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    Add Vignette Effect to Image

    Want your photos to have a truly antique look? Add retro tone into your snaps with the vignette effect from Pixelied’s online vignette photo editor.

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    How to add a vignette effect to an image in 4 steps

    Use the vignette filter to transform your modern snaps into historic shots with characteristic rounded tints at the edges. Create vignette overlays in a matter of minutes with Pixelied’s free vignette photo editor.

    Step 1
    Upload your image

    Upload your image

    Upload an image in PNG or JPG format or drag and drop it in the editor.

    Step 2
    Click on the Image Effects & Filters button

    Click on the Image Effects & Filters button

    Click on the Image Effects & Filters button on the top toolbar of the editor.

    Step 3
    Apply vignette effect

    Apply vignette effect

    Scroll down to Filters and select Vignette to apply it to your photo.

    Step 4
    Download your image

    Download your image

    After you’re done, simply click ‘Download’ and save the image in any available file format you wish.

    Vignette Effect Tutorial

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

    Pixelied’s best-in-class photo editing toolkit not only lets you walk down the vignette road but also houses a plethora of other image enhancement features and options to let your creative thoughts soar! Use our editor to create vignette graphics and much more on popular demand.

    Add Vignette Filter to Produce Unique Visuals

    Add vignette effect to photos and make them look straight out of your grandma's photo album. Use vignette overlays to give your designs a classic mood while enriching composition.

    The vignette effect is perfect for integrating retro and modern subjects or adding historical photos to your designs. There are no restrictions when you edit using Pixelied!

    Add Vignette Filter to Produce Unique Visuals

    Give Your Vignette Photo a Dramatic & Spooky Feel

    Combine the vignette effect with black & white images to produce a dark texture. Convert any snap of yours into monochrome by adjusting the saturation slider down, and then apply the vignette filter to give your project a dramatic, spooky look.

    Get creative with subtle variations and experimental combinations using Pixelied’s unique vignette photo editor. Mesmerize audiences worldwide with your unique online content!

    Give Your Vignette Photo a Dramatic & Spooky Feel

    Pull the Viewer’s Attention to the Center of the Photo

    Vignette effects enhance image exposition and composition apart from texture and tone. Allow your audience's attention to fall on the center of the photo with vignetting.

    Play with creative blurring, image inversion, and more to create perfectly balanced photos ready to be published online across various social media platforms.

    Pull the Viewer’s Attention to the Center of the Photo

    More Image Filters & Effects at Your Fingertips

    Experiment with all our image effects, filters, and image editing tools to make your stills appear truly dramatic. Inject different moods and feelings into your photo collection and seamlessly create extraordinary visuals with Pixelied!

    Select an image, add perspective with our filters, and share it online in minutes. It's never been this simple to create and publish stellar graphics on the internet before!

    More Image Filters & Effects at Your Fingertips

    Vignette Effect with More Customizations


    Remove unnecessary elements that jeopardize image composition easily with the crop tool.


    Fade the background away to shift the audience’s focus to the forefront with the blur tool.

    Drop Shadow

    Inject a modern, three-dimensional feel into your designs with drop shadows.


    Add a twist to your designs by flipping and mirroring elements to confuse the viewers.


    Spin the subject of your photo and create a spooky, surreal look with the rotate tool.


    Modify the transparency of various elements in your design to direct attention accordingly.

    More Than Just a Vignette Overlay Tool

    Pixelied is much more than a vignette overlay tool. Our online image editor helps digital professionals and businesses create stunning designs from scratch or using adaptable templates. With Pixelied, you can use text, effects, filters, stock photos, icons, remove backgrounds, and more for free to produce unique visual designs and publish them across social platforms like Instagram and Facebook instantly!

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