Add Sparkle to Photo

    Add bling to photos with Pixelied’s sparkle photo effect and give your images a brand new festive look of celebration!

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    How to add sparkle to a photo in 4 steps

    Add stars, glitters, and sparkles to your photos and designs to light them up and make them look amazing. Choose from an assorted set of glitter and sparkle effects and instantly apply them to your images.

    Step 1
    Upload your image in PNG or JPG format

    Upload your image in PNG or JPG format

    Upload an image in PNG or JPG format, or simply drag and drop it in the editor.

    Step 2
    Click on the elements tab

    Click on the elements tab

    Click on the elements tab in the left sidebar and go to the sparkles section.

    Step 3
    Choose from multiple sparkle photo effects

    Choose from multiple sparkle photo effects

    Choose from multiple sparkle photo effects and apply anyone to your photo.

    Step 4
    Download your design

    Download your design

    When done, click 'Download' to save your creation in any available file format of choice.

    Add Sparkle To Photo Tutorial

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

    Explore the depths of photo editing with the sparkle photo effect and several other image enhancement features available in our collection. Save loads of time, effort, and money while you effortlessly create and share professional-quality visuals across social media with Pixelied!

    Add Magical Effects to your Photos

    Light your photos up with magic once you add bling to photos using our sparkle effect. Bring the stars down from the night sky straight into your beautiful images as you add sparkle to the photo with our handy editor!

    Add a magical mood to your favorite photos instantly by making them sparkle using Pixelied’s best-in-class online photo editor.

    Add Magical Effects to your Photos

    Perfect for Selfies, Landscapes, or Any Occasion

    Mesmerize and enchant your friends and acquaintances online with sparkles and glitters galore as you share your recent selfie online after editing it in Pixelied. Add glitter to photos ranging from selfies, landscapes, and more within seconds.

    Be it Christmas or Diwali; sparkles add a touch of festive zeal to all photos. Use our sparkle image effect to create online visual content for any occasion within minutes!

    Perfect for Selfies, Landscapes, or Any Occasion

    Make Photo Editing More Interesting

    Whether you use our photo editing toolkit to add flip, rotate, resize or adjust the brightness or opacity of your snaps, Pixelied lets you explore the nuances of image editing with a full-fledged list of photo editing tools, effects, and filters.

    Develop a brand new interest in photo editing while you apply filters like sepia and technicolor, or add effects like noise and emboss to your photos with the click of a button.

    Make Photo Editing More Interesting

    Share Stunning Images to Your Social Channels

    After creating stunning visuals by choosing an image, remixing it with our filters, and applying a personal touch, export it in multiple high-resolution file formats in minutes using Pixelied.

    Then simply go online and share your visual content across multiple social channels like Instagram and Facebook. It’s never been this quick and easy to create and publish stellar visuals online!

    Share Stunning Images to Your Social Channels

    Add Sparkle to Photo with More Customizations


    Maintain ideal image composition by instantly eliminating unwanted stuff from your snaps.


    Add prominence and gravity to your visual creatives to grab attention spontaneously.


    Rotate elements in your design to communicate with your digital audience effectively.


    Flip the subject of your photo to take the viewers by surprise when you share it online.


    Choose from infinite shades of color in a photo and use them to create something extraordinary.


    Control the visibility of one element with respect to others in your project and attract eyeballs.

    More Than Just an Add Sparkle to Photo Tool

    Reimagine fast and seamless photo editing with Pixelied’s simple, free, lightweight online photo editor. The add sparkle to photo tool is just one of our numerous features. Our wholesome collection of drag-n-drop editing tools makes it easy for non-designers and professionals to create visually stunning content from scratch or a plethora of intuitive templates.

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