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Free Background Remover Tool

Remove background from images automatically in seconds using Pixelied's free image background remover tool.

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Background Remover
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How to remove background from a picture in 4 steps

Forget the challenges of manual image background remover software that take up to hours to remove background from images containing hairs, fuzzy items, or animal fur. Here's how you can automatically use our AI background remover tool to make a transparent background.

Step 1
Upload your photo in JPG or PNG format
Upload your photo in JPG or PNG format or drag and drop it to the editor.
Step 2
Click on the background remover tool
Click on the background remover tool to process the image instantly.
Step 3
Use your transparent background image
Use your transparent background image to create beautiful designs.
Step 4
Download your design
Click on Download when you're done to save your photo in high resolution as a JPG, PNG, or SVG.

The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

Pixelied's best-in-class online image editing toolkit offers scores of new features, filters, and effects to unleash your artistic expression and produce visual masterpieces from scratch or using ready-made intuitive templates. Utilize the full scope of our editor to create the best visual content on the internet and regularly grow your online presence with ease, courtesy of Pixelied!

AI One-Click Background Remover

AI One-Click Background Remover

Make transparent images for stickers, PNGs, and more instantly with our artificial intelligence-trained algorithm that automatically detects persons or objects and removes BG in one click!

Create finely separated smooth photo extracts with transparent backgrounds without any manual intervention or extra time and effort needed with Pixelied!

No More Expensive & Complicated Software

No More Expensive & Complicated Software

Our tried and tested transparent background maker tool learns every time it's used to remove background from images and provides exponentially improved results compared to manual background remover software.

You don't need to spend bags of money on complicated software like Photoshop to simply make images transparent. No more wasting cash, time, and effort to erase backgrounds!

Remove Image Background with Accuracy & Precision

Remove Image Background with Accuracy & Precision

Pixelied's technologically advanced algorithm is built to learn and improve with usage. Our background remover guarantees AI-backed precision in creating transparent images instantly.

Using our transparent background maker tool, you can simply click a button to remove complex fuzzy backgrounds from images with near-perfect accuracy!

Easy-to-Use Photo Editing Toolkit

Easy-to-Use Photo Editing Toolkit

Our advanced yet easy-to-use image retouching toolkit lets professionals and novices explore photo editing and gain the desired result quickly.

Use Pixelied's unique features, photo filters, and image effects to transform your snaps into everlasting memories that are wonderfully decorated and equally appreciated online.

Background Remover with More Customizations

Leave out unimportant parts from your image and enhance composition using the crop tool.
Apply a cool solid-colored border to your design to highlight gravity and nuance.
Drop Shadow
Utilize the power of shadows to induce a three-dimensional feel into your designs.
Modify the resolution of your creatives as per print and social media requirements using the resize tool.
Mirror images or flip the subject of your photo to surprise and amuse your audience using the flip tool.
Spin icons and subjects left or right to perfect their orientation and bring new perspectives with the rotate tool.

More Than Just a Background Eraser Tool

Pixelied's all-in-one photo editing toolkit offers much more than an image background remover tool. You can use our plethora of editing features, photo filters, and image effects to create stunning visual content for publication across the web and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter within minutes. Join thousands of online businesses and digital marketers to start your photo editing journey with Pixelied today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the background from an image?

To make an image transparent, upload your photo or drag n drop it into the editor. Next, remove the background from the image by clicking on the ‘Remove BG’ button. Once the image has been processed, download it in multiple file formats.

How do I remove the background from a picture for free?

First, upload your image using the above button or drag and drop it into the editor. Make the background transparent by clicking on the ‘Remove BG’ button. Once the background has been removed, download the transparent image in multiple high-res formats.

What is the best free background remover?

Pixelied is the best online app to erase backgrounds without Photoshop or specialized software. The application can help remove the background from your photo and make it transparent.

Is the image background remover tool easy to use?

Pixelied is an online photo editing tool that’s easy to use and requires no technical skills of complicated software like Photoshop or Gimp.

Can I add text, photos, icons, and elements to my image?

Yes, you can fully customize an image by adding text, icons, photos, elements, illustrations, mockups, and much more.

Can the images downloaded be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, the downloaded images can be used for personal and commercial purposes without attribution.