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    How to get instant passport photos online?

    Fast-track your application with our online UK passport photo tool – secure a biometric picture in under 3 minutes.

    Step 1
    Snap or upload your picture

    Snap or upload your picture

    Getting started is a breeze – You have the option to take a picture or upload an existing photo. The AI tool will handle the subsequent steps.

    Step 2
    Smart AI image processing

    Smart AI image processing

    The AI tool automatically removes any unwanted background and resizes your picture to fit the official passport photo dimensions.

    Step 3
    Comprehensive AI photo check

    Comprehensive AI photo check

    The AI tool conducts further verifications and checks to ensure the photo's compliance and readiness for submission.

    Step 4
    Choose digital or printed photos

    Choose digital or printed photos

    You can obtain your biometric photos as a digital copy or as printed photos, delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

    How to take a clear photo?

    Say goodbye to passport picture hassles! Here’s how you can capture compliant and biometric passport photos in minutes.

    Step 1
    Use a plain background

    Use a plain background

    Ensure there are no objects behind you. Position yourself at least 2 meters away from the background to prevent shadows.

    Step 2
    Keep your posture straight

    Keep your posture straight

    Align your head, shoulders, and upper body within the frame of the photo. Remember to remove your glasses before taking the picture.

    Step 3
    Maintain a neutral facial expression

    Maintain a neutral facial expression

    Make sure your entire face is visible. Look directly at the camera with a neutral expression, eyes open and mouth closed.

    Basic Passport Photo Guidelines

    35 x 45 mm
    600 dpi
    Background Color
    Light Grey
    Face Expression
    Things to Avoid
    • Glasses
    • Smiling
    • Image retouching
    • Wearing uniform and hat
    Basic Passport Photo Guidelines

    All About Morrisons Passport Photos

    Does Morrisons have photo booths?

    Yes, Morrisons supermarkets usually have photo booths available for customers. These booths provide convenient and quick passport photo services, easily found within the store.

    Locating a Photo Booth

    To find Morrisons passport photo booth locations, you can use their store finder feature, accessible through a Google search or directly on their official website. Here's how to do it:

    • Start by going to Morrisons official website or search for "Morrisons store finder" on Google.
    • Once you're on the store finder page, manually enter your postcode or select your location. It will help in identifying the Morrisons stores closest to you.
    • After entering your location details, click on the search button. A list of the Morrisons outlets nearest to you will be displayed.

    Explore Store Options

    To narrow down your search, you can use three different options:

    • Stores by Name: If you know the store name you’re looking for.
    • Stores by Region: If you want to see all stores in a specific area.
    • McColls Stores: To find Morrisons stores within McColls locations.

    Services at the Morrisons Photo Booth

    At Morrisons, the photo booths generally offer several services:

    • Passport and ID Photos: Quick and compliant photos suitable for passports and other official IDs.
    • Driving Licence Photos: They also provide instant photo printing services for driving licence pictures.
    • Self-Service: The photo booths are operated by the users, needing no additional help from the staff. You can pay at the kiosk using cash or card, without human interaction–perfect for introverts!

    How much are passport photos at Morrisons?

    The cost for a passport photo at Morrisons typically ranges from around £4 to £10. The pricing is in line with what is generally expected for passport picture services across various outlets in the UK.

    The exact price can vary slightly depending on the specific Morrisons store location. Customers looking for this service are advised to check the most current pricing from their nearest outlet.

    Services Included in the Price

    • Quality and Compliance: The photos meet the UK’s rules for passport pictures. They are the correct size, have the right background colour, and are good quality.
    • Expert Staff: The photos are taken in a professional place by trained people. They ensure the prints are correct and follow all the rules.
    • Instant Printing: You get the printed photos right away. The whole thing usually takes less than half an hour unless many people are waiting.

    Alternatives to Morrisons

    • DIY Method: You can take your passport pictures using a smartphone or digital camera. It can be a convenient and cost-effective approach.
    • Pixelied’s Passport Photo Tool: Pixelied offers a top-notch passport image tool where you can upload a recent photo and let the editor automatically convert it into a passport-size picture. You can also order prints at home.
    • Promotions and Savings: Keep an eye out for any promotions or special deals at Morrisons, especially if you're a part of their loyalty program. These offers could include discounts on photo services, benefiting those who frequently shop at Morrisons.
    • Comparing Prices: Check prices with other local services, including pharmacies and photo shops. Sometimes, these places might have more competitive rates for similar services, so it pays to check around.

    What are the Morrisons passport photo booth requirements?

    Morrisons, in line with the UK’s official passport picture guidelines, ensures that its in-store photo booths are equipped to meet the strict rules. These specifications are essential for minimising the chances of rejections.

    UK Passport Photo Size

    The photo booths at Morrisons produce photos measuring 45mm high by 35mm wide, the standard size for UK passports and other official ID photos.

    The distance from your chin to the top of your head in the picture should be between 29mm and 34mm. It means the size of your head from your chin to the top of your head should take up about 80% of the photo’s overall height.

    Light, Background, & Pose

    The face must be centrally positioned in the picture with a direct frontal view. Both sides of the face should be equally visible without head tilts or turns. Keep your shoulders straight and look into the camera directly while taking the picture.

    The recommended background colour for passport images is light grey or plain cream. The lighting should be uniform and shadow-free to ensure the face is clearly and accurately illuminated.

    Glasses and Lens

    If wearing glasses, there should be no reflections, and the frames should not obscure the eyes. Tinted lenses and sunglasses are not permissible, as they can hinder the visibility of the eyes.

    Facial Hair

    Facial hair is allowed as long as it does not obscure the face and represents the person’s usual appearance.

    Makeup and Jewellery

    Makeup and jewellery should be kept minimal in passport pictures taken at Morrisons. These items should not significantly alter one’s appearance or cause reflections that might obscure the face.

    Hijab, Turbans, and Other Head Coverings

    A passport picture should be taken without any head coverings. However, you can keep a religious or medical covering on. Even in such cases, it must not obscure any facial features.

    Photo Quality and Validity

    The picture must be clear and high-resolution, free of ‘red-eye’ and other blemishes. The booths at Morrisons are designed to ensure high-quality photo output.

    Furthermore, if you have lost significant weight or undergone facial surgery, it is time to update your passport picture. The photo should be a recent likeness, ideally captured within the last month. It is crucial to ensure the image accurately represents the individual's appearance.

    How to take a passport photo at home using Pixelied?

    Pixelied offers an advanced passport photo tool with biometric technology, ensuring your picture aligns perfectly with UK passport photograph standards. It processes and scrutinises your image for compliance and offers an effortless process to transform any regular photo into a passport-size picture.

    Step 1: Take a Photo at Home

    • Setting Up the Right Environment: Firstly, it’s essential to create a suitable environment for taking the photo. It involves finding a well-lit area in your home, preferably with natural light. Avoid any direct sunlight or harsh lighting that can create shadows or glare. The background should be plain and light-coloured, such as a white or off-white wall, free from patterns and decorations.
    • Capturing the Photo: Using a high-resolution camera, such as a digital camera or a smartphone, is critical. Position the camera at eye level at a distance of about 1.5 meters. It ensures the photo captures the head and shoulders correctly. If using a smartphone, using a tripod or a stable surface might be helpful to keep the camera steady.
    • Posing Correctly: When taking the photo, face the camera directly with a neutral expression. The UK passport photograph guidelines require a closed mouth and a neutral facial expression. Ensure your eyes are open and looking directly at the camera. If you have long hair, ensure it’s not covering your face or eyes.

    Step 2: Guide for Using Pixelied Passport Photo Tool

    • After taking the picture, upload it on Pixelied’s passport image tool.
    • The tool will take a few minutes to auto-check the picture and verify if it meets the UK passport picture requirements for background, size, and quality. The verification step is offered free of charge.
    • If any adjustments are needed, it will automatically make it passport-compliant to fit the standard UK passport image size of 45mm high by 35mm wide.

    Printing Passport Pictures

    For printing, you have three options:

    1. Order Prints via Pixelied: Select order prints and add your address while checking out. The hard copies will be delivered to your doorstep.
    2. Print from a Facility: Download the digital picture from Pixelied and take it to a nearby facility for printing.
    3. Print at Home: Print the downloaded picture at home using high-quality photo paper.

    How to print passport photos at Morrisons?

    Printing passport photos at Morrisons is a straightforward process, making it convenient for customers to obtain their required photos while managing their grocery shopping. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to print passport pictures at Morrisons:

    Using Morrisons Photo Booths

    1. Locate a Photo Booth: Many Morrisons stores are equipped with photo booths, generally located near the store entrance. Customers can find these booths for instant passport picture services.
    2. Follow the Booth Instructions: The booth will guide customers through the photo-taking process. These booths are user-friendly and designed to adhere to the HM Passport Office requirements.
    3. Immediate Printing: After taking the picture, the booth will print the photos immediately. The instant service allows customers to leave with their passport pictures in hand within minutes.

    Morrisons Digital Photo Services

    1. Digital Options: Some Morrisons stores offer digital photo services where customers can upload their photos for printing. It can be beneficial if the picture is taken at home or elsewhere.
    2. Ensuring Compliance: Customers should ensure their digital photos comply with passport image standards before uploading for printing at Morrisons.
    3. Printing and Collection: Once the photo is uploaded and printed, customers can collect their pictures at the designated area in the store.

    Morrisons Operating Hours

    Most Morrisons outlets open around 9 AM and can operate late till 10 PM. Customers should check with their local Morrisons store for specific timings and availability of the photo services.

    How to take a baby passport photo at Morrisons?

    Taking a baby passport photo requires patience and some know-how, especially at a public place like Morrisons. Their photo booths are equipped to handle the unique challenges of photographing infants, ensuring that parents can capture a compliant passport picture of their little ones.

    Here's a detailed guide on how to take a baby passport photo at Morrisons:

    Preparation Before the Visit

    • Dress the Baby Appropriately: Dress your baby in simple, everyday clothes. Bright colours or plain tops are preferable as they contrast nicely with the background.
    • Choose the Right Timing: Plan your visit around your baby’s routine, ideally when they are calm.

    At the Morrisons Photo Booth

    • Locating the Booth: Find the photo booth in the Morrisons store, usually placed near the entrance for easy access.
    • Adjusting the Setup: Some booths might have adjustable settings to accommodate a baby’s height and position. If not, parents may need to hold the baby in the correct position.

    Positioning the Baby

    • Ensuring Proper Posture: The baby should be seated upright if possible. For very young infants, laying them on a plain white sheet in a pram or car seat can work.
    • Head and Eyes: The baby’s head should be straight, facing the camera, with eyes open. It’s often the trickiest part, so patience is key.

    Capturing the Photo

    • Avoiding Hands in the Frame: If holding the baby, ensure your hands are not visible in the photo frame.
    • Taking Multiple Shots: Utilize the option to take multiple photos if available, as this increases the chances of getting a suitable one.

    Checking Photo Compliance

    • Review the Photo: After capturing it, check it against passport requirements – neutral expression, no other objects or pacifiers in the frame, and clear visibility of the baby’s face.

    Printing the Photo

    • Immediate Printing: Morrisons photo booths typically offer instant printing, allowing you to leave with the passport pictures in hand.

    Tips for a Successful Photo

    • Stay Calm and Patient: Keeping yourself and the baby calm is essential. Babies can sense stress, which might make the process harder.
    • Bring Necessities: Have a bag of essentials like toys, snacks, or a pacifier (to be removed before taking the photo) to keep the baby content.

    A Better Alternative to Morrisons Photo Booths

    Skip the trip to Morrisons for your passport photos and choose Pixelied for a more convenient solution. Our online platform makes it easy to take and adjust passport pictures from the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to waiting in line and enjoy a faster, simpler way to get the quality photos you need for your passport or other ID documents.

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