Blur JPG Instantly

    Blur JPG images instantly with Pixelied's free JPG blur tool and direct attention to what's essential.

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    How to blur a JPG image in 4 steps

    The most straightforward way to direct the viewer's eye to an exact part of your photo is to blur everything else away. Blur JPG images right away using our JPG blur tool and enhance the quality of your visual creatives without breaking a sweat.

    Step 1
    Upload your JPG image

    Upload your JPG image

    Select a JPG and upload it in the editor, or drag and drop it there directly.

    Step 2
    Click on the Image Effects & Filters button

    Click on the Image Effects & Filters button

    Click on the Image Effects & Filters button on the top toolbar.

    Step 3
    Apply blur effect on image

    Apply blur effect on image

    Locate the Blur Tool on the left sidebar and modify the slider to blur the JPG.

    Step 4
    Download your image

    Download your image

    When done, just click ‘Download’ and save the image in any available file format of your choice.

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

    With our arsenal of easy-to-use photo editing tools, filters and effects, you can do much more than blur JPG images. Create stellar visual content easily in minutes using Pixelied's best-in-class image enhancement options and reimagine online photo editing!

    Direct Focus to What's Important

    Don't lose out on viewer engagement due to your digital audience's short attention span. Use our JPG blur tool to blur JPEGs seamlessly.

    Help your viewers catch the subject of your design faster to keep them glued to your content on social media.

    Direct Focus to What's Important

    Fade Away Unnecessary Elements into the Background

    Reduce visual noise in your images and fix distracting backgrounds quickly with Pixelied.

    Smoothen noisy backgrounds to keep a sharp focus on the subject of your JPG image and keep your online viewers hooked!

    Fade Away Unnecessary Elements into the Background

    More Photo Effects at Your Fingertips

    Play around with our wide range of photo enhancement tools like blur and rotate, image filters like sepia and technicolor, and effects like brightness and contrast to create the best visuals out there!

    You're bound to stay miles ahead of the competition and leave digital audiences baffled once you start your photo editing journey with Pixelied!

    More Photo Effects at Your Fingertips

    Export Image in Multiple High-Res Formats

    Now, save your favorite creatives in the most suitable image file formats directly from the editor, saving you hassles of online format conversions.

    When done designing, simply click 'Download' and choose from all popular formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, and others to effortlessly export your works in high resolution.

    Export Image in Multiple High-Res Formats

    Blur JPG with More Customizations


    Eliminate unwanted objects from your photo and maintain ideal composition using the crop tool.


    Use borders to make your images prominent and eye-catching for your viewers.

    Drop Shadow

    Include three-dimensional vibes in your designs by using shadows.


    Rotate and spin the subject of your photo left or right to surprise viewers.


    Mirror objects in your design to create visual symmetry and surrealism.


    Allow elements in your design to appear more profoundly with opacity adjustments.

    More Than Just a Blur JPEG Tool

    Did you know that you could do plenty more than just blur a JPEG with Pixelied? Our all-in-one photo editing toolkit lets numerous digital content creators and online marketers routinely produce and publish extraordinary visuals across social media sharing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for free. Use our easy-to-use toolkit to start your online photo editing journey today!

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