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    Write a name on a photo for free. With Pixelied, you can add names to pictures to create stunning designs.

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    How to write a name on a photo in 4 steps

    You don’t need complicated apps to write your names on your pictures. Pixelied’s caption tool lets you put names on images directly in your browser in just four simple steps.

    Step 1
    Upload your photo

    Upload your photo

    Upload a photo or drag-n-drop it to the editor in JPG or PNG format.

    Step 2
    Click on 'Text' button in the left menu

    Click on 'Text' button in the left menu

    Click the “Text” button in the left menu and browse the different text styles.

    Step 3
    Choose your text style

    Choose your text style

    Choose your text style, insert it into the photo, and write a name.

    Step 4
    Download your design

    Download your design

    Click on the “Download” button when you’re done to save your image in multiple file formats.

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

    Pixelied is a fast and easy solution to add a name to a photo. Whether you want to protect your work or create lasting reminders, you can do so instantly with our cloud-based image editor.

    Easily Write Name on Photo Online

    Adding names to photos doesn’t have to be complicated. You can achieve your goal in as little as three minutes with Pixelied.

    Our image editor lets you pair a name with a photo directly in your browser. Upload your picture and use our captioning tool to put a name on it.

    Easily Write Name on Photo Online

    Write a Name with 1000+ Stellar Fonts

    Protect your work in a creative way. Pixelied offers you over 1000+ fonts to choose from, each one remarkable in its way.

    Whether you want to write your name in pictures to prevent them from duplicating online, create keepsakes, or something else, Pixelied helps you achieve your goal.

    Write a Name with 1000+ Stellar Fonts

    Apply Ready-Made Text Styles

    Develop your personal brand. Write your name using stylized text fonts to increase brand awareness and help people recognize your work.

    There are hundreds of ready-made text styles you can choose from. Browse our collection, find a style that matches your online persona, and use it to write your name on your pictures.

    Apply Ready-Made Text Styles

    Upload Your Own Custom Fonts

    Already created the perfect font, and you’re looking for a platform that can import it so you can put your name on images? Pixelied is here to help.

    Our editor enables you to upload your custom font with ease. Click on the text, select “Change” from the top menu, and select “Upload custom font” from the left side menu.

    Upload Your Own Custom Fonts

    Write Name in Photo with More Customizations


    Change your image’s ratio. Crop the picture to alter its aspect.


    Make your work stand out. Frame your work with eye-catching borders.

    Drop Shadow

    Add depth to your image. Use shadows to make it look more realistic.


    Change your audience’s perspective. Flip the photo to modify its narrative.


    Correct your photo’s alignment. Rotate it so it faces the right direction.


    Adjust your image’s details. Change its opacity to make them stand out.

    More Than Just a Name on Images Tool

    Pixelied is more than a photo naming tool. Our platform is a complete image editing solution that helps business owners and online professionals create captivating designs from scratch or with ready-made templates. With hundreds of editing tools and features, Pixelied allows you to produce stunning images.

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