Free Rainbow Photo Effects

    Add rainbow effect to photos seamlessly with Pixelied's online rainbow photo editor and make them look superb and dream-like.

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    How to add rainbow effect to a photo in 4 steps

    Utilize the colors of rainbows to attract eyeballs on social media profiles and increase reach. Here's how you can add rainbow effect to photos and make them stand out using Pixelied's rainbow picture filter in four easy steps.

    Step 1
    Upload your image

    Upload your image

    Upload an image in PNG or JPG format or drag and drop it in the editor.

    Step 2
    Click on Icons in the left menu

    Click on Icons in the left menu

    Click on Icons in the left menu and search for 'rainbow' to select from our vast collection of rainbow icons and use them.

    Step 3
    Alternatively, upload your own rainbow images

    Alternatively, upload your own rainbow images

    Alternatively, upload your own rainbow images and add them to your designs using our editor.

    Step 4
    Download your image

    Download your image

    When you're done, click on ‘Download’ to save your design in any of the popular file formats available.

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

    Pixelied's best-in-class online photo editing toolkit houses versatile features, unique image filters, and pop art effects like the rainbow photo effect. Our editor allows online businesses and digital marketers like you to create daily visual content that draws attention on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Produce stellar visuals without any professional software or extensive experience in a matter of minutes with Pixelied!

    Easily Add Rainbow Photo Effects to Your Photos

    Create jaw-dropping pop art quickly and easily with rainbow photo effects from Pixelied's online photo editing toolkit for free.

    Mesmerize your online friends and digital audiences with stellar rainbow art and color-rich photos courtesy of Pixelied's rainbow photo editor!

    Easily Add Rainbow Photo Effects to Your Photos

    Add Fun Emoticons & Rainbow Stickers

    Search and scan through many rainbow stickers and icons to use the choicest ones in your favorite snaps and make them pop.

    Introduce an element of fun and joy into your bland photos and reinvent them for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram using premium rainbow photo effects from us.

    Add Fun Emoticons & Rainbow Stickers

    Easy-to-Use Rainbow Photo Editor

    Our best-in-class photo editing toolkit is straightforward to use and understand, allowing digital novices to produce high-quality graphics instantly. Photo filters like grayscale or vignette add a touch of nostalgia to your designs, while effects like contrast and saturation help sharpen your colorful images.

    Use Pixelied's wide variety of cool features and rainbow photo effects to regularly create breathtaking visuals for the web and social media.

    Easy-to-Use Rainbow Photo Editor

    Export Image in Multiple High-Res Formats

    Save your rainbow-filled creatives in several popular file formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG after you've worked on them in Pixelied without compromising on image quality.

    Simply click Download and opt for your desired format and post it anywhere you want on the internet or across social media channels like Facebook and Instagram!

    Export Image in Multiple High-Res Formats

    Rainbow Photo Effects with More Customizations


    Eliminating clutter from your images using the crop tool helps optimize photo composition.


    Use the blur tool to focus on important elements by fading away unimportant ones.

    Drop Shadow

    Add a three-dimensional effect to your creatives by dropping shadows from images.


    Use the flip tool to mirror images or flip subjects upside-down or sideways and enthrall online viewers.


    Spin elements, text, and icons left and right until they are perfectly oriented as per design requirements.


    Modify the opacity of your design elements to make the important ones stand out with the opacity tool.

    More Than Just a Rainbow Photo Effects Tool

    Pixelied's all-in-one photo editing toolkit offers more than just a rainbow picture effects feature. Use our expansive toolkit to discover dozens of amazing image retouching features, photo filters, and effects, and produce unique visual content within a matter of minutes! Join scores of digital marketers and online businesses as you grow your online presence via stunning graphics created using Pixelied's premium collection of ready-made intuitive templates.

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