Your Twitter handle is your identification and the first thing that leads an audience toward your profile. Therefore, it has to be unique, attractive, and secure. Coming up with a handle that conforms to all the desired attributes is not as easy as it sounds. However, you can do that with a Twitter Handle Generator – a tool you can use to…well, generate handles for your Twitter profiles.

In this article, we’ll list down the eight best Twitter handle generators, along with some additional tools to brighten up your profile and manage your tweets.

Let’s jump right in.

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Best Twitter Handle Generators [8 Options Worth Checking Out]

We have compiled the eight best Twitter handle generators for creating fool-proof usernames that hide your true identity and secure your presence on Twitter. With these tools, you can personalize your username according to your personality or your brand values.

However, before finalizing a handle, make sure to keep its length between 4-15 characters and avoid using any spaces in between.

With that being said, let’s begin with our list.

1.      NordPass

NordPass is our favorite pick for creating secure Twitter handles. It has various options that allow you to hide your identity, but, at the same time, create a name that depicts your personality.


To create a username, start by writing a keyword you want to add to your Twitter Handle and selecting your username length.

Next, depending on your Twitter account’s nature, you can choose a category for your Twitter handle. NordPass has different categories for you to choose from, including movies, animals, space, food, etc.

It also has the following advanced options for you.

  • Random characters – Choosing this option will generate a Twitter handle based on some random characters.
  • Leetspeak – This option will replace letters with symbols.
  • Keep Keyword at the End – This option will append your keyword at the end of your Twitter handle.

Once you’re done, click on ‘Generate’ and select your favorite username from the list. NordPass will tell you if your name is available for Twitter (and other social media platforms) or not.

This tool is not just a username generator.; it’s a vault that saves and protects your usernames and passwords on the internet.

2.      LastPass

Next on our list is LastPass, a simple-to-use tool to create a random username for your not-so-random Twitter profile.


It provides username ideas based on the following three options.

  • Easy-to-Say – Choose this option to create an easy-to-say username by avoiding numbers and special characters.
  • Easy-to-Read – This option lets you create a not too easy-to-say but an easy-to-read username. Mainly, it does that by avoiding ambiguous characters like l and 1, 0 and O, etc., that are hard to read.
  • All Characters – If you don’t care much about the complexity of your username, generate a Twitter username using this option. It will create a name by shuffling random characters together.

If you prefer keeping your username all uppercase or lowercase (or a combination), you can play around with the options. Otherwise, go with the random name the tool generates.

Copy your username and use it for your Twitter account.

3.      Masterpiece Generator

Another amazing Twitter handle generator is Masterpiece Generator. It suggests a whole list of usernames if you input your basic info like your name, year of birth, things you like, and more.

The options it produces are practically endless.

That means, if coincidentally, your name also happens to be Taylor Swift, you can use this tool to generate a unique name for yourself (because, obviously, taylorswift13 is taken). Here’s a myriad of cool naming options for you.


Masterpiece Generator randomly uses characters like underscore, comma, period, etc., to create variety in the list.

4.      BNG Business Name Generator

For your brand or business, you need a name that is brandable and communicates your brand values. We present the BNG Business Name Generator, a tool built by branding experts and marketing specialists to create unique usernames for your personal brand.

You can generate a business name by applying filters like keywords, industry/niche, character count, word count, and more.

On top of that, the tool will also use some industry-based filters on its end and generate relevant handles. However, they’re not carved on stone, so you can always customize your name as you like.


This tool generates endless options for you. It’s best to shortlist a name that’s perfectly suited for your business and your target audience.

5.      Spin XO

Spin XO Twitter Handle Generator is another simple yet amazing tool to create a perfect name for your profile.


It asks a couple of questions from you and spins your answers to create a quirky name.

Other than that, it provides naming suggestions that are specific to the social network, and the options are pretty amazing.

Do you like a name on the list but aren’t sure if you want to use it or not? Spin XO solves this problem by letting you know if your name is available for Twitter or not. You can keep on generating usernames until you find a perfect one.

6.      Twitter Name Generator

The next tool on our list is pretty straightforward and can generate a cool Twitter handle for you in a snap.

Like most of the tools, it also asks for your basic info and spins everything together to create a username, that probably won’t be taken by any active users on Twitter.

The process is simple, fill the form with your own name or your nickname. Then, answer one or two more questions to spice up your options, and click on generate.


Simple, isn’t it? If you want more options, hit the Add Prefixes button to expand the list.

7.      Fun Generators

The next tool on our list, Fun Generators, also creates secure usernames, so you can hide your true identity and have some fun on Twitter.

It’s a simple tool that only asks for one word that’s most related to your Twitter profile and creates a list of similar names.

However, the tool comes with a few limitations. For starters, you can’t customize your name for specific filters.

For example, if you want a short username, you can’t filter names for character count or word count.

Similarly, if you don’t want to use your keyword in your name specifically, you won’t be able to do it here.


However, it does provide an enormous list of Twitter name ideas. If you have time, you can shortlist your favorite one.

8.      Jimpix

We’ll close our list with a bang.

The last Twitter handle generator on our list is Jimpix, a pretty vast tool and helps you create a username of any type, whether you want to go for a random username, specific username, or a one-word username.


You can say that this tool is an all-in-one tool for everyone.

Whether you want to tweak your own name to create a username for your personal profile or need a business name for your brand’s account on Twitter, you can do it all here.

Other than that, it also gives you various options to personalize your name.

It creates an extensive list of usernames that align with your chosen filters.

Additional Resources

Having a catchy handle is the first step to creating a distinctive profile on Twitter. However, it’s not enough. Along with a cool Twitter handle, you need to create a stunning banner for your profile, as well. Other than that, you might need some tools to manage your Twitter account and streamline your tweets.

Here’s a list of tools to help you create a remarkable Twitter profile, build a massive audience, and impress your followers.


Pixelied is a free graphic design tool with endless options to design banners, posts, and customize ready-made templates.

This tool is exclusively built for marketers, content creators, and startups while keeping their exact user requirements in mind. Therefore, it has a resource library filled with captivating stock photos, fonts, icons, and much more, for you to create striking social media design.

You can even create your brand’s personalized logo in Pixelied using its library of 700+ hand-drawn illustrations.

The process is simple, and the interface is intuitive, but the end result is outstanding.

Here’s how you can design awesome Twitter graphics using Pixelied’s image editor:

  • To start off, head over to our free editor. Here, you can start designing Twitter posts, Twitter headers, and Twitter ads right away (depending on what you want to design, click on the respective link to open up the editor with the ideal canvas dimensions set by default).
  • If you’re designing a Twitter post, you can select any of the ready-to-use templates and customize it any way you like. The editing options are endless and allow you to personalize an image in a matter of seconds. In the case of headers and ads, you can add your own images, copy/typography, curved text generator, elements, and other visual assets, to contextualize your image (you can also do that if you’ve picked a template, by the way – our editor is super-flexible).

  • When you’re done, you can download your images for free in any format, image quality, and size that you want.

That’s pretty much it!


Buffer is a social media management tool to automate social publishing, analyze its impact, and engage your audience.

Creating a fancy Twitter profile is of no use if you’re not populating it with relevant information.

If you want to attract your target audience, you need to build up your profile by publishing helpful content that educates them and engages them.

Buffer is the right tool to schedule and automate your daily, weekly, or monthly publishing plans on Twitter.

Other than that, this tool allows you to check the impact of your posts (in the form of retweets, likes, increase in followers, and more) via the analytics tool. That way, you can measure your efforts and invest your resources into content that actually drives people toward your profile.


TweetDeck is Twitter’s dashboard app that simplifies the Twitter experience for its users. It has a column display to manage your timeline, direct messages, scheduled tweets, and other stuff, for multiple accounts, including business accounts.

Anyone with an account on Twitter can access this tool to manage multiple Twitter accounts, organize them, and keep a check on the latest trends and hashtags on Twitter.


This application helps you automatically build like-minded followers, send replies and thankyous, and current and future-date messages. It’s essentially a tool that allows you to increase your audience and engage with them automatically.

How Do I Change My Twitter Handle?

Changing your Twitter handle is quite simple. Just follow these steps.

  • From the navigation bar, click on the More button.


  • Next, click on Settings and Privacy.


  • Next, click on Your Account. From there, go to your Account Information.


  • Here, you’ll be prompted to enter your password to confirm it’s you.
  • Click on the Username field to update your current username. If your new username is taken, you’ll be prompted to choose a different one.

Changing your username/Twitter handle will not affect your existing followers, DMs, replies, or any other activity. Your new handle will start appearing on your profile as soon as you change it.

However, it’s best to notify your followers about your new handle so they can direct message or reply to your new username.

Final Thoughts

Creating a unique presence on Twitter helps you stand out from the masses and build authority on the platform. However, the step of choosing a username is crucial as cybercrimes are increasing day by day, and anybody can impersonate your identity.

Thus, using a Twitter handle generator will not only save your time but also allow you to create impenetrable account names.

Other than that, unique Twitter handles and profiles can also help you showcase your creativity, and provide you the opportunity to build a personal brand.

Try out one of the Twitter handle generators mentioned above to revitalize your Twitter account, and use additional software like Pixelied to step up your Twitter game.