Free Wattpad Cover Templates

Browse our selection of expertly curated free Wattpad cover templates. Customize any design easily to fit any occasion or brand identity with our easy to use design tools.

How to Customize a Wattpad Cover Template

Design your Wattpad cover templates by choosing from our library of thousands of converting pre-made designs to save time & costs. Add stock photos, icons, remove backgrounds or add realistic mockups and much more to make your Wattpad cover look fresh, creative & professional.

Step 1
Click on a ready-made template from above to get started with the recommended dimensions.
Step 2
Customize your Wattpad cover using our powerful editor – packed with a suite of design editing tools.
Step 3
When you’re done editing, simply download your great-looking creative in different file formats.

Essential tips for creating stunning Wattpad Cover templates

Recommended Dimensions

The recommended dimensions for Wattpad cover templates are 512 x 800 pixels with an aspect ratio of 0.64:1. You don’t have to worry about these guidelines with our free design tool; it comes loaded with all the prerequisites.

Add Social Links

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Add Clear CTA

A clear CTA (call to action) is an essential part of any conversion-focused marketing strategy. The main thing to know about adding a clear CTA to your design is to keep it simple to convey your message in a few words.