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    Add Emoji to Photo in Seconds

    In love with emojis? Add an emoji to a photo conveniently using Pixelied’s handy emoji photo editor to bring your photos to life.

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    How to add an emoji to a photo in 4 steps

    With our easy-to-use emoji photo editor, all you need to do is just load up an image and instantly start decorating it with all the emojis you want! Adjust the size when you add an emoji to your picture and place it wherever you want. What’s more? You can even change the colors of your emojis to fit the mood of the photo!

    Step 1
    Upload your image

    Upload your image

    Simply upload an image in PNG or JPG format or drag and drop it in the editor.

    Step 2
    Click on the Icons tool and search for your emoji

    Click on the Icons tool and search for your emoji

    Click on the Icons tool in the editor’s sidebar to search for your favorite emojis and add them to the picture.

    Step 3
    Select the emoji

    Select the emoji

    Select the emoji you want to customize and then place it anywhere on the image by dragging.

    Step 4
    Download your image

    Download your image

    After you’re done, simply click ‘Download’ to save the edited image in multiple file formats.

    Add Emoji To Photo Tutorial

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful designs

    With Pixelied’s free and intuitive emoji photo editor, you can create emoji-filled photos seamlessly while having fun online. Our editor makes it super easy to add emoji overlays to your pictures, combine emojis to create something new, and place them anywhere you want on the image. It was never this easy to add emoji to a photo before!

    Lots of Emojis to Choose From

    You may have a plethora of favorite emojis already, but when you browse through our extensive emoji library, you will keep discovering new ones to fall in love with!

    Choose from our wide array and add your dearest emojis to photos that you cherish like never before. Pixelied has got your emoji game covered.

    Lots of Emojis to Choose From

    Easily Customize Your Emoji on Photos

    Pixelied’s straightforward editor lets you do plenty of customization on your emojis in an instant, regardless of your experience in photo editing.

    Just choose your favorite emoji and get started with positioning it as you want, rotating it upside down, adjusting opacity and color tones, displaying shadows, or including borders for it in your photo.

    Easily Customize Your Emoji on Photos

    Make Cool & Funny Pictures

    A wise man once said that if a person sees an emoji on a photo and doesn’t smile, he’s blind. And no, we’re not joking!

    Convert bland images into awesome ones just by adding a few cool emojis, and watch the likes and comments pour in when you upload them on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.

    Make Cool & Funny Pictures

    Upload Your Own Custom Emojis

    Bring out the artist in you by creating your own emojis and upload them on Pixelied to add them to your favorite photos.

    With our editor, you can seamlessly upload a custom emoji in SVG file format as a vector. Then go on and use them however you want in your photo. Let your imagination run wild with this unique feature from Pixelied!

    Upload Your Own Custom Emojis

    Add Emoji to Photo with More Customizations

    Color Changer

    Change the colors of your emojis according to the image’s mood and make them stand out.

    Drop Shadow

    Add gravity to your emojis by enabling shadows. Make your emojis have a lasting impact with drop shadows!


    Easily rotate your emojis clockwise or anticlockwise to align them perfectly in their place.


    Control how transparent or opaque you want your emojis to be. Make them more prominent or let subtle image details peek through them.

    Eye Dropper

    Pick the color you want your emoji to have directly from your uploaded image so that it blends right in!

    Upload Files

    Pixelied’s lightweight editor makes it super smooth for you to upload multiple image files in a jiffy!

    More Than Just an Add Emoji to Photo Tool

    Pixelied's awesome all-in-one, online free image editor is easy to use and perfectly suited for creating quick stellar images and graphics. Built for marketers and online professionals on the go, its rich collection of tools lets you create beautiful and engaging visual content quickly without the need for professional mastery in photo editing. Adding emojis to images is just one of the tools in our arsenal.

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