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    How to get instant passport photos online?

    Fast-track your application with our online UK passport photo tool – secure a biometric picture in under 3 minutes.

    Step 1
    Snap or upload your picture

    Snap or upload your picture

    Getting started is a breeze – You have the option to take a picture or upload an existing photo. The AI tool will handle the subsequent steps.

    Step 2
    Smart AI image processing

    Smart AI image processing

    The AI tool automatically removes any unwanted background and resizes your picture to fit the official passport photo dimensions.

    Step 3
    Comprehensive AI photo check

    Comprehensive AI photo check

    The AI tool conducts further verifications and checks to ensure the photo's compliance and readiness for submission.

    Step 4
    Choose digital or printed photos

    Choose digital or printed photos

    You can obtain your biometric photos as a digital copy or as printed photos, delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

    How to take a clear photo?

    Say goodbye to passport picture hassles! Here’s how you can capture compliant and biometric passport photos in minutes.

    Step 1
    Use a plain background

    Use a plain background

    Ensure there are no objects behind you. Position yourself at least 2 meters away from the background to prevent shadows.

    Step 2
    Keep your posture straight

    Keep your posture straight

    Align your head, shoulders, and upper body within the frame of the photo. Remember to remove your glasses before taking the picture.

    Step 3
    Maintain a neutral facial expression

    Maintain a neutral facial expression

    Make sure your entire face is visible. Look directly at the camera with a neutral expression, eyes open and mouth closed.

    Basic Passport Photo Guidelines

    35 x 45 mm
    600 dpi
    Background Color
    Light Grey
    Face Expression
    Things to Avoid
    • Glasses
    • Smiling
    • Image retouching
    • Wearing uniform and hat
    Basic Passport Photo Guidelines

    All About Sainsbury's Passport Photos

    Does Sainsbury's have photo booths?

    Yes, Sainsbury’s does have a photo booth service located in many of its stores. The booths are primarily used for taking passports, IDs, and driving licence photos. Additionally, they also provide photo printing services.

    Sainburry’s Photo Booths Locations

    There are two ways to search for Sainsburry’s photo booths:

    1. Search Via Google Maps: A pretty straightforward way is to open Google Maps and write ‘Sainsbury's photo booth near me’. The list of the nearest outlets will pop up, along with their address, contact number, and pin location.
    2. Find on Store Locator: The official website features a convenient Sainsbury’s store locator tool, which enables you to quickly find the nearest store. To use this feature, you must enter the neighbourhood name or enable the location to find the nearest store automatically.

    Note: For ease, turn on the location from your device.

    Sainsbury's Passport Photo Services

    • Passport Picture Service: Sainsbury's specialises in taking photos that meet the requirements for passport applications. The images are taken in compliance with the HM Passport Office guidelines to ensure they are suitable for passport use.
    • ID Photo Service: Similar to passport pictures, they also provide photographs for various identification documents, such as driver's licenses, student IDs, or other official forms of identification.
    • Customisable Photo Printing: Besides standard passport and ID photos, Sainsbury's photo printing offers high-quality printed pictures.

    How much are passport photos at Sainsbury's?

    Sainsbury's passport photo booth price is around £8. The price includes a set of five printed pictures along with a digital code. The cost remains the same across all Sainsbury’s stores that offer this service.

    For other types of ID photos or international passport images, the price may vary slightly, generally ranging between £8 and £10, depending on the specific identification requirements.

    It's important to note that not all Sainsbury's stores have photo booths. To find a Sainsbury’s store with a photo booth, you can use their store locator and check for the availability of a photo booth in the "Customer Facilities" section of the store details.

    Alternatives to Sainsbury’s Photo Booth

    For those seeking a more cost-effective solution, there are online methods available. For instance, services like Pixelied can convert any picture into a passport picture using a smartphone and then process it online at a much lower cost. The biometric image can be submitted online or printed at a local store or an in-store photo booth.

    What are the Sainsbury's passport photo booth requirements?

    Every photo booth at Sainsbury’s ensures that its booths adhere to the strict standards set by the UK government for passport photographs. These requirements are crucial for the photos to be accepted for passports and other official documents.

    Photo Size

    The photo booths in Sainsbury's produce pictures that match the standard UK passport photo size, which is 45mm high by 35mm wide.

    Face Position

    In these photos, the face must be positioned directly facing the camera with a clear view of the frontal profile. It means no tilting or turning of the head, ensuring an even and symmetrical appearance.

    Head Size

    The head, including hair, should occupy about 70-80% of the photo, translating to 29mm to 34mm from the chin to the crown, providing a clear view of the facial features for identification purposes.

    Background and Lighting

    Sainsbury's photo booths have a plain, light-coloured background, typically white or off-white, without any patterns. The lighting within the booth is uniform and free from shadows or glare, ensuring the face is well-lit and visible.

    Glasses and Lens

    Customers can wear glasses but must avoid glare or reflections on the lenses. Tinted glasses and sunglasses obscure the eyes and are not permitted in passport images.

    Facial Hair

    Facial hair is permissible in the photos as long as it doesn’t obscure the face and is representative of the individual’s usual appearance.

    Makeup and Jewellery

    A reasonable amount of makeup and jewellery is allowed in the photos. However, they should not significantly alter one's appearance or cause reflections that might distract from the face.


    Headgear is allowed for religious or medical reasons, provided it does not cover the face. The full face must be visible from the bottom of the chin to the top of the forehead and across the width of the face.

    Photo Quality

    The photo quality must be high, without blurring, 'red-eye,' or other defects. The booths at Sainsbury's are calibrated to produce clear, high-resolution images.


    The photo must be a recent representation of the individual, typically taken within the last month, to accurately reflect their current appearance.

    How to take a passport photo at home using Pixelied?

    Taking a passport image at home has become increasingly popular, and with tools like Pixelied, it’s more accessible than ever. Here’s a step-by-step guide to capturing a passport picture using Pixelied, an online photo editing tool:

    Setting Up the Space

    Firstly, choose a well-lit area in your home for the photo. Natural light is preferable, but if that’s not possible, ensure the room is evenly lit to avoid shadows on your face. The background is equally important - it should be plain and light-coloured, such as a white or off-white wall. The setup is crucial as it aligns with the standard requirements for passport pictures.

    Capturing the Photo

    Set up the device at eye level using a high-resolution camera or a smartphone. The distance between you and the camera should be about 1.5 metres, ensuring that your head and upper shoulders are correctly framed in the shot.

    A tripod or stable surface can help keep the camera steady. When posing for the picture, face the camera directly with a neutral expression - no smiling, and your mouth closed. Ensure your eyes are open and looking directly at the camera.

    Automatic Adjustments

    Pixelied’s online tool is a convenient and efficient way to get a UK-compliant passport photo. After you capture and upload your picture to the tool, it processes the image and checks for various aspects of the photo, such as size, background colour, and overall compliance with the guidelines.

    If the uploaded picture does not meet specific criteria, the tool automatically makes necessary adjustments. These adjustments can include changing the background colour and resizing and cropping the image to ensure it meets the requirements.

    Printing the Photo

    Once the photo is processed and deemed compliant, you can download the image. Additionally, there's an option to order prints directly from the comfort of your home, adding to the convenience of this service. The process saves time and effort, eliminating the need for multiple trips to a photo booth or store to get the right passport photograph.

    How to print passport photos at Sainsbury's?

    Printing passport photos at Sainsbury's is convenient, especially for those who require quick service while managing their regular shopping. Here's a detailed guide on how to print passport photos at Sainsbury's:

    • Locating the Booth: The first step is to find a Sainsbury's store with a photo booth. These are typically situated in areas often near the entrance. If you look for ‘Sainsbury's passport photo booth near me’, you can easily locate the nearest locations.
    • Using the Booth: Sainsbury's photo booths are designed for easy use. Upon entering the booth, follow the on-screen instructions to take your photo. The kiosks have features to ensure the picture meets all the necessary UK passport standards, including the correct size, background, and facial positioning.
    • Instant Printing: After taking the photo, the booth will provide an option to print the images immediately. It is particularly convenient as it allows customers to receive their passport pictures on the spot.

    How to take a baby passport photo at Sainsbury's?

    Taking a baby passport photo at Sainsbury's involves a series of steps to ensure the image meets the official HM Passport Office requirements. Parents looking to get their baby's passport photo at Sainsbury's can expect a process that, while potentially challenging, is made easier with the right approach and preparation.

    Preparation Before the Photo Session

    Before heading to Sainsbury's, parents must prepare their baby for the photo. It includes dressing the baby in simple, non-white clothing that contrasts with the white background of the photo booth. Timing the visit after a nap or feeding can ensure the baby is calm and alert, which is essential for a good picture.

    Locating and Using the Photo Booth

    Upon arriving at Sainsbury's, locate the photo booth near the store entrance. Most booths have adjustable camera settings to accommodate a baby's height. Some booths may also provide a small seat or support for the baby. If the booth doesn't have these features, a parent may need to hold the baby during the photo session, ensuring their hands are not visible in the picture.

    Positioning the Baby for the Picture

    The baby should be positioned so their head and shoulders are visible in the frame, with the face directly facing the camera. For young babies who cannot sit up, lying them down on a plain white sheet in the booth might be necessary. The baby’s face should have a neutral expression with eyes open, mouth closed, and no pacifier.

    Capturing the Photo

    Taking the photo might require several attempts, as getting a baby to remain still with the right expression can be challenging. Utilise the option to take multiple pictures if available.

    Reviewing and Printing the Photo

    Once a satisfactory photo is captured, review it to ensure it meets the passport requirements: a clear view of the baby's face, neutral expression, and appropriate lighting. Most Sainsbury's photo booths offer instant printing, allowing parents to leave with their passport images.

    Are Sainsbury's photo booths safe?

    Sainsbury's photo booths provide a private, enclosed space where individuals can take photos without interference. The booths are designed to ensure the photo-taking process is confidential, with no risk of exposing or misusing personal data.

    A Better Alternative to Sainsbury's Photo Booths

    Move past the traditional photo booth experience at Sainsbury's with Pixelied's innovative online solution. Capture and customise your passport photos from the ease of your home, bypassing the need for in-store visits. Pixelied offers a straightforward, efficient approach to obtaining high-quality passport pictures, ensuring you get the perfect shot without the hassle of waiting in line.

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