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    Rotate JPG images and create unique designs with Pixelied. Upload a photo and rotate it left or right to fix its orientation.

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    How to rotate a JPG image in 4 steps

    For those times when you took a snap of something important only to realize later that you’ve taken it upside-down, rotating JPG images becomes crucial. Here’s how you can fix your shots quickly using our JPG rotator tool.

    Step 1
    Upload your photo

    Upload your photo

    Upload a JPG or drag and drop it in the editor.

    Step 2
    Click on the round pointer

    Click on the round pointer

    Click on the round pointer sticking out from the top edge of the JPG and hold.

    Step 3
    Rotate your image

    Rotate your image

    Drag your image clockwise or anticlockwise as much as you want to rotate the JPG accordingly.

    Step 4
    Download your image

    Download your image

    Simply click ‘Download’ to save the JPG on your computer when done.

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

    Pixelied’s comprehensive toolkit offers endless ways to create and customize images. Adjust the tilt angle to perfectly align your JPEG with your visual design. Curate the color aesthetic with optimal image saturation and warmth. Always stay above your competition with our wide range of image enhancement options!

    Rotate JPG Image For Landscape or Portrait Mode

    Switch between landscape and portrait modes to bring out the best in your JPG image. Adjust the aspect ratio as per the social media platform you’re uploading your JPG in an instant.

    Pixelied makes it super easy and smooth to tilt and rotate JPG images in a jiffy for spontaneous corrections and uploads.

    Rotate JPG Image For Landscape or Portrait Mode

    Rotate JPG Image to Present a New Perspective

    Unlock the true potential of your JPEG with an angulated tilt. Make the digital world take note of your marvelous creation.

    Whether it’s a selfie with the clouds or a stellar view of the sunset, make every moment feel like new by rotating your JPG images.

    Rotate JPG Image to Present a New Perspective

    Beautify Your Image Using Filters & Effects

    Enhance the aesthetic of your JPEG with dozens of photo filters. Always stay in the creative zone with our wide range of image effects and filters!

    Pick from a wide array of filters like sepia, grayscale, and the likes, then apply desired effects like brightness, contrast, saturation, and much more to bring out the right mood in your photo.

    Beautify Your Image Using Filters & Effects

    Export Image in Multiple High-Res Formats

    Our photo editor supports many file formats like JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, and other popular ones, making online publication a breeze.

    Just find out which format works best with your online media sharing platform and download your visual creatives in that format in high-resolution!

    Export Image in Multiple High-Res Formats

    Rotate JPG with More Customizations


    Use the crop feature to remove unrequired parts after rotating your JPG online.


    Include borders of definite width and color on your image to enhance its gravity and visibility.

    Drop Shadow

    Give your images a three-dimensional feel, making them impossible to miss.


    Introduce a sense of surrealism to your JPEGs by flipping them horizontally or vertically.


    Adjust the opacity of your visuals to make them pop and grab everyone’s attention.


    Modify the aspect ratios of your JPEGs with a click to instantly fit the frame you want.

    More Than Just a JPG Rotator Tool

    Pixelied is a simple, free online image editor that allows you to produce better-looking photos and graphics quickly. One of the numerous features of our editor is the ability to rotate JPG files. It comes with a large set of features that allow both novice and advanced users to produce stellar visuals for social media. Our toolkit was created for marketers and digital professionals to rapidly and efficiently generate appealing visual content.

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