Merge JPG Images

    Merge JPG images using Pixelied’s free JPG merger tool. Combine multiple pictures to create unique collages or visual designs with a few clicks.

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    How to merge JPG images in 4 steps

    Combine JPG files with Pixelied’s easy-to-use JPEG merger tool. Then add special effects, filters, and captions to captivate your audience’s attention. With Pixelied, you can blend images in just four steps.

    Step 1
    Upload your photos

    Upload your photos

    Upload the photos or drag-n-drop them to the editor in JPG format, or use free stock images.

    Step 2
    Use the “Layers” button

    Use the “Layers” button

    Use the “Layers” button to bring one of the pictures forward and send the other(s) to the back.

    Step 3
    Customize your design

    Customize your design

    Customize your design by adding captions, icons, frames, effects, or image filters.

    Step 4
    Download your photo

    Download your photo

    Click on the “Download” button when you're done to save your image in multiple file formats.

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

    Pixelied is a quick and easy solution to merge JPG files online. Our free image editor lets you combine multiple photos and create spectacular layouts and designs perfect for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or digital projects.

    Combine Two or More JPG Images into a Collage

    Showcase multiple photos in a single document. Combine two pictures or more to produce attractive collages.

    Pixelied’s image editor helps you integrate as many pictures as you want in a single document and use special effects and filters to make the design more interesting.

    Combine Two or More JPG Images into a Collage

    Merge JPG Images Horizontally or Vertically

    Create visual designs that capture the viewer’s attention. Merge JPG files vertically or horizontally to delight your audience.

    With Pixelied, you can easily rotate each image you include in a collage to face another direction.

    Merge JPG Images Horizontally or Vertically

    Customize Images to Perfection with Editing Tools

    Make your design stand out. Customize it to enhance its details and help it take your audience’s breath away.

    Our free image editor enables you to customize your images to perfection. You can amplify your image's message with custom borders, captions, elements, special effects, filters, and more.

    Customize Images to Perfection with Editing Tools

    Image Effects & Filters at Your Fingertips

    Create a narrative around your image to connect with your audience emotionally. Use special effects and filters to amplify your design’s impact.

    Pixelied’s online image editor helps you build the perfect story for every project. Make your design more mysterious with well-placed shadows, go for a retro look with the black and white filter, or make the design more abstract by inverting its colors. When you use Pixelied, the customizing possibilities are endless - and free.

    Image Effects & Filters at Your Fingertips

    Merge JPG Images with More Customizations


    Eliminate unnecessary parts of the photo. Use the crop tool to center what’s essential.


    Protect the identity of the people in your images. Blur the photos to retain anonymity.


    Change the dynamics of your image. Flip the photo to display its story from another perspective.


    Correct the alignment of your merged images. Rotate them so they’ll face the right direction.


    Highlight your image’s subject. Use borders to direct the viewer’s sight where you want it.


    Obscure vital details. Pixelate the photos to make the audience wonder what you’re hiding.

    More Than Just a JPG Merger Tool

    Pixelied is more than a JPG merger tool. Our online image editor helps online professionals and business owners to create outstanding visuals from scratch or with the help of flexible templates. With Pixelied, you can combine JPG files and customize them to perfection using a wide array of special effects and filters.

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