. 

1. SpinXo

SpinXo is one of the most popular YouTube name generators out there.  

What makes this tool great is that it is easy to use and it can suggest some incredibly personal names. 

The tool has multiple input options. 

When you go to the website, make sure to select “YouTube name” on the menu (the default is a username generator).

You will then be asked to provide basic information relating to your topic, niche, and other details you want the tool to consider.  


Let’s say you are interested in technology and specifically android.

Here’s how you might input the information:


Here’s are the results after clicking spin:


Note: The tool will only return 30 results at a time. If you want more suggestions, simply spin again.

SpinXo is a short YouTube name generator which means suggestions will only be two to three words (the ideal length of YouTube channel names).

But where SpinXo really shines is showing you the availability of names across platforms.

To access this feature, just click on a name you like and you’ll be taken to this screen:


Visit SpinXo.

2. Weshare

Perhaps the most unusual recommendation on this list is Weshare. 

Despite the website being a service to help you create and manage online lessons and attract more students, it also has a free name generator tool.

To access it, click on “resources & tools” on the menu bar and select YouTube name generator.


All you have to do is enter words that describe your channel instead of keywords. 

For example, let’s pretend you want to create a living gaming channel:


Here is the results page:


If you like a suggestion, click on the relevant card and you’ll see the platforms (including YouTube) the name is available on.  

Visit Weshare.

3. Kparser

Kparser is a comprehensive and specialized tool focusing on keyword suggestions.

However, it also has a name generator tool that provides suggestions that help you rank better on YouTube’s search results page rather than creative YouTube names.

When you first visit the website, make sure to click the “YouTube” option on the top menu.


This will take you to the site’s youtube channel name generator tool. 

To use it, simply enter the keywords you are interested in and hit “start”. The tool will return a list of phrases people are searching for based on your keywords. 

For example, let’s say I’m interested in the following keywords: “training”, “dogs”, and “tips”.

Here’s what’s Kparser’s results page shows:


Since the tool provides search terms people are looking up, most of the names won’t be very interesting. 

However, it can give you an idea of what to focus on when naming your channel.

Advanced options include being able to filter for searches in a specific country or language. Also, you can tell Kparser to include or exclude certain words from its suggestions.  

Although the service is free to use, upgrading to the pro plan will also give you access to search volume and CPC data for each suggestion.  

Visit Kparser.

4. Business Name Generator

As the name suggests, Business Name Generator was designed to help people find names for, well, their business rather than YouTube. 

However, it’s still a powerful tool that should not be overlooked. 

The site has a clean UI and also features a domain availability function in case you want to know if you can also register your potential channel name as a standalone website. 


Enter as many relevant keywords and hit generate. 

What’s great about this tool is that you won’t have to browse through endless results. 

For example, let’s say I’m interested in starting a channel that provides tips to beginners on how to repair cars. I might pick, “cars”, “repair”, and “beginners” as my keywords.

Here’s the result I get:


You can filter suggestions based on your stated preferences such as industry, how long a name is, and where you want a keyword to be in the name. 

Visit Business Name Generator.

5. NameBoy

NameBoy is one of the oldest players in this industry. 

Made in 1999, the site was originally made to help people brainstorm names for their website. 

However, like many other services, it has expanded into other areas over recent years. 

When you first visit the site, make sure to click the “all generator tools” option the top right and select YouTube.


Nameboy is unique in that it limits your keyword inputs to one or two words at most. 

While this does limit its ability, it ensures that the suggestions it provides are short instead of lengthy and unusable channel names.

For example, let’s say you’re interested in starting a channel about home gardening.

Here are the results:


NameBoy provides results as potential domain names.

If you’re not interested in creating a website, you can ignore the extensions and focus on the titles suggested. 

Visit NameBoy.

6. BizNameWiz

At first glance, BizNameWiz looks quite similar to Business Name Generator. 

Notice the similar interface and features on the landing page? 


Being a sister site of Business Name Generator, most of the process is the same.

Input your keywords and the tool will return suggestions which you can filter further to your liking.

One difference though is that the website has naming and branding guides you can go through to help you come up with a name.

7. Social Video Plaza

Unlike other YouTube name generators in the market, Social Video Plaza is the pet project of Dutch entrepreneur Dexxter Clark.

Dexter made the site to help others get started on YouTube after learning from his experiences editing TV content, managing SEO for his event company, and his own YouTube channels.

You can find his YouTube channel name generator tool near the bottom. 


Although it’s not a comprehensive tool, it’s a fun YouTube name generator tool to play around with. 

Simply input one or a few keywords into search and select the type of channel you are looking to create (eg; a gaming channel, travel channel, or personal vlogging).

For example, let’s say I’m interested in creating a travel channel based around biking. 


Here are the results:


If you’re not happy with any suggestions, simply hit generate again and the tool will provide more suggestions. 

Pretty nifty, right? 

Visit Social Video Plaza. 

8. The BrandBoy

The BrandBoy is dedicated to providing advice to small business owners. 

Most of the website is content-based and covers a wide spectrum of topics; from potential business ideas, how to successfully grow a business, and how to use social media to your advantage.

But that’s not all.

You’ll also find a range of name generator services covering everything from Instagram usernames to a YouTube name generator to save you time.


There’s no need to input any keywords here. 

To get YouTube channel name suggestions, simply press “click to get a new!” and the tool will spit out a random title. 

For example, here’s a potentially catchy YouTube name:


Although this does take away your control over what names are suggested, it can be a great source of inspiration. 

Visit The BrandBoy.

9. Wix Name Generator

Although Wix Name Generator does not focus on YouTube, the tool is still worth checking out.

To use Wix, brainstorm a few common words in the niche you plan on starting a channel.


Let’s say you are interested in creating a channel that teaches English.

When you type something like “learn English” and hit generate, you’ll be taken to a new screen where you’ll be asked to enter industry information (in this case it’s education). 

Although you can skip this step, it’s advisable to input as much relevant information as possible to get the best suggestions. 

Here are the results:


The industry filter has a large range of options, so try to be as accurate as possible.

Visit Wix Name Generator. 

10. NameBounce

NameBounce is a company focused solely on helping people craft memorable business names. 

As the company has grown, it has rolled out new tools to help you come up with usernames across multiple platforms, including YouTube. 

However, finding the site’s YouTube name generator is a bit confusing. 

For some odd reason, you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of the homepage to see all name generators available. 


Select YouTube and you should be taken to this page: 


The tool works like most others. 

Enter your desired keyword and wait for the results. 

For example, let’s say you are interested in starting a channel about cooking breakfast. 

Here’s what NameBounce suggests:


You can customize your results based on how a channel should start or end and the maximum length of the name or syllables it contains. 

Visit NameBounce. 

11. Screen Name Generator

Looking for a catchy YouTube name?

Look no further than Screen Name Generator.


The site has various name generator tools that can help you come up with fantasy names, place names, and usernames, including for YouTube.


Note: There’s no place to input any information in this tool.

Screen Name Generator will automatically provide name suggestions (most of them will be words related to video).


Don’t like the suggested name?

Just click the “see another” option and the tool will suggest a new name.

While there is no guarantee that this will give you a useable name, it’s to fun experiment and good practice to get accustomed with wordplay.

Visit Screen Name Generator.

12. Name Generator

Relatively simple and straightforward, Name Generator is another fun YouTube channel name generator.

The tool allows you to enter two keywords that you would like in your channel name at the start (prefix) and end (suffix). 


You should now see a screen where you can enter your keywords. 

Let’s pretend I’m interested in creating a channel about travel in Asia. Here’s how I can use the tool to get catchy YouTube names.


You’ll have to click “generate YouTube names” manually each time you want a new suggestion.

However, the tool automatically compiles a list of suggestions it has generated and you even can select favorites in case you want to create a collection of potential names. 

Visit Name Generator.

Additional Resources

After playing around with name generators, you should have an idea of the direction your channel will take.

But before you go ahead and create, there’s one more thing you need to do.

Create YouTube cover art and YouTube thumbnails to accompany your channel name. 

Remember that YouTube is full of competition and to stand out, you’ll need crisp, clean, and optimized artwork to go along with a great name and content. 

Fortunately, Pixelied makes this process easy and stress-free with the help of ready-made YouTube thumbnail templates, channel art templates and outros. Before going through the process of how you can create compelling banners, it is important to first have some inspiration and banner ideas when looking to create one.


To create a YouTube channel art, head over to the easy drag n drop editor

Pick a design from the left sidebar in order to make changes. 

Pixelied allows you to add/remove text, add illustrations and icons, curved text, and insert images from its large database in just a few clicks. 

When you’re happy with the changes you’ve made, simply click “download” on the top right. 

You’ll be asked to select a format (JPG, PNG, SVG, or WEBP) and that’s all there is to it.

Your new ready-to-use design will download to your desired directory. 

No sign-up is required!

The same process can be used to create stunning YT profile pictures.

Visit Pixelied.


NameChk is a free username and domain search tool.

These days, it’s quite common for large YouTube channels to become standalone brands. This means that they create websites and register for a domain name that matches their YouTube channel name.  

Although you can do this after you have built a following, this is rather risky. 

If the domain is already taken, you’ll have to hope the owner sells you the rights or otherwise you will have to change your channel name which can confuse your subscribers. 

Enter NameChk.

It allows you to quickly check which domain extension your desired name is available for.


Ideally, the earlier you do this process the better as it means avoiding headaches down the line.

How To Change A Channel Name?

Despite taking all the necessary precautions, sometimes having to change a channel name is unavoidable.

So, what’s the process like?

First, you’ll have to head over to YouTube studio and select the “customization” option.


You should see a channel customization screen now.

Here select the “basic info” option and click on the pencil logo to edit your channel name.


Once ready, hit publish and your new channel name will appear on YouTube.

Happy Creating!

Now that you know how to use tools to your advantage, it’s time to finally get going!

With a perfect channel name, it’s time to create some videos with the correct video dimensions to populate your channel.

And don’t forget to create compelling YouTube thumbnails and cover art to complete your YouTube channel so that it reaches the maximum number of people possible.

Ready to begin your journey?

Start here.