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    Want to focus on the details? Use Pixelied’s handy online image zoomer tool to zoom in on images and highlight their nuances quickly.

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    Image Zoomer

    How to zoom in on an image in 4 steps

    Macro images and panoramas have to be zoomed in to view the tiny details that otherwise beat the eye. You can easily view such images by zooming in on them with Pixelied’s free online image zoomer tool via these simple steps.

    Step 1
    Upload your image

    Upload your image

    Upload the chosen image in PNG or JPG directly into the editor or drag-n-drop it to the editor.

    Step 2
    Use the Zoom In/Out slider

    Use the Zoom In/Out slider

    Use the Zoom In/Out slider at the bottom of your screen to zoom into your photo.

    Step 3
    Focus on the specific part of the image

    Focus on the specific part of the image

    Focus on the specific part of the image while zooming in and make edits where required.

    Step 4
    Download your image

    Download your image

    When done, simply zoom out using the slider to view the original photo and save it by clicking on ‘Download’.

    Image Zoomer Tutorial

    The free toolkit for easy, beautiful images

    Don’t put a boundary to your creativity in photo editing with Pixelied’s free, easy-to-use image zoomer tool, one of the many editing options available on our platform. Get professional tools at your disposal to create stellar visual content on the go with ease. Zoom in on images instantly using Pixelied!

    Fast Zoom In and Out Option

    Don’t want to waste too much time zooming in on your photo? We’ve got your back! With Pixelied’s Zoom slider, you can simply slide back and forth to zoom in or out of your photo.

    Now easily slide forth to zoom in as much as you want into your favorite photo, or pull the slider back to zoom out. Fast zoom has never been this straightforward!

    Fast Zoom In and Out Option

    Ultra Zooming of Image up to 20x

    Zoom in on your photos as much as you like with Pixelied’s online image zoomer tool. You can zoom in to as much as 20x of your original photo size with Pixelied’s ultra zoom feature.

    Notice every little detail you’d previously missed on your photos by using the 20x ultra-zoom feature of Pixelied. Focus on the nuances without excessive pixelation of your photo!

    Ultra Zooming of Image up to 20x

    Easy Pan Viewing Controls

    Pixelied’s easy-to-use online photo editor makes it simple to view and navigate around your photo while you make edits to it. Our tool is tailored for digital marketers on the go who can easily pan around images using a mouse or touchpad.

    Use Pixelied’s easy pan viewing controls to quickly access every small detail of your photo and assess the overall quality of your creatives so that it’s on par with your competition!

    Easy Pan Viewing Controls

    Customize Your Image Using Filters & Effects

    Kickstart your creativity by exploring Pixelied’s vast array of image filters if you’re ever falling short of ideas. All you need to do is choose a photo, use our filters like sepia, kodachrome, grayscale, and many more to remix it, personalize it, and publish it on social media!

    Pixelied’s image filters make it possible for you to create countless impactful visual designs instantly. Create and publish your ideas online within minutes using Pixelied’s filters and effects such as blur, hue, saturation, pixelate, and more.

    Customize Your Image Using Filters & Effects

    Image Zoomer Tool with More Customizations


    Crop unnecessary elements out of your zooming pictures to reduce visual noise from your photos.


    Introduce surrealism by flipping zoomed photos or mirroring them and keep your digital audience guessing.


    Adjust the opacity of the zoomed-in details of your photo to make them more visible.


    Blur out non-essential stuff from your photo to focus your audience’s attention on the parts you want them to.


    Get creative with your photo by rotating it clockwise or anticlockwise and playing around with alignments.

    Upload Files

    Upload your creatives in several file formats and use them as you want on your zooming images.

    More Than Just an Image Zoomer Tool

    Pixelied’s breakthrough online photo editing tool makes it extremely easy to quickly create impactful visual posts and designs for digital audiences across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is the tool for you if you’re a seasoned digital marketer, online content creator, or designer who’s always in a crunch for time. Create stunning visual content within minutes while having fun with Pixelied!

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