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    Add noise to images within seconds to add a vintage effect with Pixelied’s free online photo editor!

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    How to add noise to an image in 4 steps

    A noisy, grainy effect helps disguise small flaws in your photo. What’s more? Your photo seems straight out of the 80’s with a vintage feel, ready to go live on Instagram. Here’s how you can add noise to photos:

    Step 1
    Upload your image

    Upload your image

    Simply upload an image in PNG or JPG format or drag and drop it in the editor.

    Step 2
    Click on the Image Effects & Filters tool

    Click on the Image Effects & Filters tool

    Click on the Image Effects & Filters tool on the top toolbar of the editor.

    Step 3
    Apply and adjust Noise filter

    Apply and adjust Noise filter

    Adjust the Noise slider under Effects & Filters to add as much noise as you like to your image.

    Step 4
    Download your image

    Download your image

    When you’re done, just click ‘Download’ and save the image in any available file format you wish.

    Add Noise To Image Tutorial

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

    Our handy online photo editor comes with several image filters like the grainy effect so that you can transform your modern-day snaps into some vintage-inspired visuals in no time and with minimal photo retouching expertise! Create pro-quality masterpieces ready to be shared across various digital channels and printed formats.

    Add a Nostalgic Feeling to Your Photos

    Who doesn't want to revisit the 80's every once in a while? Retrospect the grainy, noisy texture of the mid-80's photo reels using our noise filter with just a click.

    With our grainy noise effect, you can bring back the 80’s nostalgia into your modern-day snaps and give them that vintage look you always wanted! Simply adjust the slider to modify the level of noise in your photo and you’re done.

    Add a Nostalgic Feeling to Your Photos

    Make an Impactful Design Using Grainy Effect

    Transform your ordinary design into one with a long-lasting impact with the grainy effect from Pixelied. Use the effect so that your overlaying text and designs can pop on top of it and grab eyeballs.

    Make your creatives more noticeable to your digital audience with our range of image effects and filters. Experiment with our arsenal to find out what works best for you and create your own unique look for all your photos!

    Make an Impactful Design Using Grainy Effect

    More Photo Effects at Your Fingertips

    Pixelied's photo effects can be used in various creative ways to make an eye-catching design. If you're stuck for ideas, try using one of our many popular image effects like brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and much more to get your creative ideas flowing.

    Choose a photo, add meaning to it with our effects and filters, and share it instantly. It has never been simpler to create and share amazing graphics on the internet!

    More Photo Effects at Your Fingertips

    Export Image in High-Resolution

    Even if the idea of adding noise to a photo is to bring back the nostalgic 90’s feel of photo reels, it doesn’t have to mean an actual low-res photo for you! You can easily export and download your retro-themed images in the highest of resolutions with our editor.

    Always download your finished creatives and designs in HD when exporting from our toolkit. Never compromise on resolution even when going vintage with Pixelied!

    Export Image in High-Resolution

    Add Noise to Image with More Customizations


    Remove objects that are out of place in your vintage-themed photo with the crop tool.


    Add a slick border to your photo to increase depth and prominence while maintaining its nuance.

    Drop Shadow

    Grab more eyeballs with your noisy picture by enabling shadows to have a lasting impact.


    Convert all colors in your photo to shades of grey to give your photo an overall cold, aesthetic feel.


    Increase the intensities of your photo’s hues by adjusting contrast and saturation to make it sharper.


    Change the way your photo looks. Adjust the transparency of your image to highlight or hide details.

    More Than Just an Add Noise to Photo Tool

    Pixelied's free online image editing toolkit makes it unbelievably simple to produce visually compelling posts and designs for digital audiences across social media. If you're a savvy online marketer, digital content creator, or non-designer who's always on the go, this is the tool for you. Pixelied helps you create striking visual content instantaneously with fun!

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