Add Frame to Photo

    Want to decorate your photos with bevels and borders? Choose from a vast collection and add frames to your photo with Pixelied’s free frame creator.

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    How to add a frame to an image in 4 steps

    Frames make your photos more noticeable and prominent. Here’s how you can add frames to photos and use them to contrast your images with various backgrounds and textures.

    Step 1
    Upload your image

    Upload your image

    Simply upload an image in PNG or JPG format or drag and drop it in the editor.

    Step 2
    Use the elements tab

    Use the elements tab

    Use the elements tab or apply a background to create your favorite frame.

    Step 3
    Customize the frame

    Customize the frame

    Customize the frame by adjusting its color, size, position, or border width.

    Step 4
    Download your image

    Download your image

    After you’re finished, just click on ‘Download’ to save the edited image in multiple high-res formats.

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

    Enjoy a collection of wonderful frames at your fingertips and add to it by creating your own frames with our handy photo frame maker tool. Use frames to structure your layouts before proceeding with collages. Create visually stunning content for social media within minutes with Pixelied!

    Choose from a Wide Variety of Frames

    Designed with all occasions and styles in mind, our plethora of professionally designed frames and borders gives you various options to choose from. Find the perfect frame for your snap by exploring Pixelied’s collection of evergreen frames!

    It has never been this easy to add frames to photos before! Just find the frame you love, add it to your photo, and instantly share your creativity across social channels to enchant your digital audience.

    Choose from a Wide Variety of Frames

    Add the Perfect Touch to Your Photos

    Explore our range of professionally designed frames or create your very own with our versatile photo frame editor toolkit. Take control of what you make - utilize our icons, illustrations, backgrounds, and much more to create the perfect frame to border your snap.

    Get your creativity flowing with our expansive photo editing toolkit. Never fall short of ideas with the best easy-to-use online photo editor in town!

    Add the Perfect Touch to Your Photos

    Use Backgrounds to Make a Frame

    Backgrounds make for awesome frames when you have the right blend for the right mood. You can choose to apply a woody texture as background to your photo so that it resembles a wooden frame around your image or simply change the background color to a solid shade that naturally complements your snap.

    And just like that, you have a cool frame ready! Bring out the designer in you with our apt backgrounds and handy photo frame editor and add frames to images instantly.

    Use Backgrounds to Make a Frame

    Use Icons to Make a Frame

    Pixelied offers an enormous set of icons that you can use to create noteworthy frames from scratch for your images. Simply open the Icons tab from the left sidebar and search for relevant icons before adding them to your uploaded photo on the editor.

    Adjust the borders and colors on your icons to further customize the overall look of your newly created frame, adding more nuance to it. Our icons let you have a lot of fun while creating brilliant frames and designs for your photos!

    Use Icons to Make a Frame

    Add Frame to Photo with More Customizations


    Use the crop tool to remove objects that are out of place in your framed photo.


    Increase depth and prominence while maintaining the nuance of your photo by adding borders to your frame.

    Drop Shadow

    Enable shadows and make your framed photos grab eyeballs and have a lasting impact.


    Hide unnecessary details and direct attention to where you want with the blur tool.


    Easily rotate your photos clockwise or anticlockwise to align them perfectly with the frame.


    Mirror or flip images horizontally or vertically based on your preferred alignment.

    More Than Just a Photo Frame Maker Tool

    Pixelied's online image editing toolkit is free, easy to use, and best suited for instantly creating captivating visuals and graphics. Made with online marketers and digital professionals in mind, our rich collection of tools lets you generate beautiful and engaging visual content within minutes without much expertise in graphic editing. Pixelied offers so much more than other online frame creators!

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