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Want to anonymize the people in your photos? Blur faces in photos quickly with Pixelied’s handy online image editor.

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How to blur face in 4 steps

Pictures contain blurred faces to preserve the privacy of the people in them. Here’s how you can blur faces to not give out more personal info than required!

Step 1
Upload your image
Upload an image in JPG or PNG format or drag and drop it in the editor.
Step 2
Crop and apply blur effect
Crop out everything but the face in the copy before applying the Blur tool.
Step 3
Place your image
Place the cropped image with the blurred face on top of the original.
Step 4
Download your image
When you’re done, simply click on ‘Download’ and save the image in any available file format you wish.

The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

Our collection of easy-to-use image enhancement options lets you make simple edits like blur face, improve contrast, and much more to create visual content within minutes and share it across your social channels. Preserve private information and share only what’s necessary with Pixelied.

Protect the Identity of People in Photos

Protect the Identity of People in Photos

When sharing a photo with people whose identities need to be preserved, adding a face blur is crucial. Blur faces or any other part of your photos with our blur tool instantly to ensure you’re not leaking personal information online!

Photographers can use this feature to blur the faces of everyone in their photos. Teachers and doctors can do the same with their latest field trips and clinical case photos to protect the identities of their students and patients, respectively.

Hide Sensitive Information in Screenshots

Hide Sensitive Information in Screenshots

It’s not unusual for screenshots to be used in tech blogs that might contain private info like passwords. Similarly, screenshots of messages having sensitive conversations might be shared too. During these times, hiding selective data becomes essential.

Our blur tool helps to hide such sensitive info quickly and efficiently so that you can share only the most critical facts and preserve unnecessary ones. Never reveal more than what’s needed with Pixelied!

Hide Face Using Blur or Pixelate Effect

Hide Face Using Blur or Pixelate Effect

You may prefer to blur faces than pixelate them. We’ve got you covered in either of the cases. Use either the Blur tool to blur out the identity or apply the Pixelate effect to hide the face - it’s your choice!

Apply the effect that best suits your overall photo so that you can preserve the aesthetics of your snap even while protecting personal info.

Redact Face Using a Solid Black Square

Redact Face Using a Solid Black Square

Choose to go vintage with privacy protection in your photos, like the newspapers in the past. Place a solid black square right on top of the face you want to conceal and get the job done!

Why use a face pixelator that can easily be de-pixelated with advanced AI software when you can hide everything under a solid box? It’s the safest way to protect identities online.

Blur Face with More Customizations

Crop out all unnecessary parts of your image except the face before using the Blur tool.
Highlight the text and designs on your photo with borders of width and color to match the mood.
Drop Shadow
Add gravity to your texts and graphics by enabling shadows and having a lasting impact!
Easily rotate your blurred face clockwise or anticlockwise to fix orientation.
Flip your photos horizontally or vertically and have fun with our mirror effect to create a surreal graphic.
Use the eye-dropper tool to pick any color from your photo and use it for your designs.

More Than Just a Face Pixelator Tool

Reimagine instant and easy photo editing with Pixelied’s handy, easy-to-use, free online photo editor. If you’re a digital marketer or a content creator on the go, Pixelied is the tool for you. Our wholesome collection of editing tools and drag-n-drop setup makes it easy for non-designers and professionals alike to create visually stunning content in a matter of minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to blur face in a photo?

To blur face in an image, upload your photo or drag n drop it to the editor. Next, click on the ‘Image Filters & Effects’ button located at the top toolbar of the editor. Apply the blur effect and control blurriness using the slider. Once done, download your image in multiple high-res formats.

What is the best blur tool online?

Pixelied is the best online app to blur a picture without using Photoshop or specialized software. You can use this application to hide or blur faces in an image.

Is the blur tool easy to use?

Pixelied is an online image editing tool that’s easy to use and requires no technical skills of complicated software like Photoshop or Gimp.

Is the face pixelator tool free to use?

Yes, all features inside Pixelied are entirely free to use with no restrictions. Take advantage of our suite of easy-to-use design editing tools to create stunning images.

Can I add text, photos, icons, and elements to my image?

Yes, you can fully customize an image by adding text, icons, photos, elements, illustrations, mockups, and much more.

Can the images downloaded be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, the images downloaded can be used for both personal and commercial purposes with no attribution required.