Regardless of whether you’re new to the podcasting scene or have been part of the podcast community for a while, it can be hard to come up with new and unique ideas for it. Most podcasters usually get their podcast ideas by trying variations of what they’re already doing.

However, if you want to come up with something completely new, it may be wise to get some outside inspiration.

A great podcast isn’t one that’s completely unique; it’s one that uses common ideas and adds a unique touch to it. Considering that podcasts have become an important part of the online community, it’s crucial to get it right.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best podcast ideas your listeners will love.

Let’s dive right in.

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32 Podcast Ideas Your Listeners Will Love

If you’re wondering about things like whether you want a Spotify or Apple podcast, stop right there. If you want to create a podcast, a successful podcast, your only concern should be to create something with a unique angle that resonates with your target audience.

Here’s a quick step-by-step process for your first podcast.

  1. Pick one of the unique podcast ideas listed below.
  2. Get a podcast host or co-host if it’s your own podcast.
  3. Choose podcast services like Spotify, iTunes, and others.
  4. Pick a podcast format – interesting stories, DIY, recap stories, tutorials, comedy podcasts, and more.
  5. Brainstorm on the subject matter and topic ideas. Use a podcast name generator to decide on a name.
  6. Get influencers involved, make social media channels, and leverage content marketing to put your podcast out there. Also, make eye-catching podcast cover art to get people’s attention.
  7. Release your first podcast episode and start to make money.

But, before you get ahead of yourself, take a look at the following podcast ideas and decide on the one you can do best.

1.     Interview Other Podcasters

This may seem like a weird idea at first, but a lot of people and companies are looking to go into podcasting, and they need to know everything about podcasting. What better way to learn about it all than through established podcasters?

Therefore, you can set up a good podcast that focuses on interviewing other podcasters in different categories. Delve into their inspiration, process, timeline, and how they manage to juggle it all.

2.     Share Stories of Pilots

People have always loved pilot stories ever since flying became commercialized. That’s why you see a lot of children dreaming of becoming pilots one day. And that’s exactly what makes a podcast of pilot stories so attractive.

You not only attract adults interested in flying stories, mid-air emergencies, and unique traveling experiences, but you will also get a lot of children listening in.

3.     Describe Objects to Blind People

You may not find a lot of podcasts dedicated to specific communities, especially blind people. It’s an oversight that most people don’t even realize. However, that still leaves a huge chunk of people you can appeal to.

A simple podcast where you describe various objects to blind people and people with severely diminished eyesight will be one-of-a-kind. You can focus on different categories, themes, and even work on explaining pigments and colors.

4.     Prep Podcast

Prep podcasts aren’t something new, but there’s no way there’s a preparation podcast for every single thing out there. You can go on iTunes or Spotify and search for prep podcasts on things you would want to do a podcast on.

Prep podcast ideas

When you find something with zero results, that’s your prep podcast. If you’re just looking for some simple ideas, you can do a prep podcast on how to write your own book series (like the Harry Potter series), how to bootstrap a startup, how to prepare for an e-commerce business, prepping for a pandemic, and more.

5.     Stand-Up Comedy Podcast

There are a lot of stand-up comedy shows out there, but there aren’t many available as podcasts. Usually, you have someone do single-handed comedy on their podcast.

However, there is yet to be a stand-up comedy podcast that invites up-and-coming stand-up comedians to showcase their talents. You can even pit comedians against each other.

6.     Review TV Show Characters

There are lots of TV show and movie reviewers out there. However, there aren’t any podcasts that are dedicated to reviewing TV show characters. When you use the word review, you are open to tons of possibilities.

For example, you can review specific categories; you can review hairstyle, clothes, makeup, personalities, and practically anything of interest to people.

7.     Interview E-Commerce Store Owners

E-commerce has been slowly gaining traction, but after the coronavirus pandemic started, e-commerce demand has skyrocketed. A lot of new e-commerce store owners have popped up, while older ones have had even greater success.

That has also led to a lot of people wanting to get into e-commerce. That’s why you can start a podcast that interviews e-commerce store owners, how they started, what inspired them, how they set up their shop, what tools they use, and more.

8.     Discuss Current Events

While there’s nothing new about discussing current events, you can always give it a unique twist. You have different kinds of podcasts that discuss current events, such as news events, sports events, podcasts that focus on specific categories of events, and more.

Similarly, you can focus on a niche in current events. Alternatively, you can discuss current events in a humorous manner or a different way altogether.

9.     Local Travel Podcast

You can start a local travel podcast that focuses on your local attractions, places to visit, food stops, and more. It’s best to talk about a specific area while talking about different kinds of things. For example, make new episodes for museums, libraries, gyms, restaurants, and more.

10.  Daily Task Narration

People have a lot of unique interests like people who like to watch others eat, that enjoy ASMR, and more. Similarly, there is bound to be demand for someone narrating their daily tasks in detail in a fun, engaging, and reflective manner.

11.  Top Five Lists

Top five lists aren’t new, and some might say that they’re overdone. But there are so many different categories and possibilities for making top five lists that you can always find something new. Therefore, you can try to look for something you can make top five lists for that interests you.

12.  Doppelganger Interviews

If you’re looking to try out something new, you can try out doppelganger interviews. However, keep in mind that it will be very hard to find a lot of doppelgangers, especially ones willing to come onto a podcast. If you can get your doppelgangers, you can have them discuss their lives, what they think about their looks, and more.

13.  Generational Review Podcast

This one’s a little different; it focuses on the differences between generations. For example, how baby boomers, millennials, and Gen Z people differ in how they do different tasks, approach problems, and work, in general. It’s a fun way to see how life changes for different generations.

14.  60-Second Podcast

One of the biggest problems a lot of podcasts have is that they’re just too long. If you can design a 60-second podcast that delivers engaging content, you can do wonders. It can be about takeaways from the latest sports matches, stock market changes, or anything of the sort.

15.  Discussing Commutes

Everyone has different commute stories, and most of them can end up being pretty entertaining. You can have people come in and discuss their daily commutes while also sharing their three favorite commute stories.

16.  Podcast for Pets

There are a lot of ways you can go about with a podcast for pets. For example, you can discuss pets, you can have pet owners share their experiences, or you can go for something a little more unorthodox. For example, you can have different pets come, and you can just have a conversation with them. Of course, they will just be meowing or barking back, but it makes for unique entertainment.

17.  Money-Saving Tips from the Community

Many young adults have a hard time saving up money, especially with everything becoming a subscription-based model. You can have various adults and elder professionals come in and share money-saving and investment tips. Yes, that includes tips on how to file one’s taxes.

18.  A Brief History of Random Things

A quirky but very important podcast can be one where you talk about the history of completely random things. For example, not many people will know the history of a toothbrush. That gives you a whole set of common items you can talk about.

19.  Sports Updates for Non-Sports People

Not everyone is a diehard sports fan; some are passive fans, some take interest for people they care about, and some just want to keep updated. Therefore, setting up a podcast that proves quick sports updates for non-sports people will help thousands of people who aren’t fully invested in sports learn about the major stuff.

20.  Rags to Riches Interviews

Rags to riches stories tend to get a lot of traction because it gives people hope and direction. You can create a podcast that revolves around interviewing people that went through that phase. It will focus on how it happened for them, what they did with their riches, and how (if they did) they maintained it.

21.  Interviewing People with Dangerous Jobs

There are several people around you that have very dangerous jobs that put their lives at risk daily, such as people who work on high-voltage electricity poles, sewage workers, and more. However, no one really knows about the risks such people take every day. Interviewing all the people with risky jobs and having them explain their jobs, risks, and stories can be eye-opening for tons of people.

22.  Website Critique 101

There are almost 1.2 billion websites in the world; that’s one website for every 7 people alive. That opens up a massive pool of potential websites you can critique. You can either make it genuine and discuss what websites mostly get wrong. Alternatively, you can opt for a humorous approach where you critique websites in a fun and comedic way.

23.  Badly Summarized Movies and TV Shows

If you’re familiar with Mystery Science Theatre 3000, you’ll know that people enjoy the mocking of movies and TV shows. Therefore, you could take a slightly different approach and start to badly summarize movies and TV shows. This would be for purely comedic purposes.

24.  Boomers Vs. Millennials/Gen Z

There’s been a lot of meme pictures on boomers recently, but it only shows how much difference there is between someone born 5 decades ago and 2-3 decades ago.

Ok Boomer Meme Podcast Ideas

Both boomers and millennials are adults, but there is a world of difference between them. Your podcast could delve into those differences and what led to them.

25.  Learning New Skills

Tons of people sign up to learn new skills, are interested in new hobbies, and more. However, not all of them get the guidance they need. You can create a podcast around helping people learn new skills. You can either discuss various skills and offer career paths, websites for courses, certifications, and other advice. Or, you can bring experts in who can help people learn more about their skills.

26.  Everyday Science Facts

Similar to the podcast idea about random history facts, everyday science facts will focus on completely random science facts that should be very obvious. For example, how brightly does the sun shine, how much water is in the world’s oceans, how much does a cloud weighs, and more.

27.  Relationship Advice from People Who Shouldn’t Be Giving Relationship Advice

Contrary to the topic, this is far from a serious relationship advice podcast. It’s a purely comedic podcast where people with a history of bad relationships give their own versions of relationship advice. It’s humorous, unique, and helps people understand they’re not alone.

28.  Parenting Tips by Teens

Most parents claim that their children were the hardest to manage during their teens. That’s because there tends to be a disconnect due to generational gaps. Your new podcast could host teens who provide parenting tips to parents on how to connect with their children, when to give them space, how to talk, and more.

29.  Discussing Amateur Graphic Designers and Art

While this isn’t a new topic, it’s one that is severely underdone. You can start a podcast that discusses various art styles, praises indie graphic designers, and focuses on the evolving design methods.

30.  Productivity Tips by Average Joes

You see tips and tricks from established people all the time, but you rarely see tips from ordinary people. Many people have pretty decent productivity tips that can help you in some part of your day. Having average joes come and talk about their three biggest productivity tips is bound to be well-received.

31.  Shared Memories of Completely Unrelated People

There’s a lot of cases of collective false memories and the Mandela effect. It’s a unique phenomenon where a large group of people can collectively have a false or alternate memory. You can discuss different instances and examples of it and talk about possible reasons behind them.

32.  Discuss New Podcasts Ideas Podcast

The last idea is basically this article as a podcast. You can set up a podcast that helps prospective podcasters brainstorm new podcast ideas. Talk about podcast ideas you’ve seen that were of interest to you, what people are looking for, and more.

What Podcast Idea is Right for You?

Choosing a podcast idea is about working on a unique idea that you’re also good at. The topic should resonate with you so you can bring the energy it needs. Once you’ve decided on a podcast topic, you need to focus on its marketing design.

It’s best to use simple art styles and minimalist fonts to design your podcast cover art. If you want to make a quick yet effective podcast cover, you can use Pixelied that comes loaded with easy-to-edit podcast cover art templates. The idea is to create a high-quality cover that will complement your podcast idea and help you grow it quickly.