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    Add Objects to Photo Online

    Want to add objects to photos and decorate them instantly? Use Pixelied’s online photo editor to embellish your snaps for free.

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    How to add an object to a photo in 4 steps

    Adding objects to photos to improve their appeal requires no technical expertise. With our easy-to-use online photo editing toolkit, you can simply drag-n-drop elements onto your snaps. Add objects into photos in four easy steps.

    Step 1
    Upload an image

    Upload an image

    Upload an image or drag and drop it into the editor in JPG or PNG format.

    Step 2
    Go to the “Elements and Icons” sidebar

    Go to the “Elements and Icons” sidebar

    Go to the “Elements and Icons” sidebar on the left and browse through all available objects.

    Step 3
    Find your icons of choice

    Find your icons of choice

    Find your icons of choice and drag-n-drop them onto your image as you wish, modifying their size, shape, and position.

    Step 4
    Download your image

    Download your image

    Click on the “Download” button when you’re done to save your image in multiple file formats.

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

    Pixelied’s free online photo editor is your best solution for adding things to photos instantly. Browse through our collection of eye-catching icons and elements to select the best ones to include in your latest design.

    Easily Add Objects to Photo Online

    Simply drag-n-drop objects onto your images to get started. Work directly from your web browser, saving bags of time and energy.

    Our handy add objects to photo app lets you easily manipulate the objects in your photo. Optimize their size, shape, placement, color, and orientation instantly!

    Easily Add Objects to Photo Online

    Expansive Collection of Free Icons

    Sift through our massive library of curated icons and elements. All objects in Pixelied’s collection can be used for commercial and personal purposes.

    Be spoilt for choice as you browse dozens of icons for every category. Select the best ones to implement into your visual creative to make it truly remarkable!

    Expansive Collection of Free Icons

    Objects for Every Occasion and Event

    Whether you’re looking for simple emojis to put on your photos, or selected icons for specific designs, we’ve got you covered in every category!

    Search for any icon you need and find dozens of choices in front of you. Pixelied’s comprehensive collection houses objects for every occasion and event.

    Objects for Every Occasion and Event

    Add Flavor to Your Photos Using Objects

    Improve the visual aesthetics of your images by adding objects to photos. Introduce unique flavors and feelings to regular images instantly.

    Pixelied’s online photo editor lets you quickly transform your everyday photos into stunning visuals and share them across popular online platforms!

    Add Flavor to Your Photos Using Objects

    Add Objects into Photos with More Customizations


    Remove unwanted objects from your images by cropping them with the crop tool.


    Add gravity to your pictures by enclosing them within borders of varying widths and colors.

    Drop Shadow

    Introduce a new dimension to your snaps with shadows using the drop shadow tool.


    Flip objects or mirror images to create illusions and add surrealism to your designs.


    Use the rotate tool to spin objects left or right, aligning them perfectly for your creatives.


    Modify the opacity of various objects in your design with the opacity tool to add visual depth.

    More Than Just an Add Object to Photo Tool

    Pixelied is more than an add object to photo app. Our online image editor helps business owners and online professionals create realistic designs for free, whether you prefer to start from scratch or use pre-designed templates. Stay ahead of the competition with our best-in-class online photo editing toolkit!

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